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150 A New Dawn Part One

 Frell and Rya took in everything that Misaki said. Her points were pretty valid for this world. "I see your point but won't you need these humans when you reach the Gods realm?"

"Why would I need humans from this world? Only those who show promise amongst the human race are allowed to join my ranks. Monsters are a different story. No matter what age they are they always strive for one thing... And that is power. The power to evolve. In this world, I am the only one able to provide this power to them. Not to mention many dimensions connect to Earth now. I originally thought they were just dungeons but they seem to be vast worlds. Places where I can offer the ability to join my ranks. A place where if I offer they get a choice. These races are loyal and unlike humans, their greed is very little. They strive for power and to follow the one who can lead them to the goal all monsters dream of.

"Look at Mo'mo here, she was once just a regular monster but now she is a demon kin. The same goes for Gen, Chiho, and Miyu. Any and all of my kin are the same. They have reached their goals but yet still work hard for me. Albeit that most are stored away. Even now with my entire evolved army already reaches into the millions. I can already easily take over this world." Misaki was not counting the monsters that joined her before and that was not counting the humanoid species or the monsters and humans she had already gained as followers. Right now her current count was more than likely almost two million.

"You truly are shocking to be able to carry around such a massive army...." Rya's eyes widen in shock. "You could literally walk right through the gates of the celestial palace in the Gods realm by your self as a visitor and release your army inside instantly taking control. Plus if you continue to build your army..." Rya looked over at Frell who looked at her, both of them smiled and nodded to each other.

"Misaki, lass... Would you like two more followers? I want to see what will happen if you take on two gods as followers in this system of yours." Frell asked.

Misaki stared blankly at Frell. Having them as actual followers would be a huge help not to mention it would be a good test to see if she could make a god a follower and if they could evolve. "Just so you know you might end up as demons..."

"Haha! So what? Be it a demon or god it doesn't matter. The gods' realm has been ruled by both over the many millennia. We are choosing to follow you because we see the possibilities in you. Not only would it benefit us to become your followers, but you would always have the protection of two gods at your beck and call." Frell replied to Misaki's comment.

"Alright then if you wish to become my followers then I am willing to give it a try." Misaki smiled at Frell and Rya.

*Di* *ng!* *Ding!*

[Sys... Syste.... System Mess... System Message]

[Frell wa... wants t... o beco... me... your follower!]

Misaki's head started pounding as the system message seemed to be going haywire. Her HUD started to distort as the buttons for accept and decline appeared. With her head aching in unbearable pain she reached out and hit the accept button. She figured there was probably some kind of resistance to the system due to Frell already being a god.

[System Message]

[Forcefully removing all limiters. Brain functionality will now be 100%]

"Ahhh!" An even greater piercing pain stabbed at Misaki's mind. All the limiters the gods had originally put on the human race suddenly broke open causing a burst of light to shoot up into the sky from Misaki's body.

Dark clouds formed overhead spreading out as far as the eye could see. Streaks of lightning crackled throughout as the rumble of thunder boomed overhead. The sudden change in the air caused even Chiho who was in the process of ripping someone's heart out to stop her actions and look up into the sky. Seeing Misaki holding her head in pain, Chiho's body flashed and quickly returned to her side where both Mo'mo and Miyu were trying to do their best to comfort Misaki.

"What's going on!?" Chiho looked at Frell and asked.

"I am not sure. She was accepting me as her follower when she suddenly almost fell out of the sky while screaming out in pain." Frell really had no idea what was going on since he had never seen anything like this before.

"I might be wrong but I think she is undergoing a trial of God Hood without even going through the test!" Rya said worriedly.

"What do you mean?" Frell looked at Rya confused.

"You said earlier did you not, that humans were created in the image of gods but they had limiters placed on to their body. If something were to forcefully remove those limiters what do you think will happen? If I am not wrong because Misaki tried to take you as a follower and since you are a god, the system that is in place in this world must have had a hard time trying to make this a possibility. Though Misaki is a Demigoddess that does not mean her limiters were removed. The test for the lower worlds to enter the realms of the gods only means they have to evolve into a god or goddess. The system we used to allow for these worlds people to evolve was mixed and merged together with the system already intact in this world.

"In a sense, if we had just allowed the current world to progress without the evolution system butting in, after a few tens of years there would have been beings on this planet at the same level as lower gods without our assistance due to this world's system. But now they are merged and Misaki just tried to take you as a follower. I think the merged system forcefully removed her limiters bringing about what is happening now. Misaki is undergoing a trial of gods that has nothing to do with any system! This is the ancient trials that have not been used in billions of years!"


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