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167 Ending The War Part One

 Misaki did not wait long before allowing Sariel through the shield but this required Naomi to ask her to do so. Once everyone was on board Jin, Misaki had Jin start unloading on the devils that were still in the area.

Of course, the devils were not dumb to be sitting ducks as the quickly scattered in all directions. As soon as they saw that they could not break the barrier and that those inside could attack them they quickly started to disperse.

"After them! Do not let a single one leave the area!" This was what Misaki was hoping for. She wanted them to disperse because the higher tier magic the devils used required them to be in groups. This would make it easier for them to clear out the current wave.

With Jin holding back anything else from entering from the crack and the armies of the Gods realm and her demons killing devils. Misaki was sitting in a meeting room with the leaders of the Gods realm once again. Standing behind her was her four wives and Naomi. Naomi seemed to refuse to leave Misaki's side.

Sariel who saw this when he walked into the meeting room gritted his teeth but did not say anything. He knew his daughter would not listen to him since she seemed to be blinded by the damn demon who bewitched her.

"Good, we are now all gathered. With the current situation we can easily win this war but to make things faster I would like to set up a net." Misaki said.

"A net?"

"Think of it like fishing. You toss a net into the water and the fish swim into it allowing you to easily gather them all up. Now the Devils can only come to us through the crack. This means we can easily gather them all up as they come through. The net will be a method of keeping them within the crack while we pick them off one at a time. As for the ghastly ships that come out. Just leave those to me.

"We couldn't use this method before due to it already being too late but we have Jin blocking the entrance keeping any other ships for making it through. When Jin rises into the sky they will once again be able to enter this world. Which is where the net will come in. We set up magic circles around the crack and as soon as Jin is clear we will activate them holding the next batch of devils in place." Misaki explained.

"Haha! This is my disciple! She knows exactly how to control a situation! I taught her well!" Leo put on a proud face while everyone just looked at him stupidly. They all wondered when Leo had taught Misaki anything.

"In any case, this is the plan we will go by. But we must first clear up any devils that are present in this world. Lord Mevesis I will need to ask you to assist in detecting if any devils are still present. When the time comes." Misaki turned to Lord Mevesis and asked.

"No, problem at all. I will make a map of all the locations that devils are currently hiding in. It would be good to kill them off quickly because if they are able to open a portal to the devil's domain then we will have an even bigger fight." Lord Mevesis explained.

"By the way, Leo whatever happened to that old man?" Misaki asked.

Hearing this question Leo put on a disgruntled expression and turned to Lord Mevesis and said: "Ask him!"

Lord Mevesis, only let out a chuckle and said: "I would not have killed him if you did not take so long Leo. Next time less playing around and actually kill your enemy."

"Humph! Ruined my fun!" Leo turned his head away and ignored Lord Mevesis.

"Well since the plan is in place lets get on with it. We need to make sure we take care of all devils first." Misaki reminded everyone.

"Should kill the damn demons too, since they give birth to devils!" Sariel muttered under his breath but the hateful gaze he gave to Misaki did not go unnoticed.

"Sariel I do not mind disposing of your entire faction after this is done, if you really want to go to war with me." Misaki's voice was cold and her demon goddess aura flooded out of her body causing many of the faction leaders and clan leaders to feel stifled. This included Sariel. She was not going to put up with such blatant use of killing intent towards her and her kin.

Sariel glared at Misaki but did not say anything. He knew at this time he could not afford to start a war with the demons. Not when she had so many backing her at present. He just took one glance at his daughter and said: "Naomi, do you plan to keep following that demon?"

"I will follow Misaki wherever she goes!" Naomi firmly stated before blushing and turning to Misaki with a questioning gaze.

"If you wish to follow me, Naomi, you may but you will need to warm my bed at night." Misaki said teasingly.

Naomi blushed from ear to ear before puffing out her chest saying: "Misaki needs me to warm her bed so I will stay by Misaki's side."

"You! God damnit! From now on Naomi, you are no longer my daughter! Do as you wish!" Sariel cursed and started walking out of the meeting room.

"Good! I don't need a father who discriminates against others' race!"


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