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165 Stealing Ships Part Two

 Misaki and the rest pushed forward in the tight narrow hallway. Because of how narrow this hallway was it made it hard for them to progress quickly. To make things worse they were like sitting ducks so Misaki had to keep a barrier up around them at all times as they pushed through.

The Ghastly ship itself was already strange as it was. Misaki felt like she was running around inside someone's stomach. The walls were dripping with blood as they heaved in and out as if they were breathing. "Mitsu are you sure you want to steal this thing?"

Chiho couldn't help but wonder why Misaki would want such a grotesque looking ship. Everything on this ship was sticky and it felt like she was walking through a movie theater after a popular movie had just finished.

"It's not the looks that I am after Chiho, it's the strength that this thing has. You saw how it withstood so many attacks from me and then the other gods and still, it barely made a dent into this thing. If I could get a few of these ships we could have a strong fleet to bring with us when this world finally ascends to the Gods realm." Misaki explained. Once she made her first strike against this ship she knew how tough it was and at that time she already knew she wanted this thing on her side.

"Well if you put it like that then I can understand but still it's..." Chih made a disgusted face. Although she had no problem killing and tasting people's hearts, she did not like the feeling of stickiness under her feet.

"It might not be like that after it evolves so we will wait and see what happens." Misaki said as she thrust out with her sword killing another devil.

As Misaki was making her way through the ghastly ship killing all the devils below deck. The war outside continued to rage on. The devils had spread throughout the city capturing and killing any normal humans and full divers they came across. In a sense, they were helping Misaki by doing such acts since it saved her the time of having to kill them herself.

This war did show how strong the factions and clans truly were. They were easily overwhelming the devils killing them without much loss on their own side. There was one person out of the group that seemed to not have his eyes squarely on the devils but the demons as well.

"Humph! Devils, Demons they are all the same so they will not mind if we killed a few 'By accident'." Sariel said as he gave a signal to one of his subordinates.

This subordinate 'accidentally' sent a 'stray' fireball at one of the demons and killed it instantly. But before the subordinate could even turn around and receive praise from Sariel, he turned into a mist of blood on the spot.

"Sariel did I not make myself clear last time? Or do I need to actually make good on my promise and wipe out the entire Angel Faction?" Lord Mevesis suddenly appeared in front of Sariel, releasing his supreme god's aura.

Sariel under such an oppressive aura quickly kneeled to the ground under the pressure. Sweat dripped down his back and forehead. "No.. I know my mistake!"

Seeing how quickly Sariel submitted under someone stronger than him caused Lord Mevesis to frown. "This is why you are not in the running to sit in my seat when I retire. You are not even half the man that little girl is and she is just that, a little girl. Hmm... As punishment, your dear daughter will not be returning with you and will stay on earth in Misaki's care. "

A huge sly grin formed on Lord Mevesis's face when he saw Sariel's face contort. To put the icing on the cake to make Sariel even more enraged Lord Mevesis added: "Hmmm.. with the way your daughter seems to be infatuated with Misaki, I am one hundred percent sure you will be welcoming in a new daughter in law and grandbabies soon. The daughter you love so much making love with the demons you hate so much and producing offspring! Hahahaha!"

Not caring for Sariel's ugly face Lord Mevesis flew off while waving his hand and killing thousands of devils in one fell swoop. Sariel watched as Lord Mevesis flew way and felt so enraged he killed every devil in his site. "That damn old man! If that bitch dares touch my precious daughter and defiles her body, I will rip every cell from her body, one by one!

Those of the other factions and clans saw Sariel going mad and all stayed clear of him. Not wanting to take the brunt of his rage. Misaki who was nowhere in the area at the time, had no idea Lord Mevesis had made her relationship with Sariel even worse than it was before. She was too busy looking at the glowing ball in front of her.

The ball was floating above an organic pedestal. It glowed a warm white light. Misaki walked up to the glowing white ball and reached out and placed her hand on to it. When she did a voice rang out in her head.

"They are inside me! Get them out get them out! They have been controlling me for so long! Why can't I fly freely in the sky!?"

Misaki was surprised to hear the voice but she quickly realized that this was the ship's voice. "If you wish for them to be removed I can help you. But under the condition that you become my follower. I will promise not only will you get to evolve, but I will treat you as my kin."


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