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163 War: Devils, Demons, and Gods Part Six

 In the Gods realm, there were eight factions and five major clans. The Demon Faction where the millions of demons ended up after the last demon goddess was around. The Angel Faction where those who were created by the true gods held their place as number one. Besides these two factions which were race based, the rest were solely based on their skills.

There was the Trade Union Faction where all those who specialize in crafting resided. They crafted everything from weapons to magic items and even day to day items.

The Magic Research Faction who strived to push magic technology forward as well as create new grand magic.

The Dark Faction which was an organization more than a faction that dealt with the dark side of the Gods realm. Such as assassinations, information, and more.

Then there were the last three factions that strived to bring up the new younger gods, and allow them to grow in a safe, competitive environment.

The clans were just old families that have been around since the dawn of time. They hold some of the biggest secrets in the Gods realm. But are strong enough to ward off any attacks even from the Angel and Demon factions.

And right now at this time, all the leaders of these factions and clans were now gathered in the same command tent staring at each other. "Well as Lord Mevesis said we need to come up with a plan. To be honest I am grateful that you are all here. Though I have a lot of demons under my wing before becoming the leader of the Demon faction, my kin can only take care of one of those ghastly ships. "

"Humph! To think that a dirty demon is thankful towards others!" A middle aged man with white wings on his back and a golden halo hovering over his head said with disdain.

Ano'la stepped forward, the hair on her tail and ears stood up as she pointed at the man saying: "Sariel, You best watch your tongue! Before I rip it out to feed the younger demons!"

"This is why demons should just all die, they speak of nothing but vulgarities! " Sariel did not even pay attention to Ano'la's words. His eyes were fixed right on to Misaki the entire time.

Misaki on the other hand was looking at the girl standing behind him with her face flushed red who kept taking sneak peeks at Misaki. Misaki only grinned widely as she finally turned her gaze to Sariel. "Sariel, leader of the Angel Faction. I'd watch your words or I might just turn your daughter into a fallen angel."

It was only then by hearing Misaki's words did he realize that Misaki was not staring at him but the girl behind him! He turned around to see his own daughter's face beat red and stared at her with shock. Rage built up as he quickly turned around and stood up and slammed the table. "Damn demon if you lay even a single finger on my Naomi! I will cut your head off and offer it up to the True Gods!"

"Now, who is the vulgar one? Having such taste." Misaki gave a disgusted smile as she said: "Tsk...Tsk... Does your daughter know that you are trying to covet her? Is this how the Angel race does things? They..." Misaki's face turned red as she awkwardly turned her gaze this way and that way, not really wanting to look at Sariel, as she continued: "Do that with their own daughters?"

"You!" Sariel wanted to refute but was interrupted when the girl behind him yelled out in disgust.

"Father is what she says true?" Naomi crossed her hands across her chest and quickly backed away ever so sneakily moving towards Misaki.

"Alright enough!" Lord Mevesis finally cut in, he just couldn't stand this stupid banter any longer. His words quickly quieted the room. He glared at everyone aside for Misaki who was sitting there with a bright smile on her face. "Since this is Misaki's homeworld she will be in charge of this battle. What she says goes. If I catch any of you causing a ruckus or not listening to orders you will not be able to take the consequences! Do you all understand!?"

No one said a word. Lord Mevesis was the most powerful person in the entire Gods realm. Someone whose power was close to those of the true gods. Seeing how no one was speaking up Lord Mevesis then turned to Misaki and said: "I am sure you already have a plan do you not?"

"Mmm... from what I know that bitch before her death activated a massive summoning circle that was using the magic in the air, to sustain the circle itself. The easiest way to shut down the magic circle is to cut off its source of magic." Misaki paused and cleared her throat before continuing: "Now this would have worked if not for the source of magic coming from the crack. I hate to say it but that bitch was able to create a contingency plan to keep the magic circle going. We can now only take care of everything that comes out of the crack and destroy it faster than they can come in.

"As long as there are no large ghastly ships coming out, the crack should start to shrink. I noticed this when the ghastly ship first exited the crack. I saw it was shrinking very slowly. The only issue was that at the time I had no choice but to use the ship as a plug to keep even more devils from entering my world. So in short we just need to kill everything that comes out of the crack and slowly let the crack close on its own. Only then will we be able to shut off the source of magic sustaining the magic circles. But by doing so, with all of us here, we can at cause a huge blow to the Devil's forces since we have the advantage that they must enter through the crack. Control the crack and we win easily."


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