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158 War: Devils, Demons, and Gods Part One

 Misaki looked coldly at the two bodies lying in a pool of blood on the ground. Then she looked over at Watase Toshi and Watase Eriko who were now kneeling in mid air with Sato standing behind them. A smile formed on Misaki's lips as she looked at the two who now looked like beggars. "Did you really think that after everything you have done, you would be able to ask me for anything? You know the only reason I am what I am now is thanks to you all. To be honest I should thank you. But I can not do that. You turned my people against me and had them betray me. Forced me to kill people I used to think of as friends. Though I did plan to kill most of them anyway that is beside the point. But you know what really amazes me? Look how weak you are and you created the game."

"Hahahahaha! You think we are weak? Did you think with all the knowledge our company has that we were just sitting by idly? Let's see what you can do with this then. HAHAHAHA!!!" Watase Eriko let out a crazed laugh as she bit down on a broken tooth in her mouth.

A rumble shook the entire area causing Misaki to feel something was off. She looked at the crazed Watase Eriko and knew from the way she was smiling she did something. "Sato, kill them both!" After saying this she shot higher into the sky. Misaki's group followed after and what they saw made their eyes open wide in shock.

"To think that crazy lass was able to construct such a large magic circle." Leo was very surprised to see such a creation but the more he looked at it the worse his face became. "Shit that stupid bitch created a portal to the Devils Domain! She planned to release Devils all over this world!"

"What's the difference between Devils and Demons?" Misaki was confused. Wasn't the two one and the same?

"Devils are a race of their own and are on par with gods. It is not wrong to say that Demons have two classes. Ones who practice devil practices and those who don't. Devil practices are sickening. The two classes live on a fine line. Your little wife there Chiho, she is a perfect example of that fine line. If it was not for your love she would have turned into a devil. You can see it by her horns and tail. That bit of black on her horns was the start of her becoming a true devil. In her own right, she would have descended into becoming a powerful devil if not for you. Now she will become a very powerful goddess in the near future. The problem is that some devils are so ancient that even the supreme gods are wary of them." Leo explained his face becoming grimmer and grimmer as time passed the murderous aura that was spilling into the world was becoming denser as time went on.

"So basically now that this is active, Devils we will spill into the world?" Misaki asked.

"Yes, luckily you have four gods here including yourself. Along with your demon army, we will be able to hold out until reinforcements come. The Gods realm will not allow Devils to invade a world that is undergoing its test to join the God's realm." Leo answered.

"Your wait will not be long. To think I leave only for a short time and now this happens. This human race is really surprising." A familiar old man appeared in the sky next to Leo. It was the same old man that spoke to Misaki before.

"Supreme Lord Mevesis!" Leo Exclaimed. He was surprised at the quick response from the Gods realm.

"I am keeping this world under my watch and as soon as I detected the aura of Devils, I came immediately. I also mobilized the eight great factions and the five great clans. They will be here shortly with Lord Den and Lord Ides" Lord Mevesis explained and then in a telepathic message to Misaki he said: "I must say little girl you are working this old man to death. You better grow strong in the future so this old man can retire."

Misaki looked at Lord Mevesis confused but only saw the old man smiling back at her. She suddenly felt that this old man was trying to put a lot of pressure on her. Giving a wry smile, her attention was drawn back to the magic circle when she heard Miyu yell out: "Something is coming out!"

Misaki quickly waved her hand recalling all her demons before releasing them again behind her. She looked at her kin, her face showing a bit of softness and a bit of worry. "Today, for the first time as my kin we will be fighting for our lives. I can't promise that all of us will come out of this alive or not. But I want you to be able to survive this. So if you [HP] reaches critical levels please recall yourself back to my followers' menu. I will not be able to keep a watch on everyone's [HP]. So I am relying on you as brothers and sisters, as my kin to keep an eye on each other and help each other. If you see a brother or sister in need of help please run to their aide if you are able to do so. On this day we will be going to war with beings just as strong as us. Be on your toes and kill without mercy!"


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