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173 Their Decision Part One

 Misaki Kenji was really confused at this point. He did not know what his daughter meant by they were here because of her and that they were going to become her kin. "Mitsu what do you mean by your words?"

"I mean just what I said. Each one of these monsters was called here by me so that I can make them my followers. They will then evolve into something much better and will become part of my demon army. As of now all of the monsters that once roamed Japan are now under my command." Misaki explained once again.

"But these things killed your mother!" Misaki Kenji held a huge hatred towards monsters.

"Since when did they kill her?" Misaki tossed up the cloth with her mother's blood on it into the air and raised her hand up towards causing a stream of green magic to flow into it. The bloodstain suddenly grew bright, almost blinding. Under Misaki Kenji's and all the other human's eyes, the bright light slowly began to grow bigger and take on a human form. Misaki casually reached into her inventory and pulled out a long white shirt and placed it over the white light, delicately sliding each arm inside. She then pulled out a pair of panties and slid them over the legs and up under the shirt.

Slowly the light started to dim and a woman in her thirties appeared before them. Although she was in her thirties she was still very beautiful. When Misaki Kenji's eyes fell on to this woman's figure, tears poured from his eyes once again. "Yuki..."

Yuki's eyes fluttered at the call of her name. They slowly opened into a confused look. She was sure she was torn to shreds by a monster, how was she alive once again? "Kenji? I'm alive?"

"Yes! Yes! Our daughter brought you back!" Kenji choked each of his words.

"Our daughter!?" Yuki spun her head around until they landed on a young girl with crimson red hair and blood red eyes. Black horns adorned her head and a tail sprouted from her back but she was very beautiful. Her white fair complexion was enough to make any woman jealous. "M-Mitsu?"

"Welcome back Mom!" Misaki smiled and pulled her mother into a hug. Misaki Yuki began crying instantly and hugged Misaki tightly. After a while, she finally broke her hug and held Misaki's shoulders checking her up and down. She even pulled on Misaki's tail and horns to see if they were real. These actions made Misaki laugh because only her mother would do such a thing.

"What happened to your body!? Your hair, your eyes! Your damn skin! I won't even ask about the horns and tail!" Misaki Yuki held on to Misaki's hands while she questioned her. She seemed to have completely forgotten her crying husband who was standing behind her.

"I am now a Demon Goddess. And soon to be ruler of this world. I have already taken over Japan and will be continuing my conquest of the rest of the world as well." Misaki then pointed at the mass of monsters down below who all had their heads lowered towards Misaki, as they patiently waited for her acknowledgment. "Those there that had killed you are to become part of my demon army. They will become my kin, my sister and brothers and evolve into full blooded demons. Mom, I hope you will not hate me for what I have become."

"Of course not! No matter who you change into, you will always be my daughter! No matter what your father says!"

"Hey! I haven't said anything!' Misaki Kenji protested only to see Misaki Yuki turn her head and stick out her tongue at him.

"Mom, Dad, I actually came here today to offer you the chance to have longer lives and even maybe one day descend to godhood as I have. You would become demons and might change in some shape or form. But you will still be my mother and father. If you do not wish to change I do not mind. I am willing to set aside a safe place for you two to grow old together. But I as your daughter hope you will choose to become demons. This way we can stay together for a long, long time." Misaki really did hope her mother and father would choose to become demons. She wanted to at least allow them to have longer lives.

"Mitsu, we..." Misaki Yuki began to speak before being stopped by Misaki.

"Before you answer, You must know a few things about me. I am no longer the Mitsu you remember. When I said I took over Japan I meant I purged all humans and converted all monsters into my kin." Misaki words caused all the humans around to take in a cold breath of air as they began fearfully staring at her.

"Mitsu, you said you have been killing humans? Innocent humans?" Misaki Kenji's voice raised up in anger. He had never raised his daughter to be this way!

"I have, and? What is the point of keeping a parasite who only feeds off the world? When I was still human I thought the same way as you, dad, and did my best to save thousands of humans in Japan. But you know what they did in return? Sat around lazily not trying to better themselves, wanting to continue their old way of life, feeding off of those who were working hard to ensure a better future for them! And to the one who saved them and gave them a new way of life!? They betrayed her.

"That person they betrayed was me. They ran to the enemy to become cannon fodder. All because I wanted them to better themselves. What good are humans? Those who were worth it and did what they could to better themselves are now demons and follow me.

"I have no time to spend on weak people who do nothing but rely on the strong instead of doing more. Like the people, you seemed to have been pulling behind you. How many of your unit died for them? Even my own mother died once because of some stranger!" Misaki pushed past her father and picked the man who had just lost his wife by the head and walked to the edge of the building and tossed him out into the mass of monsters. The man only got to scream once as his body was torn to shreds.

Misaki looked over the rest of the people there seeing not a single person move from where they stood and pointed. "This is what you are saving! These people did nothing and watched as one of their supposed comrades was taken and tossed to a pack of monsters! What fucking right do they have to live!?"


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