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8 Training and Creating a Skill


A group of player is passing by when Shin is talking to 'Trainer Paul', one of them happens to hear Shin.

He look at Shin skeptically before saying to his friends. "Look! Another idiot accepted that 'Scam Quest'."

They look at Shin and started laughing loudly. When Shin heard them he turn around and look at them and fiercely.

"Yo, you're quite fierce for a newbie Huh?" said by a middle age man while walking out the group, he stops in front of Shin while adding "Don't get offended. They laugh because we are also a victim of that quest."

Shin look at the middle age and probe him up. When The middle age man see that kind of look from Shin he smiled and said " Cautious Huh? Well let me tell you this kid that quest is impossible to complete. A lot of people try but all of them got stocked at 60%."

"Even though some of them manage to train in seven days the result is the same, they still failed the quest."

"So don't waste your time doing that stupid quest, don't get carried away because of some rumors saying that you can get a 'Special Skill' on that quest." Advice the middle age guy.

When Shin heard that he give him a slight nod and said before turning around "Thanks for advice".


Base on Arthur's stories the System will not give an unsolvable quest, so there must be a reason why those players are still failed he quest.

Shin look at the training ground and see a row of dumbbells neatly arrange at the corner. He walks towards it and inspect it.

[ Lifting Weights ]

Type: Etc.

Weight : 5 kg

Prerequisite: 5 STR

Details: Use to build up muscles and strengthen it. (can only increase STR, VIT and Endurance up to 5)

There are different size and weights in the rows. He take the smallest one and do some lifting with it and after ten minutes he heard a system notification.

SYSTEM: Your body is strengthen through repeated training. +1 STR, +1 VIT, +1Endurance

When he saw it he smiled and continue lifting but thirty more minutes later that smile is wiped out his face because his stamina has been drained.

Base on his estimate every minute of lifting consumes five stamina and his stamina and it is fully drained after forty minutes. He then fully recovered his stamina after six minutes of rest.

Every Forty minutes of lifting gives him two STR, VIT and Endurance. So he can get the max +5 in two hours.

He look at the next dumbbell and check it's details and compare it to to the one he is using.

[ Lifting Weights ]

Type: Etc.

Weight : 10 kg

Prerequisite: 10 STR

Details: Use to build up muscles and strengthen it. (can only increase STR, VIT and Endurance up to 5)

It is almost the the same as the previous one. Then he look at the other dumbbells and see that five of them are almost similar, so if his estimation is correct then he can get the maximum +25 in less than ten hours or ten hours at most.

While lifting a sudden thought sink in his head. Then he do some squats while lifting the dumbbells, after ten minutes of squatting a system notification rings in his ears.

SYSTEM : Your body becomes flexible because of repeated training. +1DEX

When he see that he formed a satisfying smile. This time he do some jogging while lifting after ten more minutes another notification rang on his ears but this time his AGI is the one that increases. So he continue lifting while doing some squats and jogging in the mix.

Shin didn't get bore of the repeated movement, since back when he is in the 'Black Serpent Mafia' camp he do a similar regime.


After ten hours of boring training Shin heard the final system notification, and after that he take a look at his status window.

Name: Sickarius

Race : Human

Level: 0

EXP: 0/100 = (0%)

HP: 600 (+ 3 regen/sec)

MP: 100(+ 0.5 regen/sec)

Stamina: 1200 ( + 3 regen/sec)

Physical Attack : 60 - 60

Magic Attack : 10 - 10

Physical Defense : 30

Magic Resist : 17.5

Major Stats :

STR - 30

INT - 5

AGI - 30

VIT - 30

Minor Stats :



Special Stats : (Not yet available)

Title/s : None

Fame : None

Skills : (Currently None)

Undistributed Stats : None

Available Skill point : None


Shin looks satisfied when he see the fruit of his labor, he then look at his quest window and see that it is only in 60% progress.

He fall in a deep thought, if most of the other people stops here then this quest is too easy and there is no reason for the system to put that seven day limit (In game Time).

While he is thinking his sight accidentally land on Library across the Training Ground. Then he suddenly remembers his Master's words the first time they have met. "A real training method trains both the body and mind." after that a sudden thought enters his mind.

'There is nothing to lose if I give it a try, since I have a lot of time to spare.' said Shin to himself before walking towards the Library.

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The ratio of Real world Time and In game Time is 1:3 so he still a lot of time before dinner time.

The moment Shin enters the Library, the NPC Old woman librarian greeted him " Hello young man, how can this humble library can help you?"

'No quest initiated? Well I guess I'm being greedy?' said Shin in his heart before saying to the old lady "I wish to increase my knowledge, can you give me your guidance senior?"

"Hmm. What a polite young man. This is my first time seeing an 'Otherworldly Individual' treating me like this. Well if you want to broaden your horizon then you should read some books, the more books you read the smarter you become." Said the Old lady librarian.

In this world the NPCs called themselves as the 'Natives', they are the true residents of the world. While they addressed the players as 'Otherworldly Individual' they are summoned in this world by gods and goddesses to become it's savior against the evil forces.

'Huh? Arthur is right the NPC of this world really acts like a real person, so it is better to treat them as one.' muttered Shin quietly before bowing to the Old lady librarian while saying " Thank you for your guidance senior. "

Shin walks towards one of the shelves and pick a book to read, it only have two sentences in it and after reading it a familiar sound rings on his ears.


SYSTEM : you have read an entire book your knowledge increases. +1 INT, +1 WIS

'So it really work' When Shin see the notification he pick another book and read it, this time there is no notification when he finished reading it so he pick another book and read it too what follows next is the notification that he is waiting.

'So I need to double the number of books that I need to read before getting the increase Huh?' muttered Shin in his heart before trying his theory and sure enough his INT and WIS only increase when he finished the forth book.

When he confirmed his theory his face become gloomy. " What the hell? If the maximum stats that I can earn here is also 25 then I need to read at least 16 million books in this library? No! to be exact it should be 16,777,216 books! Even though each book only have a two or three sentences in it, it is still a lot of books. What is more, is an almost 17 million book can fit in this small library? "

Shin look around the library before cursing "D*mn! is the System is joking? Now I know why those guys is saying that this Quest is a Scam, whoever discovered that they need to read an almost 17million books is going to be insane."

"How the hell am I going to finish that number of books? Especially in seven days." said Shin while scratching his head. But moments later he stops when he said the keywords of the quest. "Wait, 'Seven Days'? Of course seven days is not enough finish that numbers of book. So why did the System put the seven days limit?"

Shin sank in deep thought while looking around the library, then he muttered to himself " It is unless I don't need to read that number of books to raise my INT and WIS to the limit, so should I need to read all the books in this library before confirm my new theory? "

After some consideration he still choose to read all the books in the library. " I don't believe that I can't finished reading all of you. After all there is a reason why Arthur is calling me a studious type. "

After a few more hours of reading he logout of the game to eat dinner with the other members of the family then after that he go back to his room to continue reading the books in the game.


An entire day pass since Shin start reading the books inside the library. And the moment Shin is done reading the final book the long awaited system notification sounds on his ears.


SYSTEM: You finished reading all the books in the library you become more intelligent and wiser. +10 INT and +10 WIS.

"I knew it! I know that the system is not going to give me an impossible quest from the get go." said Shin when he heard the notification.

Then he exitedly looks at his Quest Window to see his progress.

Special Quest

Quest Name : Training

Quest Details :

Trainer Paul thinks highly of you so he invited you to train in his 'training grounds'. Go train your body and build up some muscles so that you can be more powerful than your peers.

Quest Conditions :

Train for a week

Quest Progress (90%):

Training Period 1/7days

Quest Reward:



Shin frowned when he see that his progress is only 90%. " What? There is still 10% missing? "

Shin walk out the building and go back to the training grounds. The moments got back he see Trainer Paul overseeing the village soldiers training in the field.

Shin walks towards Trainer Paul, as he get near him Trainer Paul look at him and said. "Oh! You are here young lad come let me see your progress."

The moment Shin is standing in front of him Trainer Paul nods his head while saying "Hmm. You build up some muscles and I can see wisdom in your intelligent eyes. But a true soldier do not only have strength and knowledge, they also need some skills so go to that training dummy and figure out your own." He give Shin a wooden sword while pointing at the training dummies in front of him.

The moment Shin heard what Trainer Paul, his eyes turned bright because of the sudden enlightenment he then said to himself "So that's how is it. So that is the last piece of the puzzle."

Shin heard from Arthur that you can create your own 'Self Created Skill' in this game. There are two ways of creating it.

First is by combining different kind of skills in the game . You can combine any kind of skills you what as long as in complement the other skill/s or as long as you can execute it properly.

That kind of skill is called 'Combined Skill' and a combined skill can be replicate by other players as long as they know the right skill combination and know how to execute it properly. And a 'Combined Skill' do not share a cool down time with the original skill/s that have been used in the combination.

And the other way is creating a skill starting from the scratch.

It is even more challenging to do this one because you need to properly execute the skill a hundred of times perfectly or even more, just to create this skill. What is more the skill that have been created needs to be accepted by the system for it to be recognize as a new skill.

The skill that is created this way is called 'Personalized Skill'.

A 'Personalized Skill' can't be replicate by others since it have been created yourself, unless you teach that skill to other person.

And the final part of Shin's quest is for him to create a 'Self Created Skill'. Or more likely a 'Personalized Skill'.

Shin takes the wooden sword and inspect it while walking towards a Training Dummy.

[ Wooden Sword ]

Type: Weapon

Rarity: Normal

Physical Damage: 1 - 2


A sword that is being used in training

When Shin is in front of a dummy he also inspected it as a form of habit.

{ Training Dummy }


Physical Defense: Default

Magic Resist: Default


A Dummy use for training (Well quite obvious)


After calming himself he try to swing the wooden sword on the dummy three times.

- 1

- 1

- 1

The moment he see the damage he dealt he frown and said to himself. "So the Default Defense means to reduce any damage dealt with it to the minimum?"

"Hmm. So what skill should I create?" Shin sank on a deep thought.

"Now I know why it have a time limit. Let's see if I can create one in seven days." Then he swing his wooden sword ones again, but this time in proper order and with an extreme speed.

The first strike is a diagonal slash from upper right to lower left, next is a horizontal cut from left to right and then using the momentum from that cut he turn around and do another diagonal slash this time from upper left to lower right.

- 1

- 1

- 1

After the consecutive damages a system notification follow up.


SYSTEM: You have initiated the 'Self Creation Skill' system, please do it repeatedly to make it a real skill.

SYSTEM: You can turn off this kind of notification, to avoid distraction in the future.

After turning off the 'Self Creation Skill' notification he continue the repeated movement of his, while doing a calculation in his mind.

A single normal attack consumes 5 stamina, so his entire movement consumes 15 stamina in 2 seconds, if he can regen 6 of it in 2 seconds then he consumes 9 stamina each second. Therefore he depleted his entire stamina in a minute and a half.

He can destroy a dummy in 13 minutes including an entire rest.

'OK, let's see if a single dummy is enough to create a single skill.' said Shin before continuing after his first rest.


After an entire day of training, Shin got frustrated because he still can't create a skill even though he destroyed more than a hundred of dummies.

'Where it did go wrong? Is my way of doing things is not right? Let's endure it a little more and see what will happen.' said Shin to himself while looking in the sky. 'I need to hurry up and stop doing boring things or else the readers will get bored.'

Two more days had pass. Shin destroyed another dummy, he already lost count how many of it have been destroyed, but this time the long awaited sound ring on his ears.


SYSTEM: Congratulations you have created a skill. Please give a name to your skill.

Shin almost jump because of joy, but he calm himself and said "Yeah! I almost lose my patience there. So what should I name this stupid skill? I'm not good at naming things so let's just call it 'Triple Slash'."

SYSTEM: Skill Name confirmed.

SYSTEM: Congratulations you have created a 'Rare rank Skill'. You have been rewarded a +10 Fame for creating a Rare rank skill.

"What? It is a Rare rank? So is it the reason why it is so hard to create?" When Shin saw the notification he got startled at first before looking it's details.


Self Created Skill (Personalized)

Skill Name: Triple Slash

Rank: Rare

Details: Consume 100 stamina to execute three consecutive slashes. The first slash deal 100% damage while the second deals 150% damage and the third is 200% damage

Cool Down: 30 sec.


"Strong Huh? As expected of a Rare Skill, looks like my 2 days of training is not a waste." said Shin the moment saw the skill details.

He look at his quest window and see that his progress is in 100%. He smiled and walks towards Trainer Paul to submit his quest.

When Trainer Paul saw Shin, he form a satisfying smile while nodding his head. "Not bad Kid, you have created a powerful skill. Looks like your future is going to be a bright one. Here this is the reward of your hard work."

Trainer Paul give Shin a three types of items.

A sword in a sheath, a scoll and a purple book.

Shin eyes turned bright not only because of te quest reward but also a bonus reward given by the system.