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176 Cleaning Up The World Part One

 Misaki left her parent's room and went back to her own room where her wives were all lounging about. Misaki felt this was a good time to get some pampering so she went to the couch that Chiho was sitting on and sat down next to her and stretched out, putting her head on Chiho's lap without a word. Chiho Chuckled and asked: "So what do you think mom and dad will turn into?"

"Oh? Already calling them mom and dad are you?" Misaki teased.

"Well, I am your wife just like the rest of us here so yes they are our mom and dad now too! Stop teasing and tell me your thoughts." Chiho said as she slid her hand on Misaki's stomach and began fiddling with her belly button.

"I am not sure, it seems pretty random. Some keep their same looks with subtle changes, some do not change at all and then there are those who change quite a bit. I guess it is all up to luck. Or maybe it is something that forms from the person's true desires, who knows?" Misaki replied. The other girls came over and began massaging her limbs. Because of Chiho's teasing hand, Misaki was suddenly put in the mood, so she shot up, flipped Chiho on to the couch while at the same time taking Chiho's clothes off. The room was suddenly filled with sounds of Chiho calling out Misak's name.

The next day, Misaki was standing on Jin's bridge looking out over the land. This morning she had sent out her demon army to clean South Korea of any and all humans. She had already called out all the monsters and took them in as her kin. They were now just waiting to evolve. Jin flew over what was once the border of the neutral zone that separated North and South Korea.

What she saw was weird. After flying for a few hours covering dozens of kilometers she noticed that none of the buildings and houses were destroyed. There were no signs of any battle. But as she got towards the capital of North Korea things changed. Misaki could smell the radiation in the air. Her brow furrowed. Although it would not harm her or her kin, it still harmed the world she was about to rule.

When they arrived at the capital she saw a large fortress built up, millions of monsters surrounded it. Misaki saw that inside was a large compound of millions of people standing back to back. On a high stage was a fat man that she recognized from the news. He was pointing saying something and then waved his hand before walking away. A group of at least a thousand people was forced up a tall ramp being tossed out into the monsters. This of course sent the monsters into a frenzy!

"Humph! Using your own people as food to feed the strong just to keep your fat life a little longer." Misaki yelled out her voice bombing across the land. Very quickly Misaki got pings from the monsters below wanting to become her follower. She hit yes and then recalled them all into her followers' menu.

Down below the soldiers were shouting up at Misaki who was on Jin's main deck in Korean, She had no idea what they were saying but they began shooting and firing missiles at her right away. Misaki's eyes lit up and she flew out to receive the incoming missiles catching one as it was about to hit her. A sly grin formed on her face as she suddenly turned the missile around and shouted. "Here Catch!" And tossed the missile back at the people below.

A large explosion went off creating a large crater, the humans who were once standing down below were now completely gone. On the outer ring of the crater were scorched burnt bodies. Some of which were still twitching. After admiring her handiwork Misaki searched around to find that the fat man was trying to escape. She quickly sent out a mass of fireballs that bombarded the rest of the area including the direction the fat man was trying to escape in.

"Well, at least North Korea is liberated. " Chiho suddenly said as she came up behind Misaki. There was a bit of laughter in her voice.

"No idea what they said. Not that it matters. They were all going to die anyway. It seemed the only lasted as long as they did because they were feeding the monsters. The idea was not bad but using your own kin as a sacrifice didn't sit well with me." Misaki disliked people using their kin as sacrifices. It was different from going to war they were just sending these people out to feed nothing else, just so the higher ups could live longer lives.

"I wonder what the bigger nations had done? It seems this area was at least a little less harder hit compared to Japan." Chiho said, she noticed the monster population was quite small.

"Who knows if anything, be prepared for a large number of full divers. China, Russia, The United States, they all have tech that can easily duplicate the full dive gear and I am sure they might have come up with large scale weapons to harm or even kill monsters. The real fight has just begun!" Misaki knew that the upcoming battles might be a little rough if the technology that they are using is advanced enough. There was a saying that said, enough knowledge can beat a strong foe no matter what. She was worried as to what technology these countries have at this time.

"Next stop China!"


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