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186 Torture Training

 Four people entered a small cell. Hung up on the wall by chains was a man in his late forties. Misaki looked at this man who was covered in wounds with no clothes on and let out a light laugh as her eyes looked at the thing between his legs. "Mo'mo, did you need to tie a ribbon on it?"

"It was so small and cute that I couldn't help but dress it up!" Mo'mo said with a big grin on her face. She poked Misaki's side and said: "Don't you think it's cute?"

"Yes, very cute. But remember Little Wei's is still young. Wrap it in a bit more ribbon to cover it up." Misaki then looked at Feng Wei who was not even looking at the man but the knives on the small table off to the side.

"Little Wei do you want to use those?" Misaki asked.

"Un! I want to do as you said and slowly carve his skin off. You said he will scream if I do that right?" Little Wei's innocent eyes turned and looked at Misaki.

"Mhm! Come I will show you how it is done." Misaki carried Feng Wei over to the side and picked up a knife. She then walked over to the man on the hooks whose eyes were dull, almost lifeless. "First you jab the knife into the skin like so..."

Misaki stabbed down with the knife causing the man's dull eyes to come to life as he yelled out in pain. "Then you twist like this. Hear how he is screaming? Now he is fully awake. Once you know he is awake, you can now turn the knife on its side and press down like so and slice off a chunk of flesh..."

That man let out another pitiful scream. He showed Misaki a look of horror. "I will talk! No more! Please! I am begging you!" He finally yelled out.

"Now, now just relax Little Wei is learning how to properly torture someone. So make sure you scream good okay?" Misaki's tone of voice was not commanding but more of how a mother would coax a child.

The man wanted to scream out 'Fuck your mother! You want to use me to train your young daughter to torture someone!?' although he was screaming this in his head he had a terrified expression on his face as he watched the little girl jump down from Misaki arms take the knife and walk over to his arm.

Feng Wei copied Misaki's movements and stabbed the knife in and then twisted it making the man yell out again. She then pulled the knife out and looked at the red liquid dripping from it. She stuck her tongue out and gave it a little lick. When she tasted the sweetness on the tip of her tongue she quickly licked the whole knife clean! Her eyes went wide as she stabbed and twisted the knife again and once again licked the knife clean. As she went to go for the third time when she suddenly felt the knife leave her hand causing tears to well up into her eyes. Her big doe eyes looked up at Misaki begging her to give the knife back. "Mother, Wei'er, just wants one more taste, just one more! "

"Little Wei, what did I say earlier? Human blood is dirty. You have had enough!" Misaki did not want Feng Wei to become addicted. Over the course of the past few months, Misaki found that human blood could be like a drug to some demons. With how young Feng Wei was she would certainly not be able to restrain herself if she had too much.

"But..." Feng Wei's bottom lip began to pout. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt as if the whole world had been destroyed. Misaki's heart went soft as she picked the little girl up. "Mo'mo, I am gonna take Little Wei back up stairs. Get the number of human settlements left in Russia out of this man...."

Misaki looked over at Mo'mo, her face went black. She was still playing with that damn thing between his legs! Misaki wanted to scream what are you cat!? "Mo'mo, leave that alone and get the information."

"Ahh! Sorry, I got mesmerized for a moment there. Hold on let me just cut it off so that doesn't happen again. But Mitsu, this is partially your fault. You use that thing on me all the time, swaying it back and forth. And this just kinda resembles it." Mo'mo said as she snapped out of her daze a little embarrassed.

Misaki thought for a moment trying to figure out what she meant. Then she remembered that box of cat toys she found in a supermarket. One of them was a long stick with a thing dangling off the end of it. When they were alone at night Misaki would tease her with this toy. Misaki scratched her head a little embarrassed. "Ahem... Yeah sorry... Anyway, just get the information and come back upstairs."

"Okay but I want to bathe together tonight!"

"Mo'mo, no fair!" Chiho quickly protested.

"If little sister Chiho wants to join I do not mind. The more the merrier!" Mo'mo licked her lips, causing Chiho to blush.

"Wei'er wants to join!" At these words, both Chiho's and Mo'mo's expressions did not look good. If she joins they couldn't do that!

"Then Little Wei can join. But afterward, you need to go with Mama Miyu, and Mama Ano'la for a few hours okay." Misaki wanted to be fair to the two girls since she saw how excited they were. Once the two girls heard Misaki's words their moods instantly lifted again!


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