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187 Secret Weapon

 Months passed and Misaki had completely cleared multiple contents. Her demons had already taken over all of South America. Misaki had gained another billion followers. This included not just monsters but also some full divers as well. All that was left was to check the north and south poles and North America. Canada and the United States. Misaki only knew that the United States had used a nuke on Newyork City to try to kill the monsters but had no luck in doing so. That was the last report she had heard when it came to the United States.

Jin flew into Candian airspace, Misaki stood up on the bottom deck to get a good look out over the land. But what she saw stunned her. There was nothing. The whole area was turned into a wasteland. There was nothing but dirt, no trees, no grass, not even a single building.

"Jin is there any radiation in the air or down below?" Misaki asked. She figured this might have been caused by nuclear weapons.

"No, the landscape was changed in another manner. Even the ground itself seems to be infertile. Almost as if something sucked all the life force out of the area." Jin reported.

Misaki contemplated for a bit before deciding to call a meeting. She could not think of anything that could cause such devastation unless it was a new weapon of some kind. Now she was sitting in a meeting room surrounded by her wives, Gen and Lor'ia, Sato, and his two wives, Leo, Frell, Rya, and her parents.

Misaki looked at everyone and almost burst out laughing when she saw her father sitting in her mother's lap with a displeased face as her mother hugged him tightly. "Dad what do you think? Did you hear of any weapons that the United States or any other country might have developed that could do such a thing?"

"Let me think..." Misaki Kenji went into deep thought, after a few minutes he seemed to have remembered something. " If I recall correctly back when I was doing some field training with a special ops team from America. One of their men was drunk and started telling me about a secret weapon that the pentagon was working on. It was a weapon of mass destruction that could literally make a forest go dead and turn into dust. Even the ground would lose all of its nutrients. It was never put into use because of its danger and was shelved. You could say that this weapon was worse than a nuclear weapon.

"From what I know about it this weapon would actually be very useful on monsters. But it has such an adverse effect on life that it can destroy anything in its range turning it into a wasteland." Misaki Kenji explained.

Misaki eyes lit up, such a thing was possible? She wondered if this weapon had any effect on gods. After thinking of such, Misaki made a decision. She could not allow her kin to be involved in this. She took Feng Wei who was in her arms and handed her over to Chiho. "From this moment on until I get back, Leo and my wives are in charge. No one is to go near the United States. I will go in alone. Frell, Rya I will rely on you to work with Leo in securing our defenses and maybe even upgrade some of Jin's systems. Preferably the shield. We need to make the shield Jin has able to defend against any kind of attack. "

"Mitsu you can't go!" Misaki Kenji yelled out. "If they really did bring that weapon out even you may be affected by it!"

"Dad, no matter what I am going. I will get my hands on this weapon as well. It will work as a good trump card. You may think I am benign foolish but you forget I am a Demon Goddess! I will kill anyone who dares to harm my kin and my things. This planet belongs to me and they destroyed part of it. Do you think I can sit around and allow them to destroy more? My decision is final. If you do not like it I can always strip you naked and hang you from the flag pole for everyone to see!" Misaki yelled back.

Misaki Kenji's face went black. Wasn't he supposed to be the father? Why was he the one being threatened!? Misaki Yuki's eyes lit up hearing Misaki's threat. She laughed out loud and whistled while shouting: "Mitsu do it anyway! Your dad has been grumpy ever since he was turned into a girl, even though I make him squeal every night! "

Misaki ignored her mother and walked out of the meeting room. Misaki Kenji let out a long sigh. He looked at Chiho and the other girls and asked; "Are you really going to let her go like this?"

"Mitsu has made her decision. Once she does there is no changing it. If she says stay here we'll stay here. You need to have faith in your daughter. You forget that out of everyone in Japan only she was able to give us a new life. She had done much before she even had her first evolution. Mitsu gave us all a new life. She gave us love. She is our world so what she wants to do we will allow it no matter what." Chiho answered. Her face was full of admiration and love for Misaki.

Misaki Kenji could only lean back in his chair and sigh. "Fine. Let's just hope she will be okay."


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