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178 Cleaning Up The World Part Three

 Feng Wei was confused as to what was going on. Family? She was going to get a new family? The Chinese soldiers all started yelling something in Chinese which Misaki couldn't understand. She ignored them and pulled Feng Wei into her arms and lifted her up hugging her tightly. "Little Wei, these are all your mothers, the one with cat ears is Mo'mo, the one next to her is Miyu, then Ano'la, the one who is blushing while fidgeting is Noami, and lastly the one who almost squashed you because of your cuteness is Chiho. Then there is me, Mitsu. You will be our daughter and a part of our family from now on. You will not be mistreated in any way anymore. No more chains or beatings. Nobody will treat you badly anymore."

Feng Wei's eyes started to well up with tears as she hugged Misaki burying her head into her chest. Misaki smiled warmly after her as a message popped up on her screen asking if Feng Wei could become Misaki's follower. Misaki hit yes officially making Feng Wei one of her kin. While Feng Wei cried in her arms, Misaki turned a cold gaze to the soldiers screaming at her.

"Frell what are they saying?" Misaki was getting annoyed by the fact she couldn't understand them.

"They are saying return the girl to use or you will die." Frell smiled bitterly. They were threatening the strongest person on this planet! Misaki was even stronger than him now! He of course did not count Leo who was busy playing video games on Jin.

"Oh, I will die? Hmm... Let's do this..." Misaki put on a big smile and landed on the ground. She walked step by step towards the soldiers. Her beauty was enough to captivate all the soldiers there as some even started fixing their hair as she walked up. She reached out her hand to the one who seemed to be the leader of the group who absentmindedly took it only to suddenly scream out in pain. A black flame engulfed his hand quickly spreading up his arm until his whole body was covered.

The other soldiers did not dare to step forward anymore and all pointed their weapons at Misaki. Misaki did not see who it was but one of them even fired at her hitting her right in the head. The bullet stopped on contact as it hit her skin and dropped to the ground. That set off shouts throughout the group of soldiers as they all aimed and fired at Misaki. Misaki ignored the bullets and walked through the crowd. Each soldier she passed dropped to the ground screaming out in pain as they were burned alive.

Feng Wei did not even flinch as she turned and looked at the men dying. They were people who beat her and sent her out to fight the scary monsters. To her, these men were evil people who treated her as a slave.

Seeing Feng Wei's expressionless face looking at the men burning to death, Misaki gently brushed her hair back behind her ear and leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Little Wei, these men will no longer hurt you, Mother will protect you from anyone who dares to try to cause you harm, okay?"

Feng Wei turned her head and looked at Misaki, her big doe eyes brimming with tears. She leaned up and kissed Misaki's cheek before resting her head on Misaki's shoulder. "Mhm. Wei'er loves Mother."

Misaki smiled and rubbed Feng Wei's head. She knew that the "er" Feng Wei added to her name was a way of speaking that the Chinese used but she did not understand exactly what it meant. Nor did she care. She only knew because of some novels she had read before.

Misaki casually walked through the crowd killing every soldier she saw. She even blew up any tanks or other vehicles they sent at her. She was actually getting quite disappointed because this was nothing more than a slaughter with no actual resistance. They shot her with normal bullets! After a while Misaki gave up and floated high up into the sky she looked down at the city and could see that the people below were trying to mobilize a huge force.

"Little Wei, watch how powerful your Mother is now okay." Misaki figured this would be the best time to show just how strong she was in front of Feng Wei. In other words, she wanted to look cool in front of her new daughter.

The sky suddenly filled with thousands of magic circles that covered the entire city. A bright light formed in the center of each magic circle. Misaki pointed at them and said to Feng Wei: "Watch now." A second after she spoke a beam of light shot from every magic circle blasting the ground below destroying everything it touched, in a matter of seconds the entire city was gone. Nothing remained except for scorched ground where the light hit.

Feng Wei's eyes opened wide in surprise as she let out a laugh and clapped her hands. "Mother is very strong!"

"Mhm! Now they will never come back to haunt my cute daughter." Misaki gave Feng Wei a big hug before flying back to everyone else. Feng Wei was quickly snatched from Misaki's hands by her wives, leaving Misaki to feel a bit lonely.

"We will now quickly sweep through China. Although they have some decent tech it's nothing compared to what we have, so I am a bit disappointed." Misaki said as she started to fly back towards Jin.

"Mitsu what about Feng Wei's evolution?" Chiho asked.

"I will start it when we get on to the ship where it is safe just in case."


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