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177 Cleaning Up The World Part Two

 After wiping out North Korea, Misaki set her sights on China. At the same time, she sent her entire demon army out on the other ships in different directions. All the major world leading countries would be taken care of by her while the demons took the other ships and ventured out to the other countries to clean up any remaining humans.

Thanks to Frell and Rya, Misaki was also able to create shards crystals that had her aura on it. These crystals could then be used by demons to get monsters to gather and ask to become followers. Making it so Misaki did not need to personally go all the way to their location to take them as followers. Luckily since the system was recently updated a few days ago an auto accept setting was added to her follower settings which she quickly turned on.

With that out of the way, Misaki had Jin make its way over the North Korean border into China. Once they entered Chinese territory, the first thing she saw was destroyed cities. Great battles seemed to have taken place in each of the cities they passed by. To make things quick she had Jin lay waste to all the land below. One of Jin's unique skills was that he could set what his weapons could damage so she made sure Jin's weapons would not damage the environment while destroying any humans they came in their path. Jin had literally become a giant bug zapper. The bugs being any human below.

As they progressed Misaki had found something strange when he made her way up the coast. She had planned to follow the Chinese border in a spiral motion but when she got near shanghai, she noticed that the city was not even touched.

"Oh Ho? They seemed to have made a barrier using magic, interesting. Even the city seems to be fully functional." Misaki was quite impressed with what she was seeing. The entirety of Shanghai was indeed being protected from monsters by a large shield that surrounded the city.

But this was not the only thing that Misaki had to be surprised about. Seconds after entering a certain range of the city a blast of light shot towards them smashing into Jin's shield and even slightly cracking it. "Misaki look! Beams weapons!" Chiho's eyes glowed. They had weapons that were not much different than the weapons on board Jin or the weapons she got from the planet she visited with Frell.

"Seems the Chinese advanced quite a bit over the course of a few years. Unless they already secretly had this kind of technology. I guess it doesn't matter. Jin blast that shield and teach them what a real beam weapon looks like." 'You want to shoot at me, fine I will shoot at you.' was clearly written all over Misaki's face.

"Yes, mam!" Jin answered and fired a cannon at the shield shattering it into millions of pieces. The monsters outside did not charge in since they sensed Misaki. The Chinese army pushed forward to block the oncoming monsters when all of a sudden they all disappeared.

"Time to go play!" Misaki said, before jumping off of Jin and floating down towards the ground. She was immediately followed by her wives, Sato and his two wives, Gen and Lor'ia, Frell, and Rya.

They all hovered in the air right above the Chinese military. Surprisingly they did not attack, instead, a tall sturdy looking man in what seemed to be an officer's uniform came walking up saying something in Chinese. "Frell I thought we all spoke God's language so why can I not understand them? It was the same for the Koreans."

"It seems because of the mix of the extra system with God's system that is implemented in this world you will only be able to converse with those who are either Japanese or have a full dive system as you called it." Frell explained.

"I see. Okay, then..." Misaki looked at the Chinese man and said in English: "Full Dive..."

The man quickly nodded and waved his hand. A young girl around seven years of age came walking up. She was shackled at her hands and feet which made Misaki frown. She waved her hand and the girl was lifted off the ground causing all the Chinese soldiers to shout out in fright. But yet they did not dare to make a move. They seemed to be afraid of the aura Misaki was emitting naturally.

The girl seemed very scared as well as she began shaking violently. Seeing this Made Misaki frown even more. "Your name?"

"Fe-Feng Wei..." The girl said.





"Mmm... Your cute, call me mom from now on." Misaki suddenly said, causing everyone to open their eyes wide.

"Mitsu are you sure!?" Chiho asked, she had never expected Misaki to say such a thing and she knew Misaki was not joking!

"Mmm. She's cute and her rank is higher than all those I have seen since the old man. Plus she seems like a good girl. What are you not happy to become a mom so soon?" Misaki asked teasingly.

"It's not that, I mean she is cute and makes me want to cuddle her, pamper her, and give her lots of gifts. The problem is she is too cute!" Chiho shouted out, all the while she already had Feng Wei in her arms hugging her and patting her head. The surprised Feng Wei had no idea what was going on but she was suddenly being petted and hugged by strangers. But she felt no hint of danger from them so she closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth she had not had in a long time.

"Good! Feng Wei, You will now be our daughter. So I will add my last name Misaki onto your name making you Misaki Feng Wei. Chiho, take her chains off." Misaki said with a warm smile.

"Mhm! Already done." Chiho had already cut the shackles off the instant she picked Feng Wei up. She hugged Feng Wei even tighter and said: "Welcome to the family!"


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