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182 Gods Realm Part Two

 "This I can not tell you..." Frell said after a few moments. "Your system is very unique and I am not sure how the higher plane will handle it. If you do, I would be very grateful to see the higher plane earlier than I had ever expected.

"But this still leaves many things you do not know about. While there are too many galaxies to count in this lower plane, The Gods realm is a little different. There are billions of planets but they do not revolve around a sun like they do here. There is a natural light that illuminates the planet. The concept of time is also nonexistent. Since time is just another particle that your galaxies impose on the races here. To explain simply if you were to travel past the speed of light you would effectively be traveling backward in time. Because you would break what is known as a time barrier, by passing the time segment set on this place. If you knew how to harness time you could make weapons that could make someone an old man or a young child. All because you are using time particles to mess with the cells on the person's body.

"Now the Gods realm has the concept of time but it works differently. While we have a day and night cycle, months, and years the only thing time effects is just that. It does not affect the body. Well since you became a goddess time stopped affecting you all together. But in the Gods realm, your friends and family will stop aging altogether." The things that Frell was talking about were very complex. Misak knew she would need to take some time when she goes to the Gods realm to read through whatever books they might have there too learn a whole new degree of things. But this brought the question of the Full Dive system.

"Frell, those who went through the full dive system already stopped aging. So in a way time stopped working on them meaning they could live to be as old as you gods without an issue. It's just too bad I will be killing them all. But even still wouldn't that mean that the full dive system is basically outside of time?" Misaki asked.

"That is very likely. There is no way to really tell unless we understand what your system actually is. Now, where was I? Oh yes. Now that I explained the idea of time and how time works in the gods realm. Let's talk about planets. Plants are all stationary and can be moved around. So say you take over a bunch of planets from the Angel faction. You will be grated operator access. Operator access allows you to gain control over the world and do as you please with it. Things are as simple as making it rain or even destroying it. You can do so as easily as pushing a button.

"So moving a planet is very easy. Luckily you will not be going to the Gods realm with nothing. You are already the leader of the demon faction which has tens of thousands of planets under this rule. It's only a few shy from the Angel Faction. There is no harmony in the Gods realm. Wars break out every day. Even entire planets are destroyed."

Misaki became lost in thought. After a few minutes of tapping her chin, she came to a decision. "First faction I take over in the Gods realm will be the angel faction. I do not like being second place!"

"HAHAHAHA, Mitsu, Mother will make sure to treat all those cute little angels real nice!" Misaki Yuki burst out laughing and her eyes glowed a perverted look. This left Misaki shaking her head and her father trying to pull her mother off the table.

"Haha, Seems my little disciple knows her priorities. I can't wait to see that Sariel's face when he loses everything he worked so hard for, It will be priceless!" Leo let out a jolly laugh. He seemed to really hate Sariel.

"Misaki do not forget one of the supreme gods has you on their hit list too." Rya, kindly reminded.

"I know. If he wants to try to fight we can fight. But no matter what I will take Sariel down. But first I will rub it in his faceand have sex with his daughter every night. That should make his face turn green." Misaki said casually.

Frell explained many other things after that as well. Mainly economical things like trading and resources. Misaki listened intently as he went over everything committing every word to memory. Misaki realized she had a lot to learn once she got to the Gods realm. She figured it would take her a long, long time before she could conquer it.

After their meeting, Misaki went back to her room and laid down. Feng Wei crawled up onto the bed and cuddled up next to her. Misaki smiled and kissed the top of her head. "Are you disappointed that you won't age?"

"No, it just means mother will have to take care of me forever!" Feng Wei answered sleepily. She seemed to be very tired.

"That's right mother will take care of you for as long as you want!" Misaki hugged Feng Wei and closed her eyes. Feng Wei quickly followed suit. Like this, Mother and daughter fell asleep not worried one bit about the day's head.



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