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151 A New Dawn Part Two

 Hearing Rya's explanation caused Frell to show a shocked expression while the girls all showed concerned expressions. Rya looked at the three girls and let out a sigh. "You three can not do anything now. Everything is up to Misaki's ability to survive now. Take this cocoon and back up a few kilometers, Frell and I will do our best to make sure she passes this trial."

Mo'mo and Chiho were reluctant to leave Misaki's side but Miyu pulled the two girls and Isei's cocoon out of the area. It was not that Miyu did not want to stay by Misaki's side, it was just that she knew what Rya said was true. Right now there was nothing they could do. This was an ancient trial that Misaki had to undergo by herself. Only Frell and Rya will be able to help in this situation.

"Misaki, we can only protect you for so long so you will need to endure the pain of your limiters being removed and protect yourself throughout the lightning trial." Misaki was about to undergo something that was used a lot in Chinese fantasy novels, the trials of tribulations when one ascended to the heavens. But in this case, this was not a fantasy story, it was the real thing that Misaki was about to have to forcefully endure.

"Rya it's coming!" Frell yelled as a large bolt of lightning rained down from the sky directly at Misaki.

Frell and Rya could not directly block the bolt of lightning or the trial would never end, they could only strengthen Misaki's body and add a thin layer of protection to her body to try to help ward off the effects of the lightning.

The lightning crashed down on Misaki's body. "Ahhhh!" Misaki let out an agonizing cry. She was already dealing with the stabbing pains in her head, now she was being hit with lightning at the same time causing her pain threshold to lower drastically.

Hearing Misaki cry out in pain caused Mo'mo, Miyu, and Chiho to begin crying. Sato and Gen tried to comfort them while Lor'ia watched on in horror. This was the first time any of them, including Frell and Rya, had ever seen lightning tribulation to become a god.

With each lightning strike, they became progressively stronger. Destroying the earth around them. Misaki who started off in the air was now kneeling in with one hand resting on her knee while the other balled up into a fist pushing against the ground. She refused to be slammed into the ground any more than she already had. Her clothes and armor were burnt and in tatters. Her back alone was fully exposed and showed no sign of its original allure of her delicate skin. At this time it was red and burnt with some black spots where it seemed that her armor had melted into her skin.

As Misaki continued to be bombarded by the lightning. A roar of laughter that sounded like it came from heaven itself sounded out. "Haha! There seems to be something interesting going on down on this small planet!"

Rya and Frell's faces both fell when they heard this voice. "Leo... The War God!" Rya exclaimed.

"Leo, why did you come?" Frell quickly got into a battle stance. "Although I may not be able to defeat you, but in order to protect this girl I will fight you to the death if you so choose to attack! High ranking god or not I will give my all."

"Whoa! Whoa! Relax Frell, I am only here to watch the show. It has been a long time since I have seen someone ascend to godhood the old way. It seems those old fogies sitting up in the celestial palace had forgotten about this planet. Descendants of the gods, the human race who had so much potential, it scared the old fogies and caused them to limit their growth. Plus I have taken a liking to this girl. The way she does things is right up my alley! Hahaha!" Leo let out another roar of laughter. His golden hair swayed in the wind as the sun shined down on his massive muscles. The large sword on his back that was three times the size of his body was crimson red almost as if it was dripping in blood.

Seeing how Leo had said he was interested in Misaki, Frell lowered his stance. Mainly because for Leo to like anyone was unheard and if he takes a liking to someone he would train them and teach them the art of war. This was a good thing for Misaki. As long as she can get past this one point she will have an unstoppable future. Frell did have one question he had to ask Leo. "Since when did you check in on the lower worlds?"

"Haha! Well, normally I don't but one of the worlds that normally has lots of wars suddenly went quiet. Me being me I use these worlds as my form of entertainment. When one goes quiet I check in to see if the world was destroyed or not. But what did I see when I went to check in on it? A girl with two mid rank gods by her side threatening the entire planet to submit or be destroyed! Hahaha! It was the best laugh I have had in a long time. But when she actually succeeded and showed how powerful she was my laughter stopped and my interest in the little lass grew. I want to see how she ends up bringing her world to the Gods realm. If she succeeds I will take her as my disciple and teach her the art of war. If I am lucky I will raise a monster who can overthrow those old fogies! Hahahaha!"


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