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157 The Great Purge Of Japan Part Four

 On the horizon, all you could see is a sea of black as over a million demons flew towards northern Japan. The cities that were being used for frontline defense were quickly overtaken by the demons. Not a single person was spared. As Misaki slowly flew over the city in front of her and the smell of fresh blood filled the air a smile formed on her face as she listened to the screams and dying voices of those around.

"Mitsu you seem happy." Rya who was now Misaki's follower was sticking to Misaki like glue ever since. She had designated herself as Misaki's personal caretaker while Frell designated himself as her second in command. When this was all benign decided between Rya and Frell Misaki could only smile and shake her head. What could she say they were both gods. And her wives did not seem to have an issue with it. In fact, they were happy about having such powerful people to back Misaki up.

Mo'mo even turned to ask Leo what his position was. This of course caused Leo to grin brightly as he determinately announced: "From this day forth I will be the head of my little disciple's army!"

Although he did not become Misaki's follower, she still felt that Leo was very trustworthy and he was of course the god of war, so he was the best choice for such a position. And he took to his oath right away as he flew high up in the sky and started organizing the demons from a mob of killing machines into an orderly army who did as they were told. Misaki was surprised at how powerful the word of a god can be.

Because of how massive Misaki's army was, they were steadily making their way north towards what used to be Tokyo. It was only then that she finally saw the biggest resistance so far. It seemed the smaller bases outside Tokyo were just there to slow them down enough to gather their forces when word of a large force from the south began to invade.

At the forefront of this group from Tokyo was an all too familiar presence, well four to be exact. Watase Eriko, Watase Toshi, Shinji, and Chizuru. Seeing the four of them caused Misaki's rage from earlier began to boil up again. She was only calmed when Chiho grabbed her hand. "Relax, Sato is already up there. Let's see what they have to say first before we make a move."

Seeing the bloodthirst in Chiho's eyes, Misaki knew that Chiho was also holding herself back. They quickly flew up to meet with Sato, who was already in conversation with them. "We can have all of Japan except Tokyo, you say?" Sato's voice yelled out, feeling very aggravated. He never understood why people who knew they were no match for the enemy yet they still tried to make demands. Was this not just asking for death?

"We only want to keep Tokyo to give the human race a place they can call home for themselves." Surprisingly the one to speak was not Watase Eriko but Watase Toshi.

Sato completely ignored Watase Toshi's answer and looked over at Shinji and Chizuru. "And you two, why did you betray Misaki? You both had many chances to Apologize but you did not? Did these people brainwash you or something? Chizuru did you not love Misaki to the point that you would give up your life for her? Why did you suddenly change? " Looking at the two he saw Shinji grab Chizuru's hand and suddenly understood. "So the two of you have joined as one huh? One fuck was all it took for you to lose all your love for Misaki, Chizuru? Such a fickle woman it's a good thing Misaki never let you get too close to her."

Sato felt Misaki standing behind him and turned his head and asked: "What should we do?"

"You have to ask?" Misaki said this one simple question which caused Sato to nod his head and lower his hand. No warning nor shout of the attack, just one hand single, and the whole mass of demons rushed the city.

Watase Erkio and Watase Toshi both started to panic. So did Shinji and Chizuru. Misaki was about to move but before she could, Chiho had already appeared in front of them, her eyes full of blood lust as she stabbed out with her hand piercing right into Chizuru's chest. Chizuru had no time to react as something red and bloody was pulled out that stilled throbbed in Chiho's hand. Chiho brought the bloody object to her mouth and took a bite. After chewing it a bit, Chiho made a disgusted face as she spit out what was in her mouth back at Chizuru and crushed the object in her hand. "As expected... your heart tasted dirty. It was no wonder that you were able to change sides so easily. But now you're dead so I guess it doesn't matter. Hehe..."

After saying her words Chiho looked at Shinji and her smile widened. She wiped the blood from her mouth and laughed as she asked: "I wonder if your heart tastes just as dirty?" Before Shinji could even move he too was stabbed through his chest and his heart was ripped out of him. After finishing the two off Chiho returned to Misaki's side, her face showing utter disgust.

"You didn't have to actually taste their hearts you know." Misaki let out a small laugh as she whipped the blood off Chiho's face and pulled out some fruit candies from her inventory handing them over to Chiho.

"I couldn't help it, even after changing sides, they didn't even grow much in strength. They were using items to allow them to fly temporarily. Probably from the old item store. My guess is that the two Watase siblings there, being smacked around by Sato, gave them some kind of incentive to join them. Either way, they dared to betray you so they deserved death. I just made it quick out of the kindness of old friendships."


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