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169 Drinking His Sorrows Away

 Sariel came into view, his hair was all out of disorder and singed. Misaki did not answer him with words instead she tossed another fireball made of black flames at him. Which Sariel Hastily dodged. "Damnit! Demon you will die today!"

Sariel lunged forward wanting to grab Misaki only to come up with air. Feeling danger was approaching, Sariel quickly ducked as a large broad sword made of flashes swept by right where his next just was. "Tch..."

Misaki clicked her tongue due to her miss and disappeared from sight again only reappearing a few meters away. "You're quite quick for an Angel, are you sure you haven't already fallen?"

"Nonsense! When have I fallen!" Sariel's eyes turned bloodshot from anger when he looked at Misaki.

Misaki let out a laugh as she pointed to the top of Sariel's head saying: "Your halo is turning black, seems you will become a demon soon~! Don't worry I will welcome you with open arms!"

"God Damnit!" Sariel roared out again. He waved his hand forming a tear in space in front of him and stepped through, disappearing into it.

"Did he take my joke seriously? Because I would never accept him even if he became a demon." Misaki turned to ask those who came to watch only to get an uproar of laughter as an answer.

It seemed that Sariel was not really liked amongst those in the Gods realm even his kin who he left behind were laughing.

After the party finished all the gods went home and Misaki said her goodbyes to Lord Mevesis. Ano'la sent back the demons in order to protect their territory. After of course, they all became Misaki's followers.

"So what is our next move, Mitsu?" Chiho walked up and handed Misaki a glass of wine.

"Mmm. I was thinking of heading to South Korea since we can kill the rest of the humans in japan in just a few days. I want to at least try to find my parents. My father was always resourceful so I am hoping my mom and him are alright. He was also one to put his family before anything. To be honest, I kind of wish I called him at least once before everything happened but now..." Misaki looked down at herself who has changed so much over the past few years.

"I have a feeling that they won't even recognize me. If I do find them I will give them a choice to either become demons or stay human. As long as they do not try to get in the way of my goals and try to stop me from cleaning up the human race, Then I have no reason to take their lives and will find a nice safe spot for them to live out the rest of their days. But I would prefer if they became demons at least then they could live a longer life. " Misaki still held her parents in her heart no matter how she turned out to be. It was actually thanks to her kin that she was even able to regain some of her original personality.

Chiho hugged Misaki tightly and kissed her lips. "Whatever you decide, I and the rest of us girls will be by your side. We are your wives after all. But I wonder what your father would think once he finds you that you have wives instead of husbands"

"Now that you mention it..." Misaki could already see her father flipping out. "I guess I could just have Sato get me pregnant..."

"Rejected!" "Not happening!" "I will kill him!" "I will chop his dick off before he can touch you!" "I will, I will... Uhhh..."

The person in question stealthy hid in the corner not daring to speak.

Misaki looked at the girls all raging at her words and let out a laugh. "I was just joking. Plus I was told from Lord Mevesis that we can easily have children, Since I am a Demon Goddess and you are all demons, except for Noami, I can get you all pregnant it just takes a long time."

Naomi heard Misaki's words and looked down at her stomach rubbing it with a pout. Misaki smiled and pulled her into her lap causing Naomi to blush. "Naomi you can become a demon too if you want but the choice is up to you."


[Naomi would like to become your follower!]

Seeing the request Misaki smiled and quickly hit yes. Naomi's name appeared in Misaki's followers' menu with the evolve button lit up. "Naomi in a few, you will be able to evolve into a demon. Once you do you will be just like the other girls and will be able to get pregnant."

Hearing this Naomi's smile became bright again as she nodded her head. Misaki winked at Chiho who was next to her, Chiho nodded and went into the other room. A few seconds later she came back out and whispered into Misaki's ear. "Okay the room is set, since we have two new wives joining the ranks we need to make sure we have our wedding night."

With that Misaki lifted Naomi into her arms and grabbed Ano'la's hand and brought them both into the room Chiho and just prepared. The other three girls hurriedly followed behind them. Seeing how Misaki left with her wives Gen grabbed Lor'ia's hand and went off to another room.

Seeing everyone leave Sato sat on the chair Misaki was sitting in, grabbed the half empty bottle of wine on the table, and poured himself a cup. "I dedicate this glass to myself... Here is hoping shortly in the future I will lose my virginity!" He then downed the cup in one gulp before pouring himself another glass. Sato could only drink his sorrows away.


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