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166 Stealing Ships Part Three

 The voice Misaki was hearing suddenly stopped as if it was thinking. After a few moments, the ghastly ship finally spoke up: "You're a demon goddess!? "

"Yes, I am." Misaki answered.

"Then if you can truly allow me to evolve then I am willing to join you." The ghastly ship was just like any other monster, they dreamed of the chance to evolve.


[Ghastly Ship wants to become your follower!]

Misaki quickly hit the accept button. When she did to her surprise the devils that Chiho and the rest were fighting off, suddenly vanished from inside the ship. The ship walls began to harden and turn into a cold black steel.

The ship's voice entered Misaki's head "Finally! The curse is broken! Those damn devils cursed me, turning me into that monstrosity!" The ghastly shipped complained.

Misaki saw the change in the ship and quickly checked the Ships details...

[Race] Flying Fortress

"Flying fortress?" Misaki now figured out why the ship was so strong it was in fact a fortress. "How do you feel about the name Jin?"

"If that is what you wish to call me, then my name will be jin from this day forth." Jin replied humbly.

"Then it shall be so." After naming her new ship Misaki was very happy. She turned to her team and smiled and said: "Okay it's done, the ship's name is now Jin and is one of our kin!"

"It's good to meet you all.." Jin's voice rang out through the ship.

"Oh, you can speak now?" Misaki asked.

"Yes, due to the curse I was not allowed a will of my own. I could not speak nor do as I wished. Now that it is removed I have once again regained my own will. Master, I implore you to save those like me. The devils ravaged my world and enslaved my people. Those that lived had their wills taken away and transformed into the abominations that you saw before." Jin answered

Everyone present was surprised to know that there was a world full of ship type beings like Jin. "Alright, we can talk more with Jin later. Jin I will need your help to beat back these devils. Once More of your race shows up, I will do what I can to help them as well."

"Then please, allow me to assist you in killing these devils!"

A loud wainning sound was heard. The kind of sound you would hear as gears and motors began to turn. "All weapons are online and functional. Targeting all devils in the area. Firing!"

Seconds later you could hear the muffled sounds of explosions going off outside the ship. Misaki and her group rushed to the deck but stopped in their tracks when they saw how much Jin had actually changed. He went from looking like a pirate ship to a massive flying fortress that looked undefeatable.

Lord Mevesis saw Misaki coming out from below deck and quickly arrived in front of her. "Misaki this?"

"This is Jin one of my followers." Misaki's grin could not be hidden. It was so wide the corner of her lips almost reached her ears. She really liked the style of the ship. There were big cannons everywhere. Everything from the walls to the deck itself was a black metal of some unknown material. The devils who were trying to attack Jin had their attacks bounce off a shield that surrounded the deck.

It seemed only those who were deemed as friendly could pass through it. Jin was so big that every demon, faction or clan member from the Gods realm could all fit on its deck. "Not bad, not bad at all. My little disciple you should let me borrow this ship a little while when you make it to the Gods realm it would... Hey! Don't point that cannon at me, I was just joking!"

Jin did not seem to like Leo's idea and had turned a few of his cannons on to Leo and was getting ready to blast him away.

"Huh? Where's my father?" Naomi had noticed that mostly the entire gods realm and flown over to the ship to make use of the barrier except for her father.

"Ahem..." Lord Mevesis cleared his throat and looked up into the sky. Near the barrier, the person in question was bashing his fist against the barrier from the other side. "It seems your father is not seen as friendly by Jin here."

Naomi looked up in the air and saw her father's distorted face and nodded in agreement with Lord Mevesis. "He really does not look friendly. I wonder if he is about to fall..."


Misaki couldn't help but laugh. Because right now Sariel did not look very angelic at all. "It's fine Naomi if your father truly does fall, I will always welcome you with open arms. There is no reason for you to be left alone." Misaki gently pulled Naomi into her arms as if it was the most natural thing to do while at the same time looking up at Sariel and smiling brightly.

Sariel, who was watching everything from above, almost died from anger on the spot. He was stuck outside the damn shield and could only watch as his daughter bashfully turned red in the cheeks and snuggled up with a damn demon!

"God damnit!" Sariel roared out.

"Sariel if you curse a god you will be hit with retribution." Misaki pointed to a spot behind Sariel who in turn, turned around to see what she meant. Right behind him was at least a thousand devils flying straight towards him. He had completely forgotten they were still at war!

Because so many had gotten close to him so quickly he was stuck trying to fend them all off at once! "Damn you devils! Damn you demons! Someday I will kill every last one of you!"


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