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4 Pinnacle Omniscient, Ultra Instincts and Godly Intuition


Captain Bernard don't know how to react at the sudden turn of event. He then take a look at the two old man beside him notice that both of them are also in awe on what have happened.

Contrary on the old Captain's reaction the two kids that are engage in the match looks like they are enjoying their fight. Both of them have a satisfied smiles on their faces.

For geniuses like them having a suitable rival is a must, because having an unrivaled talent means living a lonely life. It is like walking in a solidarity road. So knowing someone that is walking on a similar path as them is quite satisfying.

The two of them continue to exchange blows as it there is no tomorrow. The more they trade skills the fiercer they become.

Even though Shin don't have a lot of skill in him, he still manage to fight Arthur in equal footing by relaying on his experiences he got from fighting against other kids in the camp.

All of the kids in the organization have different kind of skills because they are specialty trained base on their own talent in combat.

Some are train as assassins, some are as a soldiers and other types of fighting style. So Shin know how to respond in different kind of situations.

No matter what kind of Military Arts or other similar skills Arthur use, Shin always has an equally strong response against him. So when he notice that he can't beat Shin by only relaying on ordinary skills he change his approach. He started using his family Martial-Arts.

He raise his right hand and form a claw then swing it downwards with an unimaginable strength.

'Nine Dragon Arts : Dragon Claw'

When Shin saw Arthur's strange movement and felt an immense threat coming from his claw he immediately retreated backwards. After dodging the attack he felt a shiver on his back when saw the are claw marks on the ground the he is previously standing.

'What a powerful attack! So this is the strength of a skill from a Martial-Art Family.' Shin is amaze of skill that Arthur used, but before he catches his breath Arthur's speed suddenly accelerated. It is as if his feet unexpectedly gotten a turbo boosters.

' Nine Dragon Arts : Dragon Pursuit '

Shin is forced to dodge repeatedly because of the sudden turn of event.


" Looks like that little rascal of mine is taking it seriously this time. Huh?" said Captain Bernard as if there is a burden on his shoulders that have been lifted.

The Old General look at his son skeptically and said " So you are that proud that your son is only manage to defeat his opponent by using our Family Martial-Art? Let me tell you that if Shin have a similar skill then this match is going much harder to predict". He pauses for a few seconds before turning his head to his old friend. " What do you think Old Monster Plum?"

Old Plum is still focus on the match while fondling his beard as if he waiting for something to happen.

When the Old General saw his friend didn't reply to him frowned his brows a little before turning his attention back to the match.


While Shin is repeatedly dodging Arthur's onslaught, he is trying to find a way on how he can escape his current predicament. Then he felt that his feet is unexpectedly rooted on the ground.

' Nine Dragon Arts : Dragon's Capture '

Then followed by a powerful rotating punch that is faster than the 'Meteor Fist'.

' Nine Dragon Arts : Dragon Strike '

Shin know that he have no choice but to confront the in coming strike, so he calmed himself and lowered his hips while raising both of his arms trying to block the attack.

Then he felt as if time slowed down, the fist that can't be seen by naked eye is clearly reflected in his eyes. Next a sudden thought pop-out in his mind and then recalled something that he heard two weeks ago. 'Train this stance for two weeks and your body is going to regain it's peak condition, and it might give you a huge surprise someday.'

He smiled and said to himself. 'So this is what that Old Geezer mean about the huge surprise Huh?'. He move himself according to the Yin-Yang stance slowly and calmly.

When Arthur's fist is upon him the back of his hand come in contact with it and manage to deflect the attack. Shin is still moving his body while muttering to himself 'Feel every changes on you body while guiding the force from it and then redirect it to your desired location before releasing it '.

Shin guide the force from the impact to his right hand before releasing a palm strike to his opponent.

Arthur is startled by Shin's sudden counter and gotten hit by it on his chest before it send him flying backwards. He collided on a tree then fall from it.

The process looked so long but it just took them few seconds to happen.


The jaw of the Father and Son Duo in the sidelines almost drop on the ground because of what have happened. They look at each and saw shock is all written on their face.

Few moments later the Old 'Demon Fist General' look at his old friend and asked. "Isn't it the classic 'Yin-Yang Twist' followed by a 'Sudden Counter'? ".

Old Plum is still fondling his beard and said calmly. "Yeah, what I taught that that kid is the 'Yin-Yang Stance', even though it is just a training stance it is still the entry move of the 'Yin-Yang Techniques'. And I didn't expect for that kid to learn it this way and what's more in just two weeks. As expected of a 'Battle Genius' they really grow in battle". The old professor looks more satisfied in taking Shin as his disciple.

At this moment Captain Bernard regain his composure and said. " Well this match is still in our bag. That little rascal still have his final trump card".


Arthur is slowly standing up while tapping his chest as if he is removing the dust in his shirt. He look at Shin and smilingly said. " You are really strong. You are the very first person of the same generation as me that manage to forced me to come this far. So as a reward I'm going to show you what truly I'm capable of".

Suddenly Arthur's pupil turned into a vertical slit as if it is an eye of a snake or a lizard. Then his aura change once again, this time he looks like a young dragon that is arrogantly looking down at everything as if he is ruler of this world.

The moment Shin saw those eyes he know that he is in danger, because he read about it the camp.

It is called 'Foresight' even though it doesn't really have the full ability to see what will happen in the future, it still can see more clearly that ordinary eyes. The wielder of it can see every movement on his surrounding and through it they can predict what will be the next move of their opponents and counter it before it happens.

If a 'Foresight' is trained to it max level it can even evolved into 'Pinnacle Omniscient' an ability that not only can affect one's eyesight but also the other four sences.

A 'Pinnacle Omniscient' wielder not only can know everything around them and predict their movements, they can also fool other's sences by relying on it.

What's even more problematic is those eyes are being wield by a Martial-Art Prodigy so it makes the young dragon even more fiercer.

Shin know that he didn't have a chance against someone at this level, all he can do is give his all and try his best to experience what is the feeling of fighting someone with this kind of talent.

He took a deep breath and calm his mind, then he took a step forward while raising both of his hands. Each of his hands is forming a blade, one in front of his chest while the other is in front of it. He unknowingly entered a state of tranquillity, he forgot everything around him, what's only in his mind is himself and a calm surroundings.

In this state what can only see is eternal darkness, but he can clearly sense what's happening in this kind of environment.

And then the atmosphere surrounding him also change, it is as if he transformed into a fierce tiger waiting patiently for his prey.

At the same time Arthur make his move, he doesn't care about the changes Shin make, since for him the stronger his opponent the better.

Even though his movement is too sudden and too fast for anyone to react it is still clearly sense by Shin, for him that sudden attack is like a violent ripple in the surface of a calm water so he respond it correspondingly.


The changes in the atmosphere that Shin produced makes Old Plum nod his head. "Hmm. Looks like this kid is starting to understand the real purpose of the 'Yin-Yang Stance' Huh?".

The Old General also nodded his head " *Deep Meditation' this kid really know how to improve himself during a battle, Battle Genius sure are scary."

*(Deep Meditation : the act or process of spending time in quiet thought)

" Well that what it is! It is not enough for him to defeat someone with 'Foresight' talent ". Is what Captain Bernard want to say but he stop right away because see that Shin is still able to respond on every movement that his opponent make. He look at his father and asked. " Dad is that....?"

But before he manage to complete his sentence the Old General confirmed it right away. " Yeah, it is an 'Immediate Response' Talent. " the Old General clicked his tounge and amazingly said. " Tsk. what a fearsome talent".

'Immediate Response' is same level of talent as 'Foresight'. If 'Foresight' focuses on ones senses specially eyesight then 'Immediate Response' focus on body reflex.

Anyone who wield this kind of talent is born with superior reflexes than the other people. They can react any attack in a faster way.

Human reflexes have a split second gap before our body can react on any situation, but 'Immediate Response' ignore that small time frame. Their body can react automatically to any kind movement that happens on their surroundings without even thinking.

What's more it can also evolved into 'Ultra Instincts' if it is trained to its max level. 'Ultra Instincts' surpasses the concept of 'mind becoming one with the body', because it is a state where you can respond on any attack before it can even executed.

If a Battle Genius in Deep Meditation wield 'Immediate Response' in battle then it is the same as giving a pair of wings to a tiger.


The two kids continue in their battle without giving an inch for their opponent to gain the upper hand.

Shins should be in an advantage since he is in deep meditation and using 'Immediate Response' at the same time, but just learned the deep meditation not too long ago, what's more he is just using his 'talent' unconsciously.

Unlike Arthur who is already aware of his 'talent' since he was little and he have more experience than him using it. So compared to him he is just like an infant that is just starting to learn how to properly walk.

Arthur is continuously shuffling between Military Arts and his Family Martial-Arts that he know, and trying to suppress Shin by using it. While Shin is relaying on 'Yin-Yang Twist' and using it to borrow the force that coming from Arthur's attack and sending it back by using 'Sudden Counter' and some Mafia Martial-Arts that he know.


Old Plum is still fondling his beard while saying to his friend. " Having two '*Chosen Ones' on our country, and what's more in the same generation. Looks like our chances in upcoming 'Battle for Supremecy' this time is quite positive, Huh?"

*( Chosen Ones : They are people that have a peak class talent like 'Foresight' and 'Immediate Response' )

The Old General look at him and said " If you are talking about the 'Empire Wars' nine years later then it is still going to be difficult. I heard that the Noble Families from different Continents have their own 'Chosen Ones'. Especially Dark Continent and Lost Soul Continent, from the reports that I have received those two Continents at least have two in their ranks".

Every Continent in the world is holding their own 'Youth Competition' every twenty years. All participants should be under twenty years old and whoever win the top three group places are going to become the representatives of their Continent for the 'International Empire Wars'.

The 'International Empire Wars' are being held after every 'Youth Competition' then those manage to enter the top ten are going to fight for the unclaimed territories of the world and expedition permit for the unexplored places, That is what called 'The Battle for Supremecy'.

Old Plum cross his hands at his back and said. " I hope that we can regain our standing at that time."

The Old General said while smiling bitterly. "During that time that guy shakes the whole world because of the talent he have shown. Defeating all of the geniuses come from different parts of the world while wielding 'Godly Intuition'. Even an old man like me is in awe at that time".

Thirty Four years ago Soaring Continent dominates the whole 'Battle for Supremecy' because of the certain man wielding a supreme talent called 'Godly Intuition'.

'Godly Intuition' is in the top of 'peak class talent chart'. Before it is not even in the chart, but once this man showed up he suppressed all the other talents around the world using it and become the unshakable rank I talent.

What this man really wield at that time were two different kind of peak class talent, the 'Pinnacle Omniscient' and 'Ultra Instincts'.

He use the combined forces of these talents to defeat the other youths of his generation at that time. These two talents complement each other and formed a new talent and he called it 'The Godly Intuition'.

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