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174 Their Decision Part Two

 Misaki did not stop at her words as she stomped over to the other humans who were cowering in fear. Misaki Kenji saw what his daughter was about to do and was about to rush forward only to be pulled back by Misaki Yuki. "Yuki! Are you just going to let our daughter slaughter innocents?"

"Is she wrong!? I wouldn't have thought about it until Mitsu said something but she is not wrong! These people, have they once come up to you and asked you how to use a weapon? Did they ever ask if there was something they could do to better themselves so they could survive better? Like Mitsu said not a single one said a word as that man was thrown out to feed the monsters! Kenji I died once due to you trying to rescue these people. Mitsu is right, human beings are nothing but parasites. The planet was dying because of us yet because we were too caught up in our own selfishness we did not care. We take and take and take and hardly ever give back. Just like these people are feeding off your kindness Kenji!" Misaki Yuki looked at her husband, her eyes showing no remorse as Misaki slaughtered the humans behind them one by one.

Misaki Kenji felt like his whole world was turning around. He turned and looked at the bright smile on his daughter's face as she laughed as she stabbed her hand into a man's chest pulling his heart out.

"Mitsu no fair let me join too!" A voice came from above as Chiho landed on the ground and rushed towards the group of humans.

A bloody scene played out in front of Misaki Kenji's eyes. The people he had been protecting all this time were being slaughtered one by one by his own daughter and another girl. Mo'mo, Miyu, Ano'la, and Naomi came over and bowed to Misaki Kenji and Misaki Yuki.

Naomi being the more proper one of the bunch, blushed as she respectfully said: "Mother in law, Father in law. We are Mitsu's wives..."

Misaki Yuki stared blankly at the girl with a black halo and black wings, her gaze then shifted to each of the other girls before she finally asked. "Wives?"

"Mmm. We are all married to Mitsu." Mo'mo replied.

"I see... Do demons normally have many wives?" Misaki's Yuki's gaze landed on Kenji who only shrugged his shoulders.

"It depends on the individual. But mostly yes they normally have a few wives. Whether it is an all female race or a male, female race. But this is because most demons start off as monsters." Ano'la explained.

"I see. Kenji, come here let's talk." Misaki Yuki completely ignored the massacre and pulled Misaki Kenji to the side.

"Yuki! This is why she turned out to be one! Because of you!"

"Listen wouldn't it be fun you know, with many?"

"I can't deny that..."

Listening in to their conversation that was by no means quiet, Mo'mo, Miyu, and Ano'la let out a laugh while Naomi turned bright red. Even though she still had yet to evolve since Misaki would not leave her alone at night, she had officially become a fallen angel. Her wings and halo both had turned black. But for Naomi, this was no big deal as long as she could be by Misaki's side.

Roughly ten minutes passed and Misaki finished her rampage. Her face and clothes were splattered with blood. Her hands were completely coated. The only ones she left living were the soldiers of her father's unit. The people who had risked their lives to keep others safe were people worth keeping.

She walked over to them with Chiho hanging off her arm, smiling away. Chiho had blood dripping from her hands and mouth. It seemed Chiho had a tendency to also use her teeth to rip peoples throats out when her hands were full. Misaki looked at the five soldiers and gave them a bright smile. But this smile did not make the soldiers feel happy. Even with Misaki's beauty, the fact that she was covered in blood with another girl hanging off her arm who was even bloodier, it was a rather scary sight.

"I will offer you the same as I offered my parents. You can either stay human and I will settle you down wherever you like or you can turn into a demon and follow me. Which would you prefer?" Misaki asked.

One soldier stepped forward and said. "We will follow whatever Sargent Misaki decides to do."

Nodding her head, Misaki felt these men were worthy of being part of her father's unit. "Then we will wait for his decision."

Misaki turned to her father and mother who were still talking about something. She could only see her father's face red as an apple while her mother was smiling away. Misaki Yuki happily trotted over to Naomi and took her hands and asked: "My dear daughter in law are there any more beautiful angels like you?"

"Yuki!" Misaki Kenji couldn't believe his wife would ask such a thing in front of their daughter and to his daughter's wife at that.

Misaki on the other hand pulled Naomi me back embracing her and glared at her mother. "Mom, when we reach the Gods realm there will be plenty of angels up there for you to do as you please with, but Noami is mine!"

"Mitsu, I do not want my daughter's wife, I was just asking!" Misaki Yuki was a huge otaku who loved animal girls, demon girls, and especially angels. She was the reason Misaki was such a gamer, to begin with.

"So I am guessing you and dad will become demons then?" Misaki asked.

"Yep! We will become demons so we can have plenty of wives, well the wives will be mine. Your father only gets to join when I say he can. But Mitsu, that whole heart hand grabby move you did early can you teach me?"


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