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168 Ending The War Part Two

 Sariel's face went black before he stormed out of the room. Misaki let out a laugh as she pulled Naomi into a hug. Causing Naomi's whole body to blush. "Your Highness, people are watching..."

"Mhm, it's fine. I am just showing everyone that you are now mine." Misaki turned the blushing Naomi's head towards her and planted a kiss on her lips. It lasted no longer than a few seconds because Misaki knew she had to get to work. But it was enough for everyone to see that Naomi showed no signs of resistance. She even closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss. After breaking the kiss, Misaki leaned over and whispered into Naomi's ear. "Later on when this war is over we will continue with our kiss and do much more than that."

When she finished her words she nibbled Naomi's ears who almost dropped the halo off her head from the jolt her body took from that light nibble. She bashfully nodded her head in agreement before getting in line with the other girls.

Mo'mo walked over to Naomi and gave her a hug. "If Mitsu keeps this up we will have many new sisters. By the way, Little Sister, Mitsu's tongue technique will have you squealing for joy!" Mo'mo grinned mischievously before giving Naomi a kiss on the cheek and running off.

"Naomi, welcome to the group." Chiho said as she went to walk by but stopped, turned her head, and whispered. "Mo'mo is not lying, Mitsu's tongue is like a goddess of licking."

If this was a cartoon smoke would have been coming out of Naomi's head. Miyu and Ano'la only giggled before following after the others. Gen and Loria said nothing while Sato stopped and asked: "You don't happen to have any sisters do you?"


It took no more than two hours before the final devil was found and killed. Thanks to Lord Mevesis supplying a map that showed all their locations no matter where in the world they were, made the task easy. Luckily none of them escaped Japan.

Once the devils were all cleaned up, it was finally time to set Misaki's plan in order. Misaki and the other Gods all took up positions creating an intricate spell that would create a giant net over the crack. Once each magic circle was set up Misaki finally gave Jin the go ahead to fly out of the crack.

Jin rose up into the air a few meters and right as he left the crack Misaki yelled "Now!" Each god all activated their magic circles causing a bright light to stream out from each one. The light speedily raced towards each other before crashing into each other and merging creating a net made of light to form over the crack. Not long later after the net was activated the net seemed to bow as another ghastly ship tried to exit the crack. Millions of devils flew out of the ghastly ship and began attacking the net only to be picked off by those above.

While the devils were trying to break the net and fend off the attacks from above, Misaki went by herself into the ship easily making her way to the core and getting herself a second ship as her follower, she recalled it and made a hasty exit through the net.

The process continued until the crack slowly became smaller and smaller until nothing more could fit through. A war that should have dragged on for weeks, months, or even years ended just like that. Because the devils were summoned and had no place to return to, they could only sit and wait while trapped in the crack to die. In total Misaki got five new ships. Each one was a bit different than the last. But out of all of them, Jin was still Misaki's favorite since he had the biggest guns.

A grand party was thrown on the decks of the ships. Misaki was surrounded by her wives being pampered left and right while the other gods all came over to greet her. Although Misaki was not officially part of the Gods Realm, she already had control of the Demon faction and the backing of many high ranking goods. Even the leader of the Gods realm Lord Mevesis looked highly upon her.

"Haha! My disciple! How does it feel to win your first war against the devils?" Leo asked as he poured a glass of wine for Misaki.

"Mmm not different from what I do every day. I normally run around taking control of places, normally with an iron fist and a river of blood." Misaki replied.

Leo leaned over and quietly asked. "Why do you kill everybody?"

"My wives like the color red and since humans are just a plague on my world who are sucking it dry, why should I care if a few billion of them die to appease my wives' love for the color red?" Misaki replied.

Leo sat back and thought for a moment. "Hmm... And here I thought you just hated people who were weak and refused to try to change."

"There is that too. But what I hate even more is when a racist eavesdrops and listen to my conversation. Sariel, I do not think we are close enough for you to be acting in such a manner." Misaki's relaxed expression turned cold. "If you do not come out do not blame me for not being kind. I already want your head as it is. But if you truly want war..." Misaki floated up from her seat a stream of black flames swirled around her body before being sent out towards a certain spot.


"Damn demon! Are you trying to kill me!"


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