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148 Chiho Strikes Part Two

 Misaki looked over at Chiho who was now filled with blood lust and asked one simple question. "Are you sure?"

"Yes..." Chiho gave a determined answer. Misaki said no more and stepped back as Chiho dived towards the ground, balled up her fist and slammed into the ground.

The point of impact from the power Chiho just released from the punch instantly collapsed causing the entire area including parts of the underground base to be destroyed in the process. All the Full Divers that had been standing at the location she hit were tossed along like debris in the wind as well.

Chiho stood up and gave a wide grin as she shouted: "On this day, all who do not rightfully submit and become Mitsu's followers will be slain. Relation has no meaning anymore. The blood in our bodies is no longer the same. So do not think I will go easy on you just because I once considered you family."

After saying these last words, Chiho charged towards Grandpa Nagasawa who started to panic and fired off a few spells in retaliation at Chiho. Chiho snorted, she didn't even dodge them and instead tanked through them like she was being splashed by water. She quickly arrived in front of Grandpa Nagasawa and grabbed him by the face. Chiho lifted him into the air while Grandpa Nagasawa grasped at Chiho's hands trying to free himself as his legs kicked out all over the place. A bloodthirsty grin formed on Chiho's face as she started to squeeze Grandpa Nagasawa's head with her hand. "Jiji, I gave you a chance, I even pleaded with Mitsu to not kill you but you still decided to hold on to the old ways. Now that you have forced my hand that should never have moved. I will turn you into an example of what happens when you defy and speak out against Mitsu, the one who will rule this world."

Grandpa Nagasawa's face turned pale. Never in his life did he think he would see such a face on his granddaughter. But here she was grinning happily as she squeezed his head slowly causing him a great deal of pain. Grandpa Nagasawa knew that she was making sure he suffered as much as possible as she killed him. Making him an example for the rest, basically saying 'Either do as you are told or die like this'. Coming to such a realization Grandpa Nagasawa stopped struggling, both his arms fell to his side and his legs went still. He closed his eyes and let out a long painful sigh. 'Do what you must, this old man is tired anyway.'


A few screams of horror were heard as Chiho squeezed her hand causing Grandpa Nagasawa's head to cave in. Blood and bits of brain matter dropped out of the crushed skull down onto Chiho's hand. Seeing the blood dripping on to her, Chiho's eyes shined brightly as she let out a demonic laugh. She released her grip on the now dead Grandpa Nagasawa and brought her hand to her nose. She sniffed the blood and then smiled even brighter as she stuck her tongue out and licked it. She tilted her head back and cocked it slightly to look at another Full Diver. Seeing the fear in the man's eyes caused Chiho's eyes to become even more excited. Her body flashed disappearing from where she was.

The Full Diver who was in her sights had no idea what had happened. The last thing he saw was Chiho standing in front of him with a bloody red object in her hand waving it at him. He looked down to see a gaping hole in his chest. Only then did he realize what that object was. It was his heart!

Off to the side, Misaki laid lazily against Miyu and Mo'mo as they watched Chiho go on her rampage. Frell and Rya both looked at the scene in front of them and then at Misaki. Misaki felt their gaze and said: "Wondering why I do not stop her?"

"To be honest yes. These were your people after all." Frell answered.

"Mmmm... To put it simply Chiho seems to be happy right now and I do not want to ruin her fun. These humans have done nothing but hide under my protection, never trying to better themselves. You could consider this judgment day for anyone that does not want to or does not deserve to be my kin... Wait... I spoke too soon. There is one person who has greatly worked hard." Misaki stood up and her body flashed disappearing from where she was before reappearing in front of a young man who was standing off to the side watching everything that was going on. "Old sir you are looking younger than ever."

"Haha! Your Highness, it is good to see you again." Seeing Misaki the young man knelt down on one knee and bowed his head.

"No need for that. I am amazed at how quickly you have been growing. You are very close to evolving on your own." Misaki nodded her head in approval.

"Ah... Well, you see, being the old man that I am and the fact that you showed me a new path in life when my days were numbered. I figured I would work hard. To be honest I am a little disappointed by some of these people. They do nothing but laze around all day and do no work. Even when we were under attack they were cursing your Highnesses name for not being there to defend them. But being at the bottom of the pyramid means I can not say too much about such things." The young man said.

"Well Hatake Isei, If you are willing to become my follower I will ensure you a better future one that will allow you to not only grow stronger but also allow you the chance to become a full fledged demon." Misaki remembered this young man as the old man who asked her a few questions before making the long trek to Dark Front's main base. In such a short time he had gotten himself to a point that he was close to evolving. He was steps ahead of the others, even the human leaders of Dark Front.

"If your Highness is willing then, this old man will be willing to follow you through fire and brimstone."


[Hatake Isei wants to be your follower!]


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