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189 Ruler Of Earth Part Two

 Standing outside the barrier, Misaki looked at it and grinned. "One, two, three... Ten layers in total." Misaki casually poked the first layer of the barrier and it broke instantly shattering into dust. Then she poked the next layer then the next, all the way to the tenth layer Misaki poked it. All ten layers shattered in a mere few seconds.

Right as the last barrier shattered many military vehicles showed up. This included humvees, tanks, and even helicopters. A man dressed in a black suit and sunglasses got out of one of the humvees, and walked towards Misaki. "Miss I do not know who you are but you are trespassing on United States soil. Please state your name and reason for being here."

The man in the black suit did not mention her breaking the barrier. Mainly because he needed to see if Misaki was friend or foe first. Breaking the barrier was nothing, they could always make a new one. But making friends with a powerful ally is much better than becoming enemies with one.

"United States soil? Sorry but this land no longer belongs to you. To be honest you are the one's trespassing. This planet belongs to me and my kin now. So it would be best if you just all died. Save me the trouble please and kill your self. Otherwise... Hehe..." Misaki looked at the tank that had its cannon trained on her, smiled brightly and waved her hand. In an instant, the tank vanished as if it never existed. In actual fact, she actually just stuffed the tank in her inventory. There were three men inside and Misaki figured she could use them as blood banks to allow Feng Wei a tasty treat every once and awhile.

The man in black eyes went so wide you could see the edges of his eyes passing the rims of his sunglasses. He quickly turned around and shouted: "Fire! Fire!"

Many soldiers with the new weapon climbed out of the humvees and began firing at Misaki. Misaki paid them no mind as she took out the same weapon that they had and returned fire. With each shot, another soldier disappeared. Not even taking three minutes every person that showed up was now dust in the wind. Misaki shook her head. The more she used this weapon the more she liked it. She wondered if they could make this technology work on a sword. Misaki put her gun on her shoulder and continued forward working her way towards the White House, along the way killing and capturing anything that got in her way. Misaki now had twenty live humans in her inventory. She wondered when she was allowed to add live things to her inventory. Not that she was complaining. This was actually a huge thing, a very nice upgrade to the inventory. She also wondered if she could swipe Sariel into her inventory. Just thinking of his prideful angel self being stuffed into her inventory as a random object made her giggle.

"Stop!" Misaki looked up and saw an unfamiliar looking vehicle. On top of it was a strange looking weapon that almost matched the gun she had resting on her shoulder.

Misaki looked at the vehicle and even walked right up to it. She was so fast that it looked as if she had teleported. Her sudden appearance in front of the new weapon shocked everyone since none had time to react. But Misaki ignored these people's gazes as she continued to look at the weapon. In an instant that Misaki waved her hand the whole weapon disappeared.

"This is nice, so I will take it. As for the rest of you. I have no use for any of you so you all can just die." Misaki waved her hand once more and every soldier standing there was turned into a pool of blood.

Soon Misaki found herself standing in front of the white house. This was the last place that had humans. "Once I conquer the white house does that mean I fulfill the requirements? I wonder what I should rename earth too. Misaki's Super Mega Demon Planet? Hmm... Maybe I can think of something even cooler."

As Misaki was lost in thought it did not stop her from walking straight into the white house killing every person she saw. She made her way all the way to a large vault door in the deepest part of the White House's secret underground shelter. She easily broke the lock on the door by pulling on the handle causing the door to fall off its hinges. Inside were twenty people. One was the President of the United States. The rest was his family and some advisors. Misaki looked around the vault and found that the place seemed livable if there was ever a nuclear explosion. But unfortunately, a nuclear bomb did not go off here. Nuclear shelters were not Misaki proof.

As Misaki looked around she saw a beautiful young woman around nineteen years old. She was short with long blond hair. Her blue eyes were like a deep ocean. Misaki put her finger to her chin and thought for a few moments about if she should or not. After a moment of debating Misaki decided to leave it up to the girl. Her body flashed and appeared next to the young woman. She took the girl's hand and asked: "I will give you a choice, you can live by becoming mine or you can die with the rest? Which do you choose?"

The girl was dumbfounded by Misaki's question and she was not sure what to say. She looked over at her father and mother then at the large vault door that was so easily ripped off its hinges. She then turned her gaze at Miaki's beautiful smiling face. Her pale skin matched nicely with her blood red hair and eyes causing the girl to become somewhat mesmerized. "I choose... I choose...."


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