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152 A New Dawn Part Three

 Frell shook his head. He knew Leo only cared about war. He would rage war on anyone as long as he knew he would win. He was probably going to see if Misaki was worthy of taking the helm and when the time came he would offer her his support. Even if he did not plan for such a thing, just having him train her a bit was well worth its weight in gold.

"Hoho! The last strike is coming and the girly is on her last legs. If she survives this she will have passed the tribulation and have the right to enter the realm of gods." Leo suddenly yelled out. But quickly his happy expression changed and his body flashed in front of Misaki, he raised his hand into the air and a large turtle shaped dome covered the two of them. At the same time a bright light flashed before the lightning fell smashing into the barrier causing a large crack to appear in it. Leo dispersed his barrier before the tribulation lightning fell and stared up into the sky and shouted: "What is the meaning of this!? You actually dared interfere with the ancient trial of the gods you old bastard?"

"Leo stay out of this! She must not ascend to godhood! Her whole race should not ascend. If they do it will be a disaster of the gods realm." An old man appeared in the sky wearing a grey grey cloak.

"It was you old fogies who created them, then limited their potential, and abandoned them. Now that they are on the verge of rising up you want to interfere!? Are you really that scared of the human race? Do you fear them so much you would go against the laws set since ancient times?" Leo bombarded the old man with question after question. His gaze showed an extreme amount of killing intent.

"We are the elders of the Celestial Palace, we make the laws! What we say goes, if we want to wipe out an entire race then it shall be so. Leo it is you who is out of place!" The old man ignored Leo's questions and scolded Leo instead.

"Humph! Seems to me that you old fogies only hide in your palace and only come out when something new forms that can threaten your position. Just like how you destroyed my clan all those millennia ago. If it was not for the fact that I hid and the old god of war took a liking to me, I would have been killed as well. But here you are again trying to wipe out another race that threatens your position." Leo scoffed. He hated people like this the most. They never allowed anything to threaten their position so they had no problems commiting genocide to erase any threats that my oppose them in the future.

A faint groan came from Leo's side as a strong power burst out of Misaki. A large halo of light burst out of her body destroying everything in its path. The wounds on Misaki's body started to heal at a speed that was visible to the eye. Leo looked over at the girl who had just received the last bolt of lightning surprised at what he was seeing. Misaki still looked the same. The only difference was now her skin was pure white instead of tanned. She slowly rose her body from the kneeling position and turned her head skyward looking at the old man. "Did you just say you wanted to destroy all the humans on this planet?" Misaki's cold voice forze the air in the area. The power pouring out of her was so great that even Leo and the other gods felt a bit suffocated by it.

"You and your whole race need to die in order to keep the balance of the Gods realm intact!" The old man answered Misaki's question.

"To be honest you can kill all the humans in this world for all I care but you are for getting one thing..." Misaki paused and smiled lighty at the old man.

"And what am I forgetting?" The old man asked.

"I am not human!" Misaki's statement caused Leo to burst out laughing.

"Haha! She got you there Lord Julias." As Leo let out a boisterous laugh, Frell and Rya were also doing their best to hold in their laughter without much success.

"Even if you are not human now you once were and still have the physique of a god. Now that you passed tribulation I have no choice but to kill you!" Lord Julias yelled out as he waved his hand, sending a bolt of lightning straight at Misaki.

Misaki who was now fully healed looked at the incoming bolt of lightning and smiled. "It's kinda funny that you toss lightning at someone who just finished being continuously struck by tribulation lightning." The lightning attack directly hit Misaki's body but she did not even flinch. She checked her body. Seeing nothing wrong Misaki lifted her head and gave a bright smile. "Seems I am immune to lightning now."

Lord Julias was about to start another round of attacks with a different element when three more old men appeared in the sky in front of him. "Julias! If you continue we will have to detain you. Breaking the ancient laws is an unforgivable offense."

"Why are you stopping me!? If she is allowed to ascend to the Gods realm with her planet, there will be a war so big that the Gods realm hasn't been seen in over ten billion years!" Lord Julias protested.

"It does not matter. Ancient laws are to be upheld! It was us who created them and left them to their own devices. If they ascend and take over, so be it! If you plan to go behind our backs then we will have no choice but to imprison you!"


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