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191 Ruler Of Earth Part Four

 Misaki walked to her room, Feng Wei in her arms. Chiho, Ano'la, and Mo'mo followed behind her. Upon entering the room Misaki saw Miyu standing there with a helpless expression and Sara curled up into a ball on the bed hiding under the blankets. Seeing this scene caused Misaki to chuckle as she called out to Sara. "Sara if you hide under the blankets you won't meet everyone else. Each person here is family."

Hearing Misaki's voice, Sara slowly lowered the blanket from her head and looked at Misaki and then the three girls behind her. Her eyes showed a bit of fear as she slowly moved towards Misaki but stopped when she received a glare from the little girl in her arms. "Little Wei stop bullying your new Mama and introduce yourself. She is Mama Sara" Misaki said as she knocked on the top of Feng Wei's head.

Feng Wei rubbed the top of her head and looked at Misaki with an aggrieved expression before turning back and looking at Sara. "My name is Misaki Feng Wei, Nice to meet you, Mama Sara."

Sara's fear dissipated a bit as she heard Feng Wei speak and Misaki translating the words for her so she could understand. "Misaki Sara... Nice to meet you." Misaki had already given Sara her last name. During the three days, they spent on what could be considered their "honeymoon".

"Sara, the one that I had bring you to my room is one of your sisters, Misaki Miyu. The three behind me right to left is Misaki Chiho, Misaki Ano'la, and Misaki Mo'mo. Misaki Naomi is in the middle of her evolution right so you will get to meet her later. Each one of them is your sister now and each one just like you is my wife." Misaki explained.

Sara looked at the four girls and bowed her head. She then looked at Miyu and shyly said: "I am sorry for my reaction earlier." Misaki quickly translated it so Miyu could understand

"Little Sister Sara does not need to be worried. I was actually prepared for some kicks and punches as well but it seems you are not that kind of person." Miyu said with a smile.

Before Sara could say anything, she suddenly felt a hand running all over her body touching her privates which caused her to jump and turn around to see Mo'mo grinning at her as she squeezed Sara's breast. "Little Sister Sara is a kindred spirit! For now anyway." Mo'mo then took Sara's hands and whispered. "When you make your character, make sure you make one with small breasts too!"

"Mo'mo, she can't understand you since she is not a full diver yet." Misaki said with a chuckle. She could see the confusion in Sara's eyes as Mo'mo and Miyu were speaking. "Chiho do you have a full dive gear set in your inventory?"

"Yep, one second!" Chiho said while she opened her inventory. She took out a set of full dive gear and passed it to Sara. "Little Sister Sara lay down on the bed here and put these on. Quickly create your character then log out. So you can be added as Mitsu's follower."

Chiho spoke in English while handing the full dive gear to Sara. Sara took the gear and laid down like she was told. Chiho helped her put the equipment on and turned it on for her. Misaki and the girls all took a seat waiting for Sara to finish up.

Inside Eternal Phantasy, Sara frowned. She couldn't read a single thing on the screen or understand what was being told to her. She had no choice but to sit there and mess with the choices blindly. After going through the whole process she frowned once again when she hit the button that she thought was the accept button, only to find herself back at the beginning. Finally completing the set up a second time Sara hit accept.

An hour later Sara raised her hands and took off the helmet. She now had two rabbit ears poking out of the top of her head and a small fluffy puff at the top of her butt. Her hair was now white to match the fur on her ears. But her eyes were still a deep ocean blue. She blinked her eyes as she looked at the HUD in front of her a bit confused. She rubbed her eyes a few times thinking she was seeing things but no matter how much she rubbed the HUD was still there. "Sara, I will explain things to you in a bit but can you think about wanting to become my follower and staying with me forever?"

Sara nodded her head and a split second later Misaki heard a familiar sound.


[Misaki Sara wants to become your follower.]

As soon as Misaki hit yes a booming voice was heard across the world. "CONDITIONS MET... THE NEW RULER OF PLANET 3434534532467687907586, CALLED EARTH BY ITS INHABITANTS WHICH WAS UNDER TRIAL, HAS BEEN FOUND. NEW RULER MISAKI MITSU REGISTERED. PLANET 3434534532467687907586 WILL NOW MOVE TO THE GODS REALM"

After the voice sounded out a great shaking was felt underfoot even though they were high in the sky. Misaki instructed Miyu to give Sara some clothes and quickly ran out to the main deck. "Mitsu what is going? What was that voice just now!?" Misaki Kenji who was also on his way to the main deck asked.

"Dad if I am not wrong we are advancing to the Gods Realm!" Misaki's eyes were glowing with excitement. She rushed forward after leaving these words because she wanted to see the whole process with her own eyes. Feng Wei held on tightly to Misaki confused as to what was going on. But from the aura Misaki was giving off it seemed like something good was about to happen.


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