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153 A New Dawn Part Four

 Lord Julias snorted at the threat from the three old men in front of him. He looked over at Misaki and glared at her. "If you really do come to the Gods Realm little girl be prepared to fight. Because I will not let your race live long!"

Misaki looked at Lord Julias, her eyes growing cold. She waved her hand and a sword made of black flames appeared in her hand. Her body flickered and reappeared next to Lord Julias. Her sudden action surprised Lord Julias because he never thought that in a million years that Misaki would suddenly attack him. Misaki's face showed no expression as she swung her sword down towards Lord Julias's head. Just before the sword was about to make contact with Lord Julias who seemed to be frozen in place in shock, two hands fell on to Misaki, one on her shoulder the other on her wrist of the hand that was holding the sword. The other old man pulled Lord Julias away.

"Young lass, I understand your anger but for now give us old men some face and leave him alive for now. We will take him under custody. We will keep him under our watch for the next ten thousand years." One of the old men explained. He then sent a message into Misaki's mind. "If in ten thousand years you are able to reach the height that is needed to face all four of us, I will step back and allow you to take over the Gods realm. You have my word as the current ruler of the Gods realm."

Misaki's expression did not change but she relaxed her stance and the two old men who had ahold of Misaki released their grips. Misaki glared at Lord Julias as a sinister smile formed on her face. "Be warned, old man, this time I am backing down for the sake of these three. But next time I will take your head if you so much as think of harming my kin."

After her words, Misaki's body flickered and reappeared next to Mo'mo, Chiho, and Miyu. "Are you three okay?" The previous cold expression was instantly replaced with a warm caring expression when she looked at the three girls.

"Mitsu!" The three girls cried out in unison. They were scared to death when they saw how hurt Misaki was earlier when being struck by the lightning.

Seeing such a change in expression when dealing with her own people only firmed up the old man's thoughts about what he had promised Misaki earlier. "Young Lass, sorry for all the troubles we old men will be taking our leave." The old man then looked over at Leo who was still glaring at the four of them. "Leo, stay in this world and protect that girl. You have my permission."

Leo was actually taken aback by this proclamation coming from the old man. This was coming from the one who sat on the highest seat in the entire Gods realm. This caused Leo to take another strong look at Misaki. The actions she did just now surprised even him in how she was so quick in her actions and decisiveness that she almost killed a Supreme God in an instant. If not for the fact that the other three supreme gods were here to stop her she would have succeeded! For the first time in his life, the God of War Leo had actually truly wanted to protect someone until they were strong enough to defeat anyone who stood in their way. Gritting his teeth due to not liking to agree with these old men, never the less, give his word to them, he solemnly said: "You have my word."

While the four supreme gods were deciding Misaki's future for her, Misaki completely ignored them and was comforting the three girls who were crying in her arms. While she was doing that she took a peek at her status.

[Name] Misaki Mitsu

[Race]Demon Goddess

[Evolution Status] ???

[Grade] ???

[Range] ???

[HP] ???

[MP] ???

[Attack Power] ???

[Magic Power] ???


[Magic Defence] ???

Misaki looked at her status and was a bit confused. All her skill information disappeared! Not to mention armor and such as well. This really confused her. But not only that it now showed her whole name. As Misaki pondered she realized that the system might have merged more with the system the gods had implemented. But one thing she did notice was a large exclamation point at the bottom of her status menu. Misaki quickly selected it and a new window popped up.

[Status To Enter The Gods Realm: Conquer Your Home World 0/1 ]

[Note: System will update once reaching the Gods realm. All information besides basic information has been removed. All skills and other menus are still intact.]

Reading the small note at the bottom caused Misaki to inwardly let out a sigh of relief. She still had her followers and all her abilities. Luckily they did not disappear. But she did wonder what the new system will look like once she conquered this world.

After another quick thought Misaki then quickly opened her follower menu to find her active followers. She went through it to find Frell in the followers' list. Unfortunately, although the evolve button was there, she could not select it as it was greyed out. Misaki figured it was part of the system undergoing an upgrade. Done with her menus, Misaki gave the three girls a kiss on the head before releasing them from her embrace. She then turned to Frell, Rya, and Leo and bowed her head as she said respectfully and sincerely: " I thank you all for protecting me during this time."


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