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192 Entering The Gods Realm!

 Misaki looked up at the sky that was currently changing every color of the rainbow. But what amazed her more was the ground below. Although the entire world was shaking nothing was being damaged. Even the ruins below had no change or signs of crumbling under this violent shaking. Instead, nature seemed to have begun to take over at a rapid pace.

Green foliage could be seen sprouting up all over as moss and vines quickly covered the ruined buildings. The once clear lawn of the White House was now covered in new fresh greenery making it look like an old ruin from thousands of years ago. This same scene was being replicated all over the world. All the major cities were now almost indiscernible with all the new overgrowth. Trees, ferns, grass, and many other plants that the world has never seen began to sprout. The wildlife that had survived also began to undergo a tremendous change.

What was once a mouse found itself wrapped in a bright light causing it to grow even larger until it stood on two legs and was four feet tall. The light of the mouse's eyes that showed no hint of high intellect was now showing an intellect no different from a regular human. This same thing was happening to all the species of the world. Cats, rabbits, dogs, even the fish in the oceans and seas rapidly evolved.

The strange thing was that these newly evolved species seemed to be blessed by the Gods realm and small villages and camps for each of these species were created out of thin air. These new species did not seem to find what was going on strange and began going about their day to day lives as if they had been doing it for hundreds of years.

Monkeys that evolved began to evolve into separate races as well. Some turned into different races of dwarves while others turned into different races of elves. Earth had become what fantasy lovers had always dreamed about. It was as if the inhabitants of the dungeons had all escaped and spread across the lands, but this was not the case. Because now these dungeons had formed large doorways that were locked tight. Large doors covered the entrances with platforms forming at each of their entrances. The doors to the dungeons had no handles on them to open them. The only thing that led one to believe that they could be opened again was the keyholes centered in the center of the door.

Large landmasses began to appear in the sky. Where they came from no one will ever know. But they floated silently in the sky casting a shadow over the land as they passed by. Small and large waterfalls rained down from their sides but the water itself never touched the ground. More new species of animals and what could be considered monsters began to appear around the world. In some areas even large dragons flew through the sky dominating the land they had taken as territory.

The air that was once polluted from hundreds of thousands of years of human pollution was instantly gone. The air was now crisp and clean. Sites that were once radioactive were now able to harbor new life and were safe for all to enter. At the south pole in the antarctic, the snow caps began to melt and evaporate. This snow was replaced with a lush jungle that covered the signs of a highly advanced ancient civilization.

Misaki felt the shaking of the world begin to slow down. Until it finally stopped. A bright smile formed on her face as she looked out over the lively new vibrant world. The eyes of everyone aboard Jin looked out in amazement. This new world was beyond their expectations.

A flock of strange looking birds flew by Jin's deck not even caring for their presence. White puffy clouds floated across the sky as a warm wind swept across everyone's faces. The smile on Misaki's face could not be contained as it grew bigger and bigger with excitement. "It seems we will have many more adventures ahead of us."

"Does that mean we will need to conquer this world again?" Chiho asked.

"No... I am already its ruler. I can feel a connection to the world. But that doesn't mean that I will control everything in this world either. I do not plan to do anything of the sort. I got word from the demons I left in Japan. Although Japan has been overrun with floral and fauna, there doesn't seem to be any sentient species there. If there is, they are in hiding. We will head back to Japan. And stake our claim to it as our demon homeland. I plan to slowly investigate this new world. This time I do not want to get involved in the politics of things. Although I am the ruler of this world and leader of the Demon Faction I want to take a break and relax." Misaki said with excitement sparkling in her eyes. But at the same time, she felt something was a bit off. Although she felt a connection to this world there seemed to be something blocking her from fully controlling it.

"Haha! My dear disciple is right! breaks are always the best way to let loose!" Leo let out a hearty laugh.

As Misaki and the rest were planning their next course of action, a familiar figure floated down from the sky. Seeing this figure, Misaki smiled and nodded her head. Lord Mevesis returned the smile and landed on Jin's deck. "Little girl, you have done me proud. You have made it this far. But there is an issue... Although you are registered as the ruler of this world you are not one hundred percent in charge of it. This is due to the other system that is invoked on this world. Normally new races would not appear on a newly risen world until at least a million years later. But now your world is filled with new races. As the god with the highest authority, I will need to seal this world for the time being and give you a new task!"


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