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190 Ruler Of Earth Part Three

 The girl took a step forward and blushed from ear to ear as she said: "Please treat me gently."

Misaki smiled and pulled the girl into her arms and kissed the girl's lips domineeringly. The girl let out a small yelp in surprise but soon melted under Misaki's domineering kiss and quickly began kissing Misaki back.

"Sara what are you doing!?" The President of the United States was stunned by his daughter's actions. He couldn't believe that his own daughter turned traitor! While the President was standing there stupefied Misaki was already inspecting the goods. She already had her hand up the girl's shirt and one down her pants. The girl in her arms could only let out soft moans as Misaki explored.

After a few minutes, Misaki broke the kiss and gently let the girl go. She licked her fingers that had a trace of blood on them and smiled. "Still pure! Well, was still pure..." Her words made the girl's already blushing face blush even more. "Sara was it? From this day forward you are one of my wives. I will explain more once I finish up here. If you do not want to see them die I would look away."

Sara buried her head into Misaki's chest not daring to watch what was about to happen. She felt she had no choice but to follow Misaki now that she had allowed Misaki to pop her cherry. There was no sound or cries of pain as the rest of the people in the room turned to dust. Misaki decided to do this in the cleanest way possible in order to not frighten her new wife. Seeing how the room was now clear of any humans, Misaki decided to finish what she started.

That night and for three days straight, in the basement of the white house, the capital of the United States, the sounds of pleasurable moans filled the air. Misaki woke up in the morning feeling very refreshed. The girl laying next to her was still sound asleep. She got up and put on her clothes. She then sent out a wave of magic to inspect the entire area to see if she missed anything. After not detecting anything she sent a message to Jin to come and pick her up.

Once she did she walked over and picked up the sleeping girl into her arms and wrapped her in a blanket before flying up out of the White House. Jin was very quick and arrived in no time at all. Misaki landed on the deck to be greeted with many prying eyes. Chiho looked at the girl in Misaki's arms and knew right away what was going on. She leaned over to Mo'mo and said: "Big Sister Mo'mo, another one has arrived."

"Mhm! But this one looks very tasty, almost as tasty as you and Little Sister Naomi were. I wonder how she sounds in bed?" Mo'mo asked as she tilted her head.

Chiho blushed at Mo'mo's words. It was true when Misaki was not around or busy with another wife they would bide their time by pleasuring each other. Misaki did not mind this either. Because in the end they all only loved Misaki and were just using the others as toys. Helping fellow sisters in need in one were to put it in lighter terms.

Although Chiho and the rest of the wives did not mind Misaki taking in more wives there was one person who was very upset at this moment, Feng Wei looked at the girl in Misaki's arms taking up her spot and pouted. This pout was not missed by Misaki who chuckled and walked over to Miyu and handed Sara to her. "This girl's name is Sara. Bring her to my room. I will be right there."

Miyu looked at the sleeping girl being passed over to her and nodded and asked curiously. "Mitsu where did you pick up this girl?"

"Ummm..." Misaki rubbed her nose and answered: "I think she was the daughter of the President of the United States."


Chiho couldn't hold it in and burst out laughing. "Mitsu! Hahaha! Did you really take the President of the United States daughter as your wife? What about the President himself?"

"After I popped Sara's cherry I killed him... I had no use for him so no reason to keep him alive." Misaki's answer sent Chiho into hysterics. Misaki did not see what was so funny so she ignored the laughing Chiho and snatched up the grumpy Feng Wei.

As soon as Feng Wei was in that familiar warm embrace her pouting lip turned into a smile and hugged Misaki's neck. "Little Wei, were you good for your mama's while I was gone?"

"Yes! Mama Chiho, played many different games with me, Mama Mo'mo told me many stories, Mama Ano'la showed me how to kill someone in the most painful way possible, and Mama Miyu showed me how to make your favorite foods!" Feng Wei said with a smile.

Misaki looked warmly at Feng Wei and kissed the little girl's forehead. "Then you learned a lot while I was gone! Good girl!"

Feng Wei giggled and smiled as he kissed Misaki's cheek. Misaki Kenji who was standing at the side, looked up at his granddaughter, smiling away. He wondered if it was just him or not because he could have sworn that his little granddaughter said something about learning how to kill someone in the most painful way possible. But he quickly shook his head and figured he must have heard wrong.


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