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3 The Martial-Art Prodigy Meets A Battle Genius


The next morning Shin is already been awake even though it is still dark outside. Because of the strict schedule in the camp, his body has gotten used on waking up early in the morning.

Shin took a shower before going to the backyard garden of the villa. He almost got lost in the house because there are a lot of corridors, he got confused on which and where, if not for the Head butler being awake already and telling him where to go he is still going around in circles.


Shin is doing his training regime when an old man happen to pass the garden. At first he thought that is it Arthur the young master of the Springfield Family, but that kid have been brought by his mother to his maternal grandparents. He got curious on who is it and watch Shin for a while.

The more he observe Shin the higher the frown he got. Until he can take it anymore and shout at Shin. " Hey little guy! you are going to destroy that solid foundation yours if continue this kind of training".

Shin got frustrated because of being interrupted. His is about to scold whoever is it but moment he saw who is it, he is frozen in his place and cursed in his heart 'D*mn! are all old man in this place are monsters? That old butler earlier is also giving a strange aura.'

He is looking with caution at the old man that's walking towards him, because he can't even feel the old man's presence, it is as if he is a part nature. If Shin is not looking at him then he will not know that the old man is there.

" I don't know where did you find that training crap but you should stop doing that if you don't want to be crippled. " said the old man as he get near Shin.

" Hey old man, don't you know that there is a unspoken rule that spying on others training is a crime? What's more interrupting them? And how about introducing yourself before criticizing their training. " Said Shin while taking a few steps back.

The old man smirked when he saw Shin's action "Heh... Your right kid but what you are doing is randomly throwing your fist and feet in the air, and that is not training".

Shin frowned when he hear that because he have been doing this regime for the past 6 years so he didn't agree to what the old says.

As if he can read what's on Shin's mind the old man smiled and said. " The training method that you are using is commonly use in some kind underground organizations. It is for forcefully building a solid foundation but it is also destroying your body because it is overworking your muscles."

The Old man sits under the tree before continuing. "Because it stains your body, if don't use the special serum prepared by that organization then your body is going to collapse. But if you use that then you will become dependent to it. So the best option you have is to stop right now since you already built a very solid foundation which is quite rare on your age".

Not being moved by the old man's word, Shin asked with caution."Your telling me to stop training the method that I've been using for six years? Just who are you old man?"

The Old man clicked his tongue when he saw that Shin is not believing what he said. " Tsk... What a dubious and stubborn young man."

"I am being called 'Professor Plum' in this place. And as I said that so called training method of yours is a poison that going destroy your body. A real training method not only trains your body but also trains your mind. How about this I'm going to teach you a real training method then you're going to stop using yours? "

Because of the iron rule in the camp Shin knows that there is no such thing such as free lunch in this world so asked skeptically.

"And with what condition? "

'Quite cautious too huh?' Professor Plum looks satisfied on Shin's performance so far so he reply coolly "Simple, just become my disciple."

Shin look at Professor Plum speechlessly when he heard what he said, then asking himself 'Why me?'.

As if he can hear what's Shin said the Professor explained " You have a very high potential you know? Even though your talent is average you covered it up with your effort. And for me the most important thing is diligence". He looks like a thief that found a target of his stealing, then muttered to his heart 'And you have a very strong willpower which is too abnormal for someone at your age.'

Without waiting Shin's reply the old man start teaching. " Listen kid what I'm going to teach you is the Yin-Yang stance. This stance have parts. First do a *'Horse Stance' then lift your arms parallel to the ground, face your palms in front of your chest and regulate your breathing. Next is blank your mind and enter a deep meditation. If you can't blank your thoughts then just think of something that you can focus on, anything is fine as long as you can calm your mind. Then move your body side to side without lifting your feet on the ground, do it slowly and feel each movement of your body. Now it's your turn". After his demonstration he demanded Shin to redo it.

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*(Horse Stance : Standing position as if you are riding a horse)

Shin can't even react when the old man continue explaining " This Stace helps you relax your mind and remove the strains in your body caused by your previous training method. Do this stance training in two weeks then you body will be back to it perfect condition, it can even give you a very nice surprise".

All that Shin can do is follow the old man's instructions while cursing in his heart. 'What a shameless Old Man'.


It's been two weeks since Captain Bernard brought Shin in the Villa of Springfield Family.

Shin is doing his daily routine while Professor Plum and General Springfield are chatting on the sideline.

"Tsk. Old Monster Plum I didn't expect you to accept a disciple this way ". General Springfield clicked his tounge as if he is mocking Professor Plum.

Professor Plum is fondling his beard and continue watching Shin as if he didn't hear his old friend. Few moments later he smirked and look at him. " Heh. Old Demon, if I were you I shouldn't underestimate that kid. Because that kid have a secret that even he himself is unaware of ".

General Springfield frowned and said " Do you think I don't know about it? That kid's willpower is too abnormal and I'm pretty sure that it is not cause by that organization but I don't have any idea where it come from."

Professor Plum smiled mysteriously and spout out one word " Bloodline ".

The general was taken aback by the word. And asked him. " But that kid shouldn't be part of that Clan!"

" Your right about that kid being not part of that Clan but they are not the only ones that have that kind of willpower." Old Plum asked him back.

" IMPOSSIBLE!!!" the old general rejected idea right away. " That man shouldn't have a child. No. No. No. That man can't have a child, what's more it is impossible for him to mix his blood to others, so it's impossible for that kid to become his son or even his successor".

" You will never know what's running in that guy's mind, and who can testify that he can't really have a child." Old Plum rebutted.


Meanwhile a *'Yellow Bumblebee' arrived at Springfield Villa. A young man with a blonde hair and have golden colored pupils get off the car having a huge smile on his face.

*( An expensive car in this world )

"Arrive at last! Thank you Uncle Berlin, just tell Mom that I got bored there." said the young man before running to the Villa.

While he is passing through the corridor along the garden he noticed a kid the same age as him practicing Martial-Arts.

At first he just want to take a look. Then suddenly thought of something. He grinned and move towards the kid stealthy.


Shin took a deep breath indicating that he is done with his training.

All of a sudden his face turned solemn because of the malicious intent that is directed to him, then he heard a whistling sound coming from behind of his head.

He hurriedly turned his head and throw a punch to whatever that's coming from behind his back.

His fist come in contact with his assailant's foot. He take two steps backward to relieve the force from the impact.

He take look to his assailant and see that it is a boy of similar age as him. The boy is smiling at him and said. " Hey, looks strong let's have match! "

Shin is frowning and said " Are all people in this house really like to interrupt others on what they are doing? Much less introducing themselves first". Shin remembers all the encounters that he experience so far.

"Ah! sorry about that it's just too rare to find someone as good as you, what's more similar age as me. By the way I'm Arthur Springfield now let's have a match." said the boy with one breath.

Then he put on his battle stance, while the aura he is giving change. It looks like he transformed from a mischievous child to a majestic eagle that is looking down at everyone from above the sky.

Shin is still looks dissatisfied with the kid's reply but he didn't reject the challenge, since it been a while since he have a sparring match. For him, you will only know your improvements if you apply what you learned in an actual practice.

He took a traditional bow before taking his own battle stance. Suddenly the aura around him also change, if Arthur is majestic eagle then Shin is a vicious vulture that is ready to take on his prey.

Arthur looks excited when saw Shin took his stance. Then he took the first move, since for him whoever attacks first dictates the rhythm of the fight.

In just blink of an eye he is already in front of Shin, he throw a straight punch with his right fist targeting Shin's face.

'Fast!' That's what Shin think when he see Arthur's fist, but he is not in panic. He calmly raise his left arm and turn counterclockwise, his action seems so slow in spectator's view but this slow movement of Shin is successfully deflect Arthur's fist by the back of his hand.

The moment Arthur's attack is deflected by Shin, Arthur felt an immense threat coming from him so he hurriedly jumps backward and retreated.

But how can Shin not seize that opportunity? so he gave chase. The moment Arthur landend on the ground he is greeted by Shin's uppercut coming straight to his face. He leaned his body backwards and do a back flip barely avoiding the fist. And while evading he kicks his right foot upwards targeting Shin's chin.

Shin is gotten off guard by the sudden counter but he still manage to lean his head sideways narrowly avoiding the kick.


The two old man is discussing the fight as if they are commentators of a boxing match.

" That first attack of Arthur is a little rash, even though he believe in the saying ' Offence is the best defense' that doesn't mean he can always attack recklessly. " criticize Old Plum

" But didn't he still manage to regain his footing, isn't he? Still result is what matters the most." said Old Springfield defending his grandson.

" Hmp. Old Demon if you keep spoiling your grandson like this his future growth is going to become limited". said Old Plum he pause for a few moment before continuing. " Don't worry,since even me is not that optimistic about my disciple winning this match at his current strength even though he has more experience that Arthur that grandson of yours is still a Martial-Art prodigy."

Old Plum sighs because he know that a Martial-Art prodigy can not only beaten by experience alone because they are the kind of geniuses that have a lot of trump cards in thier sleeves. They have a very high comprehension ability, they can even learn a lot of skills even if they only saw it ones.

So no matter what Shin do he still can't beat Arthur ones he become serious.


The two kids is still exchanging blows back and forth. Fist against fist, kicks versus kicks. Then Arthur's eyes suddenly turned fierce, he clenched his right fist and throw it with the speed can't be seen by naked eye.

'Military Arts : Meteor Fist'

Shin is gotten off guard by sudden change of tempo, he tried to cross his arms in front of his chest but the attack is too fast for him to block the fist manage to land in his chest and he is thrown backwards.

Shin is doing his best to twist his body in the air so that he can decrease some of the force, but Arthur is already above him and launching an Axe kick. The power coming from the kick is more powerful from the previous attack it is like a real meteor is descending from the sky.

'Military Arts : Meteor Descend'

Shin face turned even more solemn because of the incoming attack so he put more force in turning his body midair while throwing a kick trying to redirect the course of Arthur's attack.

'Black Serpent Martial-Arts : Aerial Twist'

Even though Shin manage to deflect it, his balance is still been off so the moment he regain his footing Arthur already began his onslaught. And he is thrown is the passive state because of it.


Old General Springfield frowned at first, but he felt at ease when he saw his grandson is in the upper hand. "That Aerial Twist earlier is a little forceful, if he release it a little later that would been perfect".

Old Plum can't help but agree to his old friend. " Well that Meteor Fist of Arthur is perfectly executed and it even manage to land cleanly, maybe that kid's chest is hurt resulting to a rush decision".

Then Captain Bernard suddenly pop out beside the two old man, with a tobacco in his mouth and smilingly said. " Since that is the case then I guess this match..... is ... almost... ov..." but before he manage to finish what he is saying his expression change and the tobacco in his mouth fall on the ground.

Because he saw as the match progress the stronger Shin become. The execution of his skills becoming more perfect and he manage to breakthrough in his passive state, he can even counter a few times until their fight is back to a deadlock.

Even the faces of the old man changes when they see what happens. They look at each other and spat two words out.

" Battle Genius!!!! "

Battle Geniuses are different in Martial-Art Prodigies, they don't have a very high comprehensive ability but they have a very strong battle senses . They can improve theirselves through fighting.

If a Martial-Art prodigy have a lot of aces in their sleeves because they can learn different kinds of skills. Then a Battle genius is stronger as the battle progress because the more experience they have the better they become.

When Old Plum regain his composure he smiled mysteriously and said in a satisfying tone. " This is going to be interesting ".