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147 Chiho Strikes Part One

 With her original goal already reached, Misaki decided to wait before visiting Mo'mo's home village. She figured it was time to fully take over Japan and wipe out Eternal Games for good. The biggest threat on Earth that Misaki knew about was Watase Eriko, though now with her current stats Watase was nothing more than an ant beneath her foot.

"Alright let's return." Misaki said as she touched the space in front of her creating a large Void RIft that got wider and wider until a pathway was formed. "Go on through this will take you to the base."

With no hesitation at all Chiho and the others, all jumped into the Void Rift followed by Frell and Rya. Once everyone was through Misaki jumped in after closing the crack behind her. Because the dungeon was basically another dimension that connected to earth the Void Rift could only shorten the distance between the two points by a three minute walk. Unlike the Void Rift that took her half away across her galaxy in a matter of a few steps, this was a bit different and used up a ton of Misaki's mana. Since the Void Rift had to basically pierce through the dimension.

"Not bad, not bad for a Demigoddess. It's no easy feat to tear time and space between two dimensions." Frell exclaimed.

"Mmm, used up a lot of [MP] to do it. About two hundred fifty thousand points of [MP]." Misaki had never used so much [MP] in one go before. It was a new feeling seeing such a large chunk of her stats drop like that in a while.

The exit for the Void Rift was in the air above the Dark Front base. When they exited the void rift they were met with many Full Divers pointing their weapons and readying Magic to attack Misaki and her group. Seeing this Misaki was quite surprised at how quickly they reacted. This was a good thing. She waved her hand and all the monsters in the whole area disappeared. This caused a shock from the hose below. Only when Grandpa Nagasawa recognized who it was did he yell for everyone to lower their weapons.

"So you're finally back!" Grandpa Nagasawa yelled. His voice filled with a bit of anger. "Do you know how much we had to deal with since you left? That bitch from Eternal Games has attacked us many times! We have lost many Full Divers just trying to defend this place!"

"So?" Misaki tilted her head confused. 'Was it not your job to defend this base while I was gone?'

"So!? What do you plan to do now? I had thought you decided to abandon this whole place. " Grandpa Nagasawa asked. He slowly started to weaken as he felt an overwhelming pressuring bearing down on him.

"Mmmm. Did I not send you a bunch of humans to turn into Full Divers? Why is it that you are complaining when your only job was to defend Dark Front's base against some weaklings? You had a horde of monsters here to protect the place. And you complain because a few weak humans died?" Misaki was starting to get angry. If it wasn't for the fact that he was Chiho's grandfather, she would have already erased him from the face of the planet.

"Jiji! You need to watch your words. Mitsu has been hard at work securing southern Japan and building up our military might. Even now we are about to make a move on northern Japan and get rid of Eternal Games once and for all." Chiho long platinum blonde hair blew in the breeze as she hovered in the sky looking down at her supposed grandfather.

"Who the hell are you?" Grandpa Nagasawa did not recognize Chiho at all, causing Chiho to flare up in anger only to be pulled back by Misaki.

"Hmmm... Seems I have no need for any humans in Dark Front anymore. Though you are now a young Fei, you're still an old senile man on the inside. To think that you can not even recognize your own granddaughter. How about this. I will clean up all of Dark Front of its useless trash. Trash that had found it so hard on you to defend a simple location. Since this hardship has caused you to lose people you care about to the point that you can not even tell who your granddaughter is, I will help you reunite with them. Sound good?" Misaki raised her hand ready to start casting a spell that will kill everyone in sight when Chiho grabbed her arm and looked at her with a frantic plea.

"Mitsu please don't!" Chiho's eyes started to water up. She still had attachments for her grandfather even if he did not recognize her.

"Old man, it seems your luck is good Chiho, my wife has pleaded for your life." Misaki lowered her hand and petted Chiho on the head.

"Chiho!?" Grandpa Nagasawa looked at the girl who was basically pure white from head to toe in shock. His shock only lasted a few seconds before he recomposed himself as he thought for a moment. He was getting sick of being tried as nothing more than a tool. The Misaki he knew changed and was no longer the same person as she used to be who wanted to make a place for humans to live in this new world. Letting out a big sigh and mustering up some courage Grandpa Nagasawa asked: "Chiho are you really going to side with someone who sees humans as nothing more than cannon fodder, expendable chess pieces?"

"Jiji... Please watch what you say... Mitsu has done so much for you all and is working towards a better future than you would ever think. She even went out of her way to leave monsters here for defense but you still can't understand her train of thought? What does it matter if a few humans die for the greater good? Those that died, died defending Dark Front. What's wrong with that? Have you not looked at your own race lately? Have you not realized you, yourself is not even human anymore? If you truly want to live free in this world, Jiji, then you will need to let go of the old ways and embrace your monster side. If you follow Mitsu faithfully she will take you as a follower and allow you to become a demon just like me!" Chiho did her best to explain everything to Grandpa Nagasawa.

But unfortunately, no matter how good you try to make something appear, some people will not always agree. "To hell with that! It seems you have changed as well. You are no longer my granddaughter!"

Chiho's eyes showed a hint of sadness after hearing these words from Grandpa Nagasawa. This was only for a second before a rush of killing intent burst out of her as her blood red eyes stared down at Grandpa Nagasawa. "Then we can only have you die then..."


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