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160 War: Devils, Demons, and Gods Part Three

 A mass of devils converged in the sky and flew straight at Misaki who was hammering away at the ghastly ship using the ship itself as a plug to keep anything else from coming up out of the crack.

Misaki's thought process was if she could keep more from coming her kin will not have to suffer as much. She was doing this to save the lives of her kin. Right now she was desperate to keep her promise that she made to those who chose to follow her.

The mass of Devils came flying right at Misaki who turned her head and waved her hand, sending the first line of devils flying back. But there were just too many. Attacks of all kinds began to rain down on Misaki. But she could only do her best to keep a barrier up to keep the attacks from hitting her. These devils were equivalent to lower ranked gods so the attacks were not easy to ward off.

While this was all happening Misaki continued to hammer away at the ghastly ship. Doing her best to make sure it stayed in the crack. More and more devils continued to gather and attack Misaki. The barrier she was doing her best to maintain finally started to show signs of cracking. It was not long before it finally shattered into pieces and the attacks began to fall on to Misaki's body. She gritted her teeth and ignored the attacks as she continued her task. Blood began to flow from her wounds and pain rushed through her body. Even still she ignored it all and continued.

The devils seemed to be getting impatient with how resilient Misaki was and seemed to be gathering to use some kind of major attack against Misaki. Sensing this Leo finally turned his head towards Misaki and his eyes filled with rage as he looked at the young girl covered in wounds giving her all to slow the devil's invasion. "You damn devils!" He roared out causing the surrounding area to rumble.

"Misaki!" Chiho who had been fighting to make her way towards Misaki this entire time was trying to push her way through a line of thousands of devils. She also had countless wounds and was drenched in blood. But none of that mattered when Misaki was in trouble. She would rather die trying to help Misaki then see Misaki suffer as she was now.

"Chiho!" "Little sister!" Mo'mo and Mi'yu had finally caught up and not too far behind was Sato and Tetsu.

"Chiho, Mo'mo, Miyu, we will open a path for you three, take this chance and get to Misaki's side. If she is stopped here we will be in even bigger trouble!" Sato said as he started to form a massive network of magic circles.

The three girls nodded their heads as they watched Sato finish his. "Rain of the Demonic Angel!"

A mass of black metal feathers filled the sky and began raining down on the devils in one location causing a gap in their line to open up as they tried to flee the attack. Seeing this gap Chiho and the two girls charged through. Not even waiting for Sato's attack to finish. They raced to Misaki's side each one bleeding from fresh wounds from Sato's attack.

The devils were also not dumb once they say that Misaki was getting reinforcements they quickly finished their spell firing at Misaki.

"Misaki!" Chiho yelled as she watched a beam of light shoot towards the girl she loved.

Right as the beam was about to hit Misaki an old man appeared in front of her and waved his hand, sending the attack back towards the groups of devils. "Did you Devils forget that this old man was present?" Lord Mevesis looked at the group of surviving devils where half had died under the hands of their own attack. He waved his hand again causing a blade of golden light to fly towards the devils slicing them all in two.

"This old man is not dead yet, that means no one can touch the little lass behind me." Lord Mevesis snorted before looking at Chiho and the rest. "You girls come protect your loved one. This old man will keep an out for any of the devil leaders."

Misaki looked over at Lord Mevesis and gave him a meaningful look as she nodded her head in gratitude. Her back was covered in a cold sweat because she knew if she got hit by that attack just now she would have been seriously injured. But she could not leave her spot. Her main job was to keep the ship in the crack.

This time Misak had it a lot easier. With Chiho, Miyu, and Mo'mo providing her with the cover, she was able to keep doing her job without worry. On the other side of things, Misaki's kin were holding their own as they faced off against the lower ranking devils. So far there had only been a few deaths, but there had been a lot of injuries. Misaki had a healing squad set up so that those who were wounded could get treatment right away.

Finally, after fighting nonstop for half a day Misaki heard the words she wanted to hear the most. " Backup has arrived and you can pull back at any time."

Hearing these words Misaki breathed a sigh of relief as she finally gave the order "Retreat! But kill those who give chase!"


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