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193 Assigning Tasks

 Misaki frowned upon hearing Lord Mevesis words. She began to have a bad feeling that the little vacation she wanted to have was about to turn into something else. Lord Mevesis let out a sigh as he continued. "I know what you want to say. But to tell the truth you are the only person in all of the Gods realm history to use just over three years to reach the Gods realm. You have truly surprised me. But we still can not leave a rogue system free to do as it pleases. If it starts to influence the Gods realm things could take a turn for the worst. So I had no choice but to seal off this world. The only ones allowed to come to this world is me. No one is allowed out either. Which means until you have taken control of that rogue system you will not be able to leave your world."

Misaki looked at Lord Mevesis and waved her hand. "It's fine, I wanted to check out the changes to my world first anyways. I mean it's not every day your world moves to the Gods realm and undergoes a dramatic change. I was just planning on going back to Japan and letting all my demons out to settle in. It's about time they all had a chance to find lovers, start families, and do their own thing. I have an idea of where the system is located back near my old base. I will check that place out first before I do anything."

Lord Mevesis nodded and smiled as he said: "Alright then, I will leave you to it. If you need anything just use this here to contact me."

Lord Mevesis handed over a small device that looked like a small smooth metal ball. She saw no way of activating it so she looked up at Lord Mevesis with a questioning look. "All you have to do is put some of your power into it and it will allow you to speak to me. If there is nothing else I will take my leave."

"No, I'm good thanks again." Misaki said as she put the communication device into her inventory. She gave Lord Mevesis a wave as he disappeared into thin air. She then turned to everyone on deck and smiled wryly: "As you heard we can not actually leave our planet at this time. Which is fine. We will first resettle earth and check it out. I will handle the issue with the rogue system. Jin, continue to head to Japan. Everyone else, come with me to the meeting room. "

In the meeting room, Misaki sat with Feng Wei in her lap, her wives on each side of her. There was also her mother and father, Leo, Frell, Rya, Sato, and his two wives, Gen and Lor'ia as well who sat across from her. Misaki glanced at everyone there. "Okay so here's the deal. As you have heard we will be sealed on our planet for a bit longer before we get to explore the Gods realm. But that's fine. We should first re-establish a connection with our new world and explore it a bit before we get too involved in anything that deals with Gods realm matters. Dad, mom I want the two of you to settle in at the base and just spend time adjusting to your new life. I will be releasing the demons from my follower menu as well. So that they can begin creating a society in Japan. Frell, Rya I want you to split up with Miyu, Mo'mo, Ano'la, Gen, and Sato and begin exploring this world making contact with the local tribes if you would. Leo, I want you to take a look at the demons and gather a bunch to form a military and train them. Chiho I will need you to look at Feng Wei. She seems more comfortable with you than the others when I am not around. I, myself will be investigating the system. I think I know its location but I am not sure and once I do find its location I will need to figure out how to gain control over it. I do not wish to destroy it since I do not know how it will affect any of us if I did." Misaki paused for a moment trying to think if she missed anything. Not able to think of anything she asked: "Does everyone have their tasks?"

"Loud and clear just toss those demons of yours in my hands. I will make them the best battalion in all of the Gods realm!" Leo proudly stated.


"Leave it to us!"

"Wei'er wants to stay with mother!" Feng Wei pouted as she clutched onto Misaki's neck, afraid that if she lets go Misaki will abandon her.

"Little Wei, be good and go with Mama Chiho. The work I have to do this time is too dangerous for you to be by my side." Misaki said pinching Feng Wei's cheek.

Feng Wei pouted but still reluctantly let go. Before climbing out of MIsaki's lap and stomping her way over to Chiho's side without saying a word. Misaki let out a laugh. She knew Feng Wei was throwing a tantrum but the way she did it was still very cute. "Okay since we all have our jobs to do. Let's rest until we arrive in Japan." Misaki said as she turned to Sara. "Sara, come with me."

Sara nodded and trotted after Misaki who was walking out of the meeting room. Misaki returned to her room to see that Naomi was still undergoing her evolution. She waved her hand and gently lifted the black flamed egg off the seat and placed it on top of her bed. Sara, I will start your evolution now. I meant to start it as soon as you had become my follower but things happened as it did. During your evolution just picture yourself the way you want to be. It should ensure your evolution will not turn you into a man or little girl. Unless that is what you want to become. Does this make sense?"

"Mhm... I will be sure to do as you say." Sara said as she fiddled with her fingers, her rabbit ears dropping a little bit. She was clearly nervous.

Misaki smiled and pulled Sara into her embrace and kissed her lips. "You will be fine."

Sara nodded her head. Misaki smiled and gave her one more kiss before pressing the evolution button. After the black flames engulfed Sara, Misaki gently placed her onto her bed next to Naomi.

"It's time!" Misaki muttered to herself after petting both black flamed eggs and walking out of her room. She was now on her way to the ruins of Eternal Games Headquarters.


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