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1 Only One Alive

 White Village, Rainbow District, Western Plain Region

January 17, year XX01




Gunshots and explosions can hear everywhere .

"Captain, those b*st*rds! are persistent, they have a lot of heavy equipment, we can't advance any further what should we do?" a soldier said to the man beside him anxiously.

"Hahaha. Jimmy what are you so anxious about? Those guys from Noel's group are about to make their move so just relax and enjoy. And isn't this what we discuss in the meeting last night? Don't tell me your dosing off again at that time?" a middle-aged man with a crew cut and blond colored hair beside him said. The man has a very well built, the muscles on his arms looks so strong even if you just look at it. He is wearing a black shirt with military vest on top and a camouflage pants partner with military boots. There is a classic tobacco on his mouth. He is squinting his eyes like an eagle that is ready to dive on his prey while he is looking on his subordinate.

"Wha- What are your talking about sir? O- of course I'm listening on the meeting. W-what I'm saying is what should we do to those rats after we taken down their base!!!." the soldier reply panicky after he saw his captain's eyes.


Few moments later there's an explosion in middle of the enemies ranks. Those guys panicked because a lot of their comrades died, some tried to back off so that they can run inside of their base if the situation go for the worst, but the moment they look at their backs they were greeted by gunshots of mashine gun rifles.




In a dark room inside the base a 9 year old boy opens his eyes. He has a slim body but not too thin to call a malnourished, he is slightly taller to the kids of his age. His shirt is like a rag, there are a lot of holes on it, his shorts looks odd because of it's uneven edge, and it is oversize for his build. Even though that is the case you can notice that his face quite clean. He has clear round eyes with gray color, coupled with his natural long eyelashes . His brows is perfectly arc that matches his eyes. He has a sharp nose while his lips were red. One look on him and you'll see that this kid will become a handsome man in the future which contradicts the clothes that he is wearing.

The boy frowned, he wake up not because of the commotion outside but because of the metallic smell that assaulted his nose. After his eyes adjusted to the darkness he realized that he is under a bed then a liquid drops on his face, he swipe it discovered that it is blood, he didn't get shocked because of it, since he have been trained by the organization to get to use in these kind of things. He crawled out of the bed and stand up, after taking a look around what he sees are bodies, dozen of bodies of kids is similar to his age. They have gunshots on their heads, slit throats or stab wounds on different parts if their bodies. After some pause he recovered quickly which is unnatural for a kid of his age, he touch his chin with his right hand and trying to recall what happenened.

What he remembers is quite blurry all he knows is that last night the boss give them their las training. All of them have to kill each and whoever survives until dawn will be given their freedom. By the looks of it he is the one that survives, 'but will his freedom will be given to him?' and why he didn't have any kind of injuries on his body. Well it's not important anymore, base on what happening outside the hideout is being attacked.

Since he don't know what will be result of the battle outside he find the corner of the room and sit over there, he lean on the wall and wait for what's going to happen next. Few moments later the door of the room is exploded then two people in SWAT uniform come rushing in, while pointing their guns with flashlight everywhere.

When one of them realized what's on the room he said while cursing. " F*ck those b*stards! what they have done to these kids?".

"Call the captain and report what's in here." said the other man beside him.

When the other guy left he continue looking in the room. Suddenly he notice a kid in the corner of the room, sitting and looking back at him curiously. His heart almost jump out his throat, he nearly pull the trigger of his gun. After few seconds of silence he shouts to his colleagues outside. " Tell the captain that there is alive kid over here!!!".

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In teporary Military outpost in Rainbow District Captain Springfield and his Lieutenant Jhon is sitting inside his tent and having a discussion.

"How is our casualties?"

"Not bad Capt'n, even though Felix died others just have some minor injuries."

"How about that 'Snake Guy' have you found his body?" said by the captain while frowning his brows.

"Unfortunately no sir. I think that guy got lucky for escaping this time."

"Got lucky? This time? If your saying that guy got lucky then shouldn't we can at least see some of his traces? but NONE!!! WE GOT NOTHING!!!! and THIS TIME??? It should be EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! that guy manage tof the dodge us EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!". the captain is shouting out of his frustration because of repeated failure of capturing the Boss of Black Serpent Mafia.

After calming himself he said "How about that boy that we found? Did you discovered anything about him?".

" Base on our investigation of the site, he should be one of the kids that have been kidnapped by the organization and raised to become one of their killing tool. And base on the traces that in the room....". The lieutenant pause for a few seconds before continuing. "Base on traces that left on that room they should have left there to kill each other and that kid is the last one that survives. But there is something strange, that kid don't have any injuries on him."

"It's fine, just let me monitor him for the time being. How about his identity? Anything about his background?". said the captain while putting a tobacco on his mouth.

" We verified the identities of the other kids, most of them are missing kids that have been reported for the past years while the others don't have a clear backgrounds some of them maybe sons and daughters of the mafia people. But unfortunately he is one of those that don't have a clear background or worst son of one of the Mafia guys".


In the canteen of the camp there is a boy that eating... no no it should be sweeping the the military food on the table.

Those people of special force that are watching are talking about the kid.

" Whoa! this boy really knows how to eat. "

" How many servings are there already? Five? Six? ".

" Are there some problem with my taste buds or the foods that Old Lu make are really that good? ".

" Oh! look at that mountain of plates!".

" Say will our food supply will last until tomorrow?".

" It doesn't matter anymore the operation over and we are going to leave tomorrow. ".

Suddenly Captain Springfield enters the tent and frown when he saw the commotion but he see what's on the table the tobacco on his mouth almost fell. He chokes of the smoke because of what he saw. After of few coughs he said to agents.

" Cough* Cough* , OK boys that's enough go to your tents and pack your things. We are going to leave later when the Federal Army comes to take over of the things here.".

When the crowd disperse he look on the boy and said "Not done yet kiddo? You almost consumed a food that are good for an entire squad.".

The boy pause for a few moments before continuing his eating spree.

The captain laugh out loud after he saw the kid continue eating and not afraid of him. It is one of his subordinates they should trembling in fear, but this kid is not at least bit afraid of him he is also been being treated like an air.

" OK kid tell me about yourself, what is your name? ". said the captain while taking puff on his tobacco.

" How about introducing yourself first before asking someone else name?". the boy said while not intimidated by the captain's presence at all.

" Hahaha. I'm starting to like you more little kiddo. OK I am 'Captain Bernard Springfield' of the Brutal Special Force Unit of the Federal Special Action Force. How about yours?". The captain burst out laughing after he hear the kid's reply to him.

" They call me 'Uno' or 'First' in the camp because I'm always rank first on any activity that being held in the base. But my real name is 'Shin Kinghad' I guess?". the boy said not really sure about his name.

" Your name you guess? your not even sure about your own name?". said the captain frowning.

" For as long as I remember I grew up in the organization since I was 3, unlike the other kids that know a little bit about their background I don't know anything about myself aside the name that is engraved in this necklace ". reply the kid while showing a black lace with a tiger's fang as a pendant and on the surface of it there is a word 'Shin' on the first side and 'Kinghad' on the other.

When the captain saw the necklace he fall into a deep thought, he feel that that thing is quite familiar to him but can't recall from where he saw it. After few minutes he gave up on thinking about it.

He look to Shin and said. " From the looks of it you don't have any relative to contact for now. Do you want to go to the 'Federal Orphanage' or if you are willing to how about come with me and to my home?".

" Why am I going with you? Even though I am just a 9 year old kid I'm not an idiot OK? I've been through a lot of training in organization so despite my small body I have a sharp mind you know?". Shin said trying to become like wiseman.

Captain Springfield almost laugh again when he saw a little kid acting like an adult. Then he try to temp the kid with his weakness.

" Kid there's a lot of delicious food on my house and much better on those crap that you are eating.".

Shin almost drooling when he hear the words 'delicious food' and 'much better'. The foods that are being given to the in the organization are always boiled sweet potatoes and dried meat, sometimes there are some salted vegetables.

When the captain saw that kid's reaction he smirks.

But when Shin saw that smirk and refuse right away. " No, I rather go to orphanage than to go a cunning old man like you. At least there I don't have to do more adjustments because being there doesn't much differ being on the organization ".

" Kid! didn't you say that you always place first in the organization? Coincidentally I know someone that always place first in my house and the same age as you. How about have a match with him? If win I'll do what ever you what, I can even treat you of any food you want. But if you don't manage to, you'll do mine. How's that?". said the captain when he hear Shin's reply.

After some hesitation Shin nodded his head slowly. Even though he went to a lot of training he is still a kid and what's more he can't fight the temptation of food even if he is confident that will not lose to anyone at his age.

When the captain get Shin's answer his lips form a huge grin and tell to himself 'I can't wait to see that little rascal's reaction at home when he see his match'.


Central District, Royal Capital City of Main Region of Soaring Continent.

There is a huge Villa beside of Taal lake and in it's backyard garden there is a 9 year old boy practicing his martial arts. He has a blond colored hair with sharp golden eyes, sharp jaws and in average height. One look at him and you will know that he is a young master of an aristocratic family.

Not far from him you will see two old man watching him while drinking there after noon tea.

The one on the right has the same color of hair and eyes as the kid. He has a muscular body and wearing a military uniform, you can see five star badges on each of his shoulders signifying that he has a very high rank in the military, a General of the Army. The pressure that gave by this man is heavy as if you are being buried alive even though he is just standing there.

On his left is not so ordinary old man, because he is wearing a traditional white daoist outfit. This old man has full of white hair, while his beard almost reach his belly. When you look at this old man he gives you a very mysterious felling like he can become part nature at any given moment.

While he is folding his beard he said on the man on his right. " Old Demon, every time I see this grandson of yours. I'm always been amaze to think that he can do those kind of moves in a very young age. As expected of the young master of 'Springfield Family' ".

The General that have been addressed as 'Old Demon' gives a side eye glance on his old friend. " Old Monster, if you are jealous of me having this kid as successor of my skill just say so and don't go beating around the bus". He take a sip of his tea before continuing. "And if you want to teach that kid a few moves of yours. I don't mind lending him to you".

" Bha! although that grandson of yours is amazing he is not suitable to learn my skills because of his personality. It will destroy his foundation if you do. What this kid really lack is a suitable rival that can grow along aside him. If he can't find one then sooner or later he will be stuck on a bottleneck that is hard to overcome". reply by the old man in daoist shirt.

" Too bad there is no one that can rival this kid's talent in this Region. I can't bring him on the other region or else that grandma of his will get mad". The old general sighs when he reach this point.

" Hahaha. The famous 'Demon Fist General' is sighing because he is afraid of his wife. I'm sure those people of the council will laugh at you when they hear about this". The old daoist burst out laughing when he his old friend is acting like this.

The Old General give a deadly glare while rebutting " At least I'm not a forever single old man like you! At least go and find a disciple of yours so that you can you know the feeling of having a family! Or else no one will learn your skills and your so called legacy is going to be buried by history and will be forgotten in the flow of time!".

"Sigh* too bad I can't find a suitable candidate to inherit my skills". The Old Daoist said after finishing his tea and continue watching the kid practicing in the garden.