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162 War: Devils, Demons, and Gods Part Five

 With Lord Mevesis's threat, every single one of the clan heads and faction leaders all retracted their gazes. But there was still one gaze that landed on Misaki that was not of hostility but joy. A young woman with fox ears and nine tails walked forward towards Misaki. The woman had red hair and hazel eyes that had a slight glow to them. Everyone she passed quickly got out of her way. They seemed to fear her for some strange reason.

Misaki could hear some people talking under their breath. It seemed the woman that was walking towards her was the leader of the Demon Faction, which was one of the strongest factions in the Gods realm. They controlled many planets and was only subpar to the angel faction by just a little bit.

"My name and Ano'la, It is a pleasure to meet a kindred spirit here. " Ano'la gave a bright smile as she bowed her head.

Misaki, sensing no hostility coming from Ano'la gave a small bow as she said: "Mmm... I am Misaki Mitsu. It's a pleasure."

"No, no! The pleasure is all mine!" Ano'la seemed to have started to get excited as she gazed upon Misaki. Her eyes lit up as if she was looking at the one and only true god.

In front of everyone there, the clan heads, and the rest of the faction leaders, plus the three lords, Ano'la dropped to one knee and bowed her head. "Misaki Mitsu, the only Demon Goddess in existence, I beg of you please become the leader of the Demon Faction! Since our old master left us, we demons have not had a leader to guide us for a few million years. But even still, we strived to stay strong and kept our standing as the second most powerful force in the Gods realm. So I beg of you please..."

By the time she was done talking Ano'la and dropped to all fours and pressed her head against the ground, tears dripped from her eyes. Her only thought was: 'Finally! Another Demon Goddess! If she is only willing to take us under her command!' She wanted nothing more than to ensure the survival of her faction since they were actually starting to decline as other clans and factions grew stronger.

Misaki looked at the fox girl and gave a warm smile. She could hear the desperation in the girl's voice. It gave off the same feeling she had towards her own kin. The desire to keep them alive no matter the cost even if it meant bowing her head to another, for them to survive and grow stronger so that they can never be looked down upon.

Misaki stepped forward, knelt down in front of Ano'la, stretched out her hand and gripped Ano'la's chin before lifting it up so she could see Ano'la's face.

"You mean you wish to become mine?" Misaki asked, the seductive smile on her face instantly caused Ano'la to blush.

Ano'la, someone who was normally strong in the eyes of others. Overbearing and violent to the point that she would kill anyone if they stood in her way. Under the astonished gazes of everyone presently blushed ear to ear and meekly nodded her head. Misaki, seeing Ano'la nod her head, smiled and turned her head towards the three girls standing behind her. "What do you three think?"

"She's cute."

"She has fluffy tails."

"She looks like she might be submissive."

Three different answers came from Chiho, Miyu, and Mo'mo as they all gave their approval. Misaki grinned as she turned back to Ano'la. She couldn't help but find the fox girl to be cute. The way she dropped her ears as she begged was very cute indeed. "Then it is settled, from this day forward you and your faction will be under my control and you all will become my kin. And you Ano'la will become my fourth wife."

Misaki lowered her head and stabbed her tongue into Ano'la's mouth forcefully kissing the fox girl whose eyes widened in shock but slowly turned soft and began to close as she enjoyed the sensation. Under the gazes of everyone there, Misaki easily became the leader of the second strongest faction in the Gods realm without even having her world rise to the Gods realm yet.

Lore Mevesis, stroked his beard and smiled, it was as if he knew that this was going to happen. He also gave out a sigh of relief because now no one in the Gods realm will try to do a thing to Misaki for the time being even without his threat.

After indulging herself for a few minutes Misaki broke her kiss with Ano'la and helped her to her feet. "Have the Demon Faction come see me after this war is over."

Ano'la meekly nodded her head and led Misaki to the seat she was originally going to sit in and then stood behind Misaki obediently. She was joined by Chiho, Miyu, and Mo'mo who then silently started chatting with her. Seeing the four girls getting along made Misaki nod her head in approval.

Lord Mevesis looked around the room seeing that everyone was ready and cleared his throat. "Now that everything is settled we will now make a plan of action! We need to push back the devils from where they came from or they stand the chance of destroying this world. A world under our protection while it is undergoing its test."


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