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154 The Great Purge Of Japan Part One

 After everything outside was finished and Chiho and the girls had checked every inch of Misaki to make sure she was no longer hurt, only then did things calm down. Misaki summoned a large force of one hundred thousand demons outside Dark Front's base. She stood high in the sky and looked down at her kin. Who all now had humanoid forms, a far cry from their original monster forms. "We will now purge any and all humans who are not working toward a goal of becoming stronger. All monsters will be taken under my wing and become my kin. Any humans that show promise will also be taken under my wing. I do not care if they are young or old, if they are useless then dispose of them. How you dispose of them is up to you. Eat them, burn them, or leave them to turn into zombies. It does not matter. I will just take those zombies under my wing, at least then they would be useful. We will first clear Dark Front's base of the useless trash that has gathered here. Leave all craftsmen and scientists alive. They will at least be useful. Go!"

At her word, the demons rushed into Dark Front's compound and continued the slaughter that Chiho had started. Misaki and her small group, along with ten thousand demons entered Dark Front's base and started the purge there as well. Misaki let her kin do as they pleased as screams of horror and pain filled the halls.

"Yo-Your highness why!?" Chief Takahara and General Utsumi were in a meeting room discussing how to handle the situation when they saw Misaki walk in with a smile on her face.

"Why? You seriously want to ask me why? Look at you two! Since I have left, what have you been doing besides eating? Neither of you has even come close to evolving! You seem to be too busy eating and letting others do the work without lifting a finger. Instead of leading the army like you should have been doing, you held up inside the damn base! Not only that, when we were slaughtering the people topside, you did nothing! You didn't even show your face! What use are you? You're nothing more than a parasite that is leaching off the strong!" Misaki's face was full of anger as her aura pressed down on both the general and the chief. Sweat dripped down their foreheads as they listened to Misaki berating them.

"We were in a meeting formulating a plan of action!" General Utsumi couldn't take the pressure any longer and blurted out.

"So the two of you were trying to formulate a plan to either go against me or escape, am I right?" Misaki let a stream of black mist flow out from her hand and wrapped it around general Utsumi's neck and lifted him into the air. He started to flail about as he floated towards Misaki.

"Chiho, slowly torture him until he either bleeds to death or tells the truth about everything they seemed to have been planning. Because there seems to be something else going on here." Misaki had caught a glimpse of worry in Chief Takahara's eyes. This caused her to think that he is either afraid of dying or something else was going on.

One thing she had found strange since she came here was that before Grandpa Nagasawa died he said they had been fighting with Eternal Games and had lost a lot of people, but there does not seem to be many losses at all, not to mention any signs of battle outside Dark Front.

"Hehe.. is it okay to make him feel pain he never thought was possible?" Chiho asked, her eyes glowing with excitement.

"What am I going to do with you. Fine but make sure he doesn't die right away okay? We still need him to tell us everything that they have been up to." Pausing for a second she turned to Mo'mo and Miyu and asked: "Mo'mo, Miyu do either of you want to have fun?"

"Me!!!!" Mo'mo quickly raised her hand with a bright smile on her face.

"Sister, no fair! I wanted to do it!" Miyu complained.

"Miyu, let Mo'mo do it this time. I will find another for you to play with later. For now, stay by my side okay?" Misaki felt a little bad about not having another person here for Miyu to torture but there were two people she still had yet to finish things with so she will get her chance in the future.

Miyu meekly nodded her head and trotted over to Misaki. Misaki smiled and grabbed Miyu's hand and interlocked their fingers as she went and sat down in one of the meeting room chairs to watch the show. She pulled Miyu into her lap and snuggled her nose into the nape of Miyu's neck as she watched on.

"Hehe, Sister Miyu is being pampered!" Chiho gave a warm smile at the scene of the two as she ruthlessly stabbed General Utsumi in the back with her hand, causing him to scream out in pain. She felt around until she grabbed a hold of his spine. She broke the vertebrae making sure to not sever any of the nerves and went to work, "playing with the nerves", causing unbearable pain to shoot throughout General Utsumi's body. "Come on make sure you scream! It's no fun if you don't scream out and beg for mercy!"

On the other side, It was basically a bloody mess as Mo'mo was slowly skinning Chief Takahara with her claws. She was doing it nice and slow making sure he felt every centimeter of skin she was being cut off of him.

Frell, Rya both had indifferent faces as they watched the show. Only Leo was looking at Misaki with sparkling eyes. "Haha, my good little disciple you sure are ruthless as your master I love it!"


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