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175 The Misaki Family

 On the main deck of Jin, Misaki Yuki was looking all around with great interest. "Mitsu! This place is amazing!"

"Mhm! Jin is from a race of flying fortresses. Their world was destroyed by Devils and I saved him and five of his people. To become full fledged demons they have become my followers. I will help them evolve when..." Misaki was interrupted when Misaki Yuki let out a scream of joy followed by a young girl's scream of fear. Misaki turned around to find Misaki Yuki clutching onto Tetsu rubbing her cheek up against Tetsu's cheeks.

"Mitsu can I have her, she's so cute!" After Tetsu's evolution, she had shrunk in size to that of a ten year old. She had pointy ears and black and white butterfly shaped wings on her back. On top of her head were two red horns that poked through her long black hair. Now Tetsu did not care too much about her new body but she did care about how everyone seemed to want to pick her up and rub her chubby cheeks!

"That she used to be a boy, mom." There was a sudden thud as something fell to the floor. Misaki let out a laugh when she saw her mother suddenly drop Tetsu on the floor her face filled with disgust.

"Although she used to be a he, she is indeed a girl now head to toe now." Misaki explained, causing Misaki Yuki to snatch Tetsu back up into her arms.

"Wait, Mitsu, does this mean we can turn your father into a girl?" Misaki Yuki's eyes lit up. Causing Misaki to once again let out a laugh.

"Mom. I do not want to have to call dad, mom in the future." Misaki explained as she reached out and took Tetsu from her mother's arms. "Tetsu I need you to go do that thing for me on the lower deck."

Tetsu quickly got the hint, gave Misaki a grateful look, and said: "Right away Young Miss!" before running as fast as she could away from Misaki Yuki.

Behind the two girls, Misaki Kenji was holding his head with his hands. He wondered why he married Misaki Yuki sometimes. But when he looked at his wife's cute smiling face he remembered why. Her beauty! He put up with all of her weird habits all because she was beautiful!

Misaki continued to give them a tour of Jin until they finally arrived at the room she had prepared for her parents. It was one of the most luxurious rooms Jin had. It even had its own balcony that they could go out and look down on the world below, from.

"This will be your room. In order to become my followers, you will need to enter the world of Eternal Phantasy." Misaki said as she pulled out two headgear sets for her parents from her inventory.

"After logging in and making your character you will be able to get a system in the real world. But you have to load into the game first. We use these to gain materials that are far better than those that can be found on earth." Misaki began explaining the ins and outs of how everything worked. And much to her mother's pleas she explained to her father to make sure he picks the male selection when making a character and not the random button. Misaki was pretty adamant about not calling her father, mom, any time in the future. Since they had decided to be with her she wanted both her mother and father, not mother and mother.

After the explanation, Misaki Yuki took the headgear and ran into the bedroom and laid down, put on the headgear, and turned it on. Her mother's antics made Misaki smile. She felt like she was back home in City C at her old house again. Her father asked a few more questions before entering the bedroom and laying next to Misai Yuki.

Misaki went into the living room and sat down on the couch. She leaned back and closed her eyes. She had no idea how long it had been since it seemed that she had fallen asleep at some point. But when she opened her eyes she was met with two young kids one boy and one girl. The girl had cat ears and a cat tail and the boy had wolf ears and a wolf's tail. She was confused as to when she had picked up these two cute kids as followers until the little girl suddenly shouted.

"Mitsu, look I'm a loli!" The little cat girl yelled out.

"Mom!?" She then looked over at the boy next to the cat girl and asked: "Dad!?"

"Yep! The one and only Misaki the cat girl Yuki at your service!" Misaki Yuki proudly stated with her hands on her hips.

"I can understand mom, but dad ?" Misaki looked at the little wolf boy completely speechless.

"It's because as soon as I saw that you could turn yourself into a kid, I knew your mother would go that route. How would people look at me if my wife was a little girl?" Misaki Kenji frowned. He didn't want to do this either but he knew his wife would!

Seeing her father's displeased face and then looking at how happy her mother was, Misak let out a laugh. Her father and mother were indeed a perfect couple. "Okay now, that you both have systems, I need you both to think about wanting to become my follower."


[Misaki Kenji and Misaki Yuki want to become your followers!]

Misak smiled and hit accept and then pulled both her mother and father into a hug. "I will be hitting the evolution button, when you wake up you will be full demons."


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