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172 Misaki Kenji Part Two

 Misaki Kenji stood frozen in place. Tears welled up into his eyes, his voice got caught in his throat as he choked out "Mitsu?"

"Mhm! The one and only." Misaki hugged her father tighter. She thought that if she saw her father she wouldn't feel this way but now after seeing him in so long, for the first time in a while tears rolled down her cheek as she buried her face into Misaki Kenji's chest.

"Mitsu, you're alive! You're alive!" Misaki Kenji broke down and began to cry. Although she was changed he could tell that this was his daughter! If only his wife was here too...

The two, father and daughter hugged for quite a while before finally parting. Misaki looked around at the people who had come to see what was going on and frowned. "Where is mom?"

"Your mother.... She was killed during the initial invasion of the monsters. She died protecting me while I was trying to rescue a little girl." Misaki Kenji's voice was shaky as he said this. He wished he did not have to tell his daughter that her mother died in such a way.

But to his surprise, Misaki did not seem fazed by it at all. "Was there anything left of her?A hair, a leg, a finger?"

"Little disciple I would suggest not doing that..." Leo came floating down from the sky and landed next to Misaki. He then bowed towards Misaki Kenji. "My name is Leo, I am the God of War and Mistu here is my little disciple. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Misaki."

"A pleasure... Wait, God of War?" Misaki Kenji thought he had heard wrongly.

"MM.. he is from the Gods realm and is the God of War and my self proclaimed master. The two coming down as we speak are Rya and Frell both of which are also gods but are also now my kin. Chiho will be here soon along with my other wives." Misaki explained casually.

Misaki Kenji's mind was spinning in circles. Gods? Wives!? What was going on? "Mitsu what do you mean by gods and wives?"

"Not too long ago I became a Demon goddess, I now rule over all demons and am the soon to be ruler of this world. I have already taken control of Japan. And as for wives. Umm, let's see there is Chiho, Mo'mo, Miyu, Ano'la, and Naomi." Misaki nonchalantly answered as if none of this was a big deal.

"Your a lesbian!?" This was the point out of all of this that Misaki Kenji picked up on.

"Yeah well, I guess? I still find men attractive but you know I asked Big Brother Gen to show me his dick and it looked too much like an eel which creeped me out so I don't think I will be taking any husbands any time soon. But don't worry, I am no longer human so when I have sex with girls I can still get them pregnant. So you will still see grandchildren in the future." Misaki Kenji almost choked on his spit hearing Misaki's answer. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry with how direct Misaki was being.

"Well, then I will be waiting to hold my grandkids in the future. But what do you mean you are not human anymore?"

"As I said I am a Demon Goddess. I stopped being human during the time the monsters showed up. I evolved from a Demon Lord to a Demon Goddess and can stand on par or above most of the faction leaders of the Gods realm. You could say the human DNA that made me up is no longer there. Hence the changes in my looks. To be exact I can no longer be considered your daughter genetically." Misaki did her best to explain. Getting back to her mother's issue Misaki turned to Leo and asked "Why can't I resurrect my mother?"

"You could but if you did that she would be a wraith. She would be more violent than that little girl Chiho!" Leo explained.

"You forget that I have a system that overwrites your god's system. Look at Tetsu, I resurrected her and she's fine." Misaki pointed out making Leo pause and think about it.

"Now that you mention it. With your combined systems, it might just be possible." Leo finally said after a few seconds.

"Then dad is there anything with Mother's genetic information on it?" Misaki asked.

Misaki Kenji reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of cloth that had blood on it. "This all I have left of your mother. It was the piece of cloth that tore off in my hand when I tried to pull your mother out of the monster's mouth. Mitsu I am sorry because of me..."

Misaki Kenji's voice stopped as he looked on in horror at the mass of monsters rushing towards them. "Mitsu, run, monsters are coming!" Misaki Kenji pulled on Misaki's hand trying to run away with her but when he pulled it was as if he was pulling on a rope tied to a mountain.

"Why would I run? They are all here because of me." Misaki said in a calm voice as if the thousands of monsters rushing towards them was nothing.

"What do you mean they are here because of you? If you do not run they will kill us all! Let's go!" Misaki Kenji looked at Misaki with a desperate look in his eyes. He did not want to lose his daughter to monsters as well!

"Dad I called for them to come here. Why would I run? They are here to become my followers and turn into my kin!"


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