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185 Family Momen

 The next morning, Misaki looked at the cute girl next to her. Her black halo tilted to the side as she slept silently. Her snow white skin and perfect little mounds visible for all to see. Kiss marks clearly visible from her neck going all the way down. Last night Misaki sent a reluctant Feng Wei to stay with Chiho and the other girls for the night. This was all so she could spend a full night with Naomi. Misaki leaned over and kissed Naomi's lips who instinctively parted them allowing Misaki access.

Naomi slowly opened her eyes and let out a soft moan wrapping her arms around Misaki. The two intertwined in the bed filling the room with the blissful voices. Today was the day that Naomi was going to evolve. There was no telling how long the process would take. Because of this Misaki wanted to give as much love as she could to Naomi.

A few hours later Misaki and Naomi laid in bed. Noami was resting Misaki's arms feeling fully content. "I will press the button now. Naomi, when you go through your evolution think of your desired appearance. Do not let your thoughts stray or you might end up changing your looks completely. But do not worry. Even if you were to turn into a man I would still love you. You are my wife, remember that."

"Un! No matter what, I will always be yours, Mitsu. Mitsu, I will always love you..." Naomi leaned forward and kissed Misaki on the lips. She then sat up and crossed her legs. "I'm ready."

Misaki nodded and pressed the evolve button. A white fog formed around Naomi creating a cocoon. Misaki waved her hand using her magic power and gently lifted the cocoon off the bed and placed it on a large cushioned chair. Misaki gazed warmly at the cocoon before getting up to take a shower and get changed. As she exited her room she heard a familiar voice yelling at the top of her lungs. "No! I want to see Mother!"

Hearing this, Misaki chuckled and walked forward sneaking up behind the little girl throwing a tantrum. Chiho saw Misaki and looked at her helplessly. Misaki grinned and put her finger to her lips telling Chiho to not say anything. Her body flashed and appeared behind Feng Wei picking her right up off the floor. "Leave me alone I want to see Mo... " Feng Wei's voice got caught in her throat. Her eyes went big and her frown turned into a beautiful smile as she yelled out: "Mother!"

"Oh, didn't you just tell me to leave you alone?" Misaki teased.

"That wasn't me, that was Aunty Chiho." Feng Wei quickly lied.

Misaki let out a laugh and shook her head. "First thing first don't lie. Second, that is Mama Chiho, not Aunty. Just like you have Mama Miyu, Mama Mo'mo, Mama Naomi, and Mama Ano'la. Now say sorry to Mama Chiho!"

Feng Wei was very reluctant but since Misaki told her to she looked at Chiho and said: "Mama Chiho, Wei'er is sorry..."

"Little Wei does not need to worry. You Mama Chiho and your other mama's love you just as much as your mother does. So will you play us sometimes in the future from now on?" Chiho took this chance to ask this since Feng Wei was being submissive.

Feng Wei looked over at Misaki who nodded her head causing Feng Wei to purse her lips and lightly nod indicating that she would. Seeing this Chiho was instantly happy! At that moment Mo'mo came down the hall, her fingers dripping with blood. "Mitsu, he's just about ready to talk."

"Oh? Mo'mo you tortured him? I figured Chiho would be the first to jump at it." Misaki asked.

"Little Sister Chiho, ran out of the room to chase after Feng Wei to make sure she did not disturb you and Little Sister Naomi this morning. Miyu and Ano'la went to handle a human settlement down below. So only I was left. Don't get me wrong it was rather entertaining listening to him scream! But I thought you gave him seal?" Mo'mo smiled brightly, licking the blood off her hands.

"If I did that how would you girls have fun?" Misaki let out a laugh.

Mo'mo laughed as well as she thought: 'Mitsu is really a jokester some times.'

"Alright, let's go take a look. Little Wei, you can even stab him a few times if you want!" Misaki said while carrying Feng Wei in her arms.

Feng Wei wrapped her arms around MIsaki's neck and asked: "I can really stab him? Will blood come out?"

"Un! Red blood flows out of humans when you stab them. Unlike monsters whose blood doesn't taste so good human blood can taste good to us Demons. But we refrain from taking in such stuff since humans are dirty. But if you wish to try a taste after you stab him I will let you drink a little okay?" Misaki gently explained.

Feng Wei looked a bit confused and turned to Mo'mo and asked: "Mama Mo'mo, does it really taste good?"

"Mhm! But it is dirty since it comes from humans, so it's best only to try a taste once in a great while. Today you will learn how to properly torture someone." Mo'mo was surprised and happy to hear the Mama part of Feng Wei calling her name. It made her feel warm inside.

"Then Wei'er will do her best to learn properly so Mamas and Mother will be proud of Wei'er!" Feng Wei said with a smile. She then snuggled into Misaki's embrace as they made their way to the prison cells located on the bottom floor of Jin.

"Little Wei doesn't need to do it properly, just have fun while doing it!" Misaki said kissing Feng Wei's cheek causing her to giggle and nod her head.

A picturesque scene of a loving family walked down the hall. No one would guess that they were going to teach the little girl in Misaki's arms how to torture someone.


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