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149 Chiho Strikes Part Three

 Misaki saw the message and smiled. She hit the accept button and was surprised to find out that she could already activate Hatake Isei's evolution. "Oh? Seems you won't need to wait to evolve. Isei, would you like to evolve now?"

"If your highness wishes for me to evolve then I will." Hatake Isei bowed his head.

"Isei, you are now one of my kin, there is no need to be so formal, Misaki is fine. I should also tell you, I never force my kin to do anything they do not wish. So this is just a normal yes or no question. Would you like to evolve or would you rather work for it yourself?" Misaki asked.

"Although this old man would prefer to work hard for his strength, just knowing that as I am now, I am too weak to even be able to be considered useful to you... Misaki. So if it is okay this old man will choose to evolve so I can be of more use." Isei did not like the short road so much, but he knew he needed strength in order to help the one person who gave him a new lease on life. He who was on death's door was now able to have a new life without the worry of dying of old age or sickness.

"Isei, it is not a bad thing to gain power at a quick pace, without hard work. As long as you continue working hard after gaining that power. I have a feeling that soon, you will be one of the people others in Dark Front will need to look up to. This is why I came here to give you an offer that I am not extending to others. I couldn't have my cute little Chiho, killing a person like you." Misaki said as she hit the evolve button.


[Follower Hatake Isei, will now tri-evolve!]

"Oh? Interesting!" Misaki let out a laugh as a black mist enveloped Isei.

While Misaki was talking with Isei, Chiho was having the time of her life. "That's right, run! Scream! Ahaha! It will all be the same in the end!"

Chiho's body was flickering all over the place as she continued her killing spree. Her entire body was covered in blood. With her pale skin and platinum blonde hair, combined with her sinister smile, it gave off a chilling sight to those she saw as prey.

The ground was littered with dead bodies and blood flowed freely amongst the ground. Chiho saw no difference between age or sex. If they were alive she would kill. Her demonic instincts had completely taken over. It was if the screams for mercy and the sight of blood had triggered something inside her. There were even times where she would even drink some of the blood from her victim. She had been completely consumed by her bloodlust. But the smile on her face, in the eyes of Misaki and in the rest, showed how much fun she was having.

Misaki watched Chiho as she continued her rampage with a smile on her face. She waved her hand and wrapped the black misty cocoon that Isei was in and flew over to the rest of her group bringing it along with her.

"Mitsu, is this our new brother?" Mo'mo asked.

"Yep, out of all the people present he was the only one in such a short time had come close to evolution and it seems the gods have realized this as well because he will soon be as powerful as Sato here or maybe even more powerful." Misaki answered.

"I wonder how powerful he will be when he comes out of his cocoon." Miyu asked as she poked the cocoon.

"We will find out when the time comes. But I have to ask you, Mistu, is it okay to let little sister Chiho go on a killing spree like this?" Gen looked at Misaki with a concerned expression.

"It's fine. She is having fun and embracing her demonic side. Plus... She is mourning the death of her grandfather as well. So let her be for now. If a few thousand human lives is what it takes to allow Chiho to be able to cope with what she has done then so be it." Misaki had seen the sad expression that Chiho had made before she killed Grandpa Nagasawa and knew that deep down Chiho was still sad about it. "When she is done I will comfort her and give her a place to vent her grief."

"Mitsu is kind and caring as always." Mo'mo said as she jumped onto Misaki wrapping her arms around her neck and nuzzling her face into Misaki's chest.

Frell and Rya both watched on from the sidelines with small grins on their faces. "It seems you are truly loved by your kin Misaki." Frell said with a smile.

"I would not be where I am without them. They have done more for me than half these Full Divers. They stayed by my side when I needed them the most. Though... Chiho is a different story... But she worked hard to regain my trust and showed me how much she was willing to sacrifice just to stay at my side. Now she is one of my wives and I care about her deeply.

" All these humans below. Though they might have different races now. They are still humans mentally. The human mentality of ease of use is a plague. They refused to let go of their old human ways. The thought of becoming more like a monster scares some. I can understand this but this fear is also a curse on them. Then there are those who want to do nothing now that they have gained above average power. They rely on others to protect them and do nothing in return. Then there is the last group who rely on more powerful people then complain when said powerful people are not around to help them. They are nothing more than children looking for a hand to hold. I have kin who have just been born who are more useful than these humans here. Out of everyone down there, only Isei had worked hard to the point of almost evolving in a very short time. I do not know about those in the base. But from the looks of it, they seem to be planning on turtling inside and to think, I had high hopes for both the General and the Chief.

"The difference between my kin and those below is too huge of a gap for them to overcome. After becoming what I am now, I finally realize how much of a plague humans are. They are a viral organism that takes and takes without returning. If such a species actually made it out into the universe, it would be no different than letting loose a deadly virus that will consume world after world."


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