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171 Misaki Kenji Part One

 South Korea...

"Is everybody safe?" A man in his thirties wearing a military uniform looked at the people around him.

"Sargent Misaki, we lost five of our boys but all the civilians are safe." A soldier with his face downcast reported.

"Damnit! Can we not catch a break? As soon as we find a place that is safe those damn monsters come chagrin through our defenses. Our entire unit..." Sargent Misaki looked at the men he had left. A mere five left with twenty civilians. This was all that was left.

When the monsters appeared he was in the middle of a training exercise with his unit. They were immediately ordered to head out and help the South Korean army. It was a complete massacre. Men and women who had gone to try to defend against the monster invasion were overrun. Some were lucky to die, while others screamed in agony as they were eaten alive.

At first, it was a large group of soldiers and civilians but slowly the numbers began to dwindle as they moved from place to place like nomads. They were only trying to search for a safe haven while going out to procure the daily necessities that they needed.

Eventually most had died... This included his own wife who shielded him from the jaws of a monster. Her dying words were "Find out if Misaki is safe!". She died with a smile on her face as she was torn to shreds by the monsters.

This was two years ago, now they only had twenty five people left. Misaki Kenji only had the hope that his daughter might still be alive. But he had not found any way to make it back to Japan. He had held the hope of being able to cross the ocean but that was where he lost most of his people. He never thought that the waters would also be filled with the monsters as well.

What he did not expect were these so-called full divers. They fought monsters with ease, with these special powers. But when he tried to talk with them and ask for refuge they only laughed before running off. This left him, the remainder of his soldiers, and the civilians with no hope.

So long had passed and Misaki Kenji figured his daughter would be turning eighteen soon if she was still alive. He had wished and hoped for her to stop acting dumb and use the brain she had in her head to excel in life. He was no fool when it came to his family. He knew how smart his daughter could be. But he still wished nothing more for her to live a long and fulfilling life. Get married, have kids, everything any parent would want for their children.

"Alright, we need to move. Staying on the ground level is not safe. If I remember correctly there should be a building around here that still has a bit of cover we can use." Luckily the area they were in was not overwhelmed by monsters. Just a single monster was enough to kill them all if they were not careful.

"Sargent, We have an issue, the lady who got attacked earlier is not looking good." A soldier came up to Misaki Kenji and reported.

Misaki Kenji looked over at the middle aged woman whose face was pale and sighed. He could tell from the blood dripping from her wound that she was going to die. It was not like there were any hospitals or anything like that around. Misaki Kenji pulled out his pistol causing everyone to take a step back. They had seen this scene hundreds of times now. Even the woman's husband who was standing at her side stepped back.

No words, no emotions, Misaki Kenji raised his pistol, aimed, and fired once. The woman slumped over and her husband with tears in his eyes reached down and closed her eyes. He looked up at Misaki Kenji with a thankful nod. This was how they had to live. If you got too hurt to recover naturally it was best to just end the suffering. At least then if they were running from the monsters they would not be eaten alive.

Misaki Kenji also made sure to always shoot them in the head, so that they wouldn't turn. A few months after the Monsters showed up the dead began to walk again turning into zombies. They have all lived through a couple of years of nothing but horror.

"Let's go before the smell of blood attracts any monsters." Not looking back Misaki Kenji holstered his weapon and walked away. You either followed or you were left behind.

A few hours later Misaki Kenji looked up at the sky from the second floor of the ruined building. His eyes opened wide when he saw a fleet of flying ships flying through the sky. They were massive like flying fortresses you would see in fantasy stories. He slowly stood up and looked at the ships as they got closer and closer. He had no idea if they were friend or foe. But he held onto a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe they would allow them refuge, even if they had to work as slaves!

But what he did not expect was a figure of a young woman suddenly floating down towards him from the sky. Her crimson red hair fluttered in the wind. Her skin was white as snow, but what was, even more captivating, was the blood red eyes that seemed to pierce through your soul as they gazed upon you.

Misaki Kenji had a feeling he knew this girl but he was not able to place his finger on it. He could only stare in awe at the girl. The closer she got the more he could feel the girl's aura that was filled with bloodlust and killing intent. She was like the goddess of death descending down upon them to reign her judgment on to them.

The girl hovered in the air and looked at the man who was staring back at her. Her face formed a smile as she descended down and hugged Misaki Kenji. "Father... It has been a long time..."


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