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156 The Great Purge Of Japan Part Three

 Tetsu slowly began to open her eyes as she looked at the two figures smiling at her. "Misaki? Young Miss? Did you two die as well?"

"Wake up you idiot!" Misaki reached down and smacked the back of Tetsu's head.

"Ow! Huh? I'm alive? But I was sure I died!" Tetsu looked around and saw the sword laying on the ground. She then looked down at her stomach to see the wound that should be there was completely gone.

"You did die, but Mitsu brought you back to life." Chiho explained.

Tetsu looked at Misaki, stupefied and somewhat embarrassed. Misaki sighed and helped Tetsu to her feet. "Tetsu, if you feel that your life is not worth continuing because you lost your master and from being betrayed then follow me. Take me as your master and become one of my kin. I can promise you, that you will never have to worry about being betrayed again."

Tetsu's eyes started to well up with tears as she knelt to the floor and kowtowed to Misaki. "You brought me back from the dead, this life of mine is yours to do as you will!"

"Mmm good!" Misaki said with a smile. Chiho also smiled brightly. Tetsu was like a brother to her when they were younger and a sister when her body changed. She was a very loyal person who would put her life on the line for the one she follows.


[Tetsu wants to become your follower!]

Misaki hit the accept button but did not hit the evolve button right away. She first helped Tetsu up and fixed her hair a bit. "From this day forward you will serve as my guard along with Chiho. You will be going into a state of hibernation while you evolve. How long it will take I do not know. Some take longer than others. But when you come out of your cocoon you will be stronger than you would have ever imagined was possible. And then from that time on I will count on you to defend my back. Never ever think of taking your life again since now your life belongs to me and only me understand?"

Tetsu who was in tears nodded her head up and down. She never would have thought she would get another purpose in life. "Hehe if you're lucky you might even get to become Misaki's wife too!"

Misaki looked over at Chiho who looked back at her with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. "You are going to get it later!"

"Promise?" Chiho asked as she pecked Misaki on the cheek with a big smile on her face.

Misaki shook her head and let out a sigh. "Okay enough playing around. Tetsu I will start your evolution process now."

Not waiting for Tetsu to answer, Misaki hit the evolve button causing a black mist to wrap around Tetsu. Misaki then recalled Tetsu into her followers' menu. "Alright let's go talk with the other two."

"What do you plan to do with them?" Chiho asked.

Misaki did not answer, she only tapped the air in front of her creating a Void Rift. The Void Rift, connected to the city she had left the two in. But when they got there they found the whole city deserted except the demons who were here to help keep the place secure. Now that they were evolved from monsters, they could now at least speak the monster language.

"Your Majesty!" One of the demons quickly flew over to Misaki, his face full of reverence.

"Where are the humans that were supposed to be here?" Misaki asked.

"They left some time ago with some lady and headed north." The demon answered.

Misaki's whole body erupted in black flames as a murderous intent burst forth covering the entire city. "I see... So they decided that betraying me was the better choice huh! Fine! If that is how they want to play then let's play!"

Misaki's rage rose even higher. She waved her hand and a sea of demons appeared around her in the air. She took a deep breath before giving out her orders. "From this day forth we will purge Japan of all humans! Kill and feast to your heart's content. I want northern Japan to become a sea of blood. Drenched in the blood of those who follow Watase Erkio! If you find Watase Eriko, Watase Toshi, Shinji, or Chizuru, bring them to me alive. I will deal with them personally."

A loud shout of cheers shook the area as hundreds of thousands of demons flew towards the northern part of Japan. Only when she saw them flying off did Misaki finally calm her anger a bit. "Sato, Chiho, I'm sorry but they must die."

"It's fine anyone who betrays Mistu deserves to die." Chiho spoke first.

"To be honest I am surprised by their actions. But they made the choice. Since that is the case we will do as you have ordered and kill anyone and everyone in the north." Sato finished speaking and then took off flying behind the ground of demons Misaki sent out.

"Hehe, little disciple you truly are to my liking. How about this, as your master, I will lend a hand and go kill people for fun. Maybe I can even find someone worthy of challenging you." Leo was all smiles when he heard that Misaki was gonna go on a killing spree.

Misaki ignored her self proclaimed master and turned to Rya. "Rya did you still want to be my follower?"

"I have been waiting for you to ask!" Rya smiled and sent out her intent.


[Goddess Rya wants to become your follower!]


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