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145 Returning Home

 As Misaki continued to wait for the weapons and technology of this world to be gathered. While checking out her stats a familiar ding sound rang out in her ears.


[System Message]

[New Passive skill Added!]

[Divine Light: A halo of Divine Light surrounds you causing those who see you, to worship you. Can be turned off and on.]

[New Passive skill Added!]

[Demonic Protection of the Demon Demigoddess: When Health Points reaches zero, the Demon Goddess will not die. They will be given a choice to either Reincarnate or Soul Escape.]

[Reincarnation will return the player to an infant like state in another world. Once reborn the Demon Demigoddess will need to start all over to regain their strength. But the speed in which they are able to evolve is ten times faster. Memories will stay intact.]

[Soul Escape will allow the Demon Demigoddess to flee their dying body in soul form with all their current prowess. Then after ten thousand years, their original bodies will slowly rebuild themselves. Warning: In soul form, the soul will be weak against light and if exposed for too long will disperse their souls. There is only a twenty four hour period in which the soul is immune to light.]

[New Skill Added!]

[Hell Magic]

[Hell magic consists of four spells.]

[Hells Gate: Opens a gate to a fiery pit of purgatory under the targets. Those lower than the Demigod/Demigoddess Grade, will not be able to escape. The area of effect is based on users' abilities.]

[Hells Inferno Chains: Binding chains that even Demigod/Demigoddess Grade will have a hard time escaping from. Those lower than the Demigod/Demigoddess grade will burn to death due to the purgatory fire wrapping around the chains.]

[Hells Soul Capture: A lantern from hell made of Soul Extinguishing Flames able to capture souls of any defeated foe.]

[Hells Guardian: Summon one of Hell's Guardians to fight alongside you for as long as the user's magic power lasts. ]

[New Passive Skill Added!]

[Demonic Immortality: Demon Gods/Goddess and their contracted followers will no longer age or die of old age. You can still die if either your brain or heart is destroyed.]

[Following skills have become more powerful and had their names changed: Demon Queen's Subjugation is now Demon Demigoddess's Subjugation. Qualities of a Demon Queen is now Qualities of a Demon Demigoddess. Demon Queen's Oppression is now Demon Demigoddess's Oppression.]

"Oh, these are some interesting bonuses." Misaki said as her lips curved up into a beautiful smile.

Rya who had been watching Misaki's every action also smiled as she said: "Seems you are happy with the changes?"

"Mhm! These new skills are very handy. Not just for me but also for those who I hold dear and who follow me. Now at least I know they will no longer die of old age." Misaki had wondered what would become of Mo'mo, Chiho, Miyu, and Gen when she became a goddess. But now it seems her worries were for not.

"It will take some getting used to when you start living tens of thousands of years. But once a few thousand years go by each year will seem more like a day than an actual year." Rya explained.

"Rya is right, time flies the longer you live. Until it gets to a point where all perception of time is lost. But gods have no need for time since we do not die easily." Frell who had been kicked to god knows where finally returned. "You know Rya, kicking me into the next galaxy's black hole over a simple slip of the tongue is not very nice. We do need to work together now."

"Humph! Next time watch your tongue or this lady will kick you five galaxies away!" Rya said as she glared at Frell making him shrink back a bit.

"Goddess we have finished the work you assigned! We also put everything into a space cube for easy transportation. Also, the first rotation for the Aquiana defense has already been selected." One of the Aquiana's flew up into the sky and stood in the air in front of Misaki with his head bowed.

"Mmmm Good job. Gather everyone who is not on guard duty. We will be going to Earth now." Misaki said as she turned to Rya and Frell. "The Void Rift I made... Does it connect to earth or someplace close to it?"

Frell and Rya both turned towards the void rift that had been opened for a while now before turning their faces towards each other. The look of surprise on their face said it all. "To think you are this powerful already. To be able to make a Void Rift that can connect to a location that is so far away as a Demigoddess is plain amazing."

"What Rya said is correct, it truly is surprising and this does connect to your homeworld." Frell added.

"Good, then that will make things easier for me in case something happens here on Aquiana." Misaki waved her hand and all the followers who were coming to Earth with her disappeared. She then turned and stepped through the Void Rift. A few minutes later she reappeared right above Earth. Next to her stood Rya and Frell.

"Rya, Misaki, cancel your Divine Light or there will be issues when we are in front of mortals. I will take us back to where we first met." Frell, reminded before waving his hand, Misaki's surroundings changed back to where the large meadow and giant tree was.

"I should quickly head back or my wives will worry." Misaki said.

"Do not worry about them, it has only been a few minutes since you disappeared. I will create an exit now so we can all go meet your family." Frell said with a smile. A door appeared in front of them. Which Misaki quickly opened and jumped through, reappearing just outside the barrier by the waterfall.



Misaki after being tackled by the three girls fell to the ground with a stunned expression as she looked at the three girls in front of her.


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