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184 Making Things Clear

 Misaki never even asked the man in the high ranking uniform what his name was. She just picked him up and flew back towards Jin. When she arrived on deck she saw Chiho holding a sleepy but awake Feng Wei in her arms. "Chiho?"

"I came out to see what was going on and it seemed she followed you out here. I tried to get her to go back to the room to get more sleep but she refused to budge without you here. I think she was afraid you would disappear. And since I couldn't leave the little cutesy by herself I decided to get some snuggles from her! " Chiho explained.

Misaki smiled and tossed the man in her arms onto the deck. She turned to one of the demons who was standing by and gave him orders to lock the man up. She then walked over and took Feng Wei from Chiho's arms. Feng Wei, who was struggling to stay awake, wrapped her arms around Misaki's neck and softly whispered: "Mother..." before instantly falling asleep. Misaki could help but have her heart melt for the little girl in her arms.

"Chiho, come stay in my room tonight. From now on, each of you will spend the night with me and Little Wei. This way Little Wei will become more used to you all. You are all my wives so I want her to love you girls just as much as she loves me." Misaki said as she pulled Chiho by the hand and leaned in kissing her soft lips.

Chiho blushed and nodded her head. "I want Little Wei to see me as her mom as well. We all do. To be honest we were all talking about it earlier. Oh, one more thing... Naomi is feeling a bit left out."

"Hmm, why?' Misaki looked at Chiho confused as the two walked back towards her room.

"Because you haven't allowed her to evolve yet. She thinks you do not actually love her. Although she says it's fine if you don't as long as she can stay by your side but the look on her face says it all. She only smiles when she is around you." Chiho explained.

"I see, I will handle it tomorrow. This is good too, I will have you and the girls play with Little Wei all day so she can get used to you all. I will then spend a day with Naomi. I want her to know the reason why I have yet to hit her evolve button." Misaki decided she would give Naomi a full day of attention to hopefully let her mind rest at ease.

"I am sure she will love that." Chiho said with a smile.

The two entered the room, Misaki gently laid Little Wei on to the bed. She then turned around and gave Chiho a deep passionate kiss. It stopped at the kiss because she didn't want Little Wei waking up and seeing something she shouldn't. With little Wei in the middle, the three fell asleep.

The next day Little Wei reluctantly went off with Chiho, Mo'mo, Ano'la, and Miyu. Misaki took Naomi up to the top deck that only Misaki and her wives were allowed to use. This was the deck that was the highest point on Jin. Naomi 's face was red from ear to ear as she shyly held Misaki's hand. Misaki brought Naomi over to a bench and sat down pulling Naomi onto her lap.

Misaki kissed Naomi gently on the lips before saying: "Naomi I heard you are unsure if I love you or not."

Naomi 's eyes opened wide and her lips parted as if she wanted to say something but Misaki gently pressed her finger on to her lips telling her not to say anything. "I want you to know that I do love you. I would never play around with your feelings like that. When I decided to take you as my wife I already liked your cute personality. The shyness you have is what I came to like about you. Yes, it may be true that I did use you as a means to anger your father but that has nothing to do with how I feel about you. The reason why I have not allowed you to evolve yet is because of my own selfishness. But this is also unfair to you as well. Tomorrow morning I will allow you to evolve. But today and tonight you are all mine okay!?"

"Mhm! I was just worried, is all. I did not mind it even if you did not love me as long as I could be by your side." Naomi finally spoke. But now she had a very bright smile on her face. She also seemed more relaxed as well.

"You do not need to worry anymore Naomi. You, Chiho, Ano'la, Mo'mo, and Miyu are all my wives and I love each and every one of you very much. One day each of you will bear me a child. And then another and another. We can not leave Little Wei without any siblings now can we?" Misaki teased as her hand slipped up under Naomi 's shirt as she leaned in and nibbled on Naomi's neck. Naomi did not resist. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. She was very happy now, more content than she had ever been since she began following Misaki. The first time she saw Misaki she instantly fell in love. She loved how Misaki was not afraid of anything even her own father was looked down upon by Misaki as if he was trash. She took a risk and decided to leave everything she had as the princess of the Angel faction behind. All in order to follow the girl she fell in love with. Now. Now she finally heard the words she so wanted to hear this entire time. She has never been happier.


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