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180 Mini Misaki!?

 Leo gave Misak a weird look and flicked her forehead. "What are you talking about? I have been your master since the day I took you as my disciple!"

Misaki let out a laugh and rubbed her forehead "Alright! Alright! I just need you to will it and I will add you as a follower."


[Leo God of War wants to become your follower!]

Misaki hit the accept button right away adding Leo to her list. Just like Frell and Rya, the evolution button was greyed out. "With that, you are now my follower!"

"Hmm? I do not feel any different." Leo said as he inspected his body.

"You won't for now. Like I said before, we need to be in the Gods realm for me to be able to allow you, Frell, and Rya to evolve." Misaki explained.

"I see... Alright then let's hope we can get there quicker. I want to know what kind of cool demon form I will get." Leo seemed to be excited about transforming into a demon.

Misaki would never tell Leo that there was a chance of him turning into a little boy, maybe even a girl during evolution. She would just let nature run its course and deal with it when the time comes. After speaking with Leo, Misaki asked Jin to head north. They would now take over Russia before heading west towards the European countries. Since it would take a few days to arrive at the Russian border Misaki decided to go check on Feng Wei.

But as she passed her parents' bedroom the door swung open and a small cat girl came running out and jumped on to Misaki. "Mitsu look! I got a waifu!"

Misaki's face turned black as she looked over at the young girl standing there with her head lowered and a face as red as an apple. Hopping this was actually someone else Misaki took a deep breath before saying: "Dad?"

"Why!? Why is it when I evolve I turn into a damn girl!?" The little girl suddenly roared.

"Mitsu, your father is very cranky right now. He is still getting used to his bodily change. Well, I guess we can't call him, a him or father anymore. How about mamapop? Mampo? Fama?" Misaki Yuki began mixing the words for mom, dad, mother, and father together. Each time she said a new name, Misaki Kenji's face turned greener and greener.

"Mom any more and you will kill dad. Dad will always be dad, even if he has become your waifu. I'm sorry dad I should have warned you this might happen. I still do not know what causes it though. You didn't think of anything weird while in the process of evolving did you?" Misaki asked. She figured at least this way she might get an idea if the body you get during evolution had something to do with what you thought of during the process.

"Not that I can remember. I did have a weird dream where I was locked out of the bedroom for a week while your mother had a bunch of wives over... I think I recall wishing I was a female at the time so I could join in as well... ... ... What the hell are you making me say!" Misaki Kenji's face once again became crimson. Not just in embarrassment but in rage as well.

"Hoho!? Did my darling wish to join me during all my bed activities? You should have just said so I would not have said no!" Misaki Yuki jumped down and jumped on Misaki Kenji.

Misaki held her head and shook it and walked away without a word. She didn't need to know what her parents did during their private time. She made her way back to her room where the shell of black flames still sat on her bed. She walked over to it and caressed it gently. "Little Wei, take as long as you need. Mother will be here waiting for you. When you come out we will take over Earth together!" Misaki really couldn't understand why Feng Wei seemed so dear to her. She only knew that deep down she wanted to protect Feng Wei and give her a life that Feng Wei never had before.

Misaki got up from the bed and was about to leave when she heard cracking sounds coming from behind her. Misaki's eyes opened wide and a bright smile formed on her face as she turned around and sat back on the bed, waiting for Feng Wei to finish her evolution.

The black flames cracked like an eggshell until finally a white jaded handed punch through the top sending a piece of the shell of black flames into the air. Soon after another hand poked through and pushed on the side of the opening shattering an entire side of the eggshell made of black flames. What entered Misaki's eyes was a young girl whose skin was white as snow. Her hair crimson red like her own. She had two little black horns protruding out of her head and a dragon's tail coming out of the spot just above her butt. The little girls opened her eyes and which were blood red like her own as well. The girl was like a mini version of Misaki!

Blinking her eyes and looking at Misaki the girl smiled and jumped over at Misaki wrapping her arms around her neck hugging Misaki tightly. "Mother!"

"Little Wei!" Misaki smiled brightly and hugged Feng Wei tightly. The two looked so similar that there was no way anyone would say they were not mother and daughter. The only difference between the two was Feng Wei's facial structure was slightly different. Giving her a unique look from Misaki. "Mother is happy you are back!"


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