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144 Astonishing Stats!

 Rya looked over at Frell and continued: "And this old coot is Frell, he's also a mid ranking God."

"Rya are you not just as ol.... Guwah!" Rya instantly appeared in front of Frell and with a swift kick to the gut he was sent flying like an arrow shot from a bow right out of the planet's atmosphere.

Seeing such a comical scene caused Misaki to burst out laughing. "Hehe, so you can smile! Mmhmm! Much better. Even with all your demonic touches your still very cute when you smile."

"Well, anyone would laugh at such a thing. Anyway, may I ask why the two of you want to assist me?" Misaki asked. She knew there was no way to beat either one of them. At least they did not seem to be a threat but she still wondered why they would want to assist her and not one of these other races undergoing the same test.

"Well first off you have the potential to become a high ranking god or maybe even a supreme god. You may even get a chance to break through the bindings and surpass the supreme level. The two of us, myself and Frell want to follow a legend in the making. It is unheard of for one to skip an evolution stage. But here with my own eyes, I watched such a thing occur. This is probably due to you making an entire race submit to you in one go. Which normally would not happen except, Frell brought you here in order to get you to believe what he was saying which is normal procedure. But there has never been an instance where someone threatened an entire race and subjugated them before completely taking over their planet in one fell swoop. Not at the second level of evolution. This would only be possible for a demigod." Rya explained.

"I see... Well, it all worked out for the best. But I should return or my wives might start killing everything on my planet just to search for me." Misaki wondered if her three girls and her big brother were doing okay.

"Yeah should be no problem. I will teach you how to use Void Rift." Rya smiled and went to stretch out her hand only to see Misaki poke the air and create a large Void rift in front of her.

"Hmm... I just thought of something." Misaki turned to look at the newly evolved Aquainas and was surprised to see that they all had deep dark blue skin with shimmering scales and horns growing out of their heads. They each had the kind of aura she had when she was a Demon Queen. "Interesting..." Misaki smiled as she amplified her voice and said: "Gather all of your weapons and other useful technology. If you need me to store it just ask. But I want to get it all gathered here in the next three hours. We will move to my planet at that time. I will set a barrier around your planet as well as leave one hundred thousand of you to protect it, while we are gone. This planet will now be under my rule. And since you all are now my kin, you can send me a message to let me know if something is wrong. Every year I will switch you out so you can all experience my planet. I will leave it up to you who stays and who goes."

Misaki did not want to deal with the finer details of figuring out who goes where. She just wanted to get the stockpile of technology here to make her life easier on earth. When she thought of this she quickly added to her orders. "All engineers and scientists will be coming to Earth."

When she finished speaking she heard a unanimous shout: "By your word, Goddess!"

Misaki thought nothing of this new title, her only thoughts were now fully focused on her new status.

[Name] Misaki

[Race]Demon Demigoddess

[Evolution Status] 50000/70000000 Stars

[Grade] High Demigoddess

[Range] Gold

[HP] 999,999,999,999/999,999,999,999

[MP] 999,999,999,999/999,999,999,999

[Attack Power] 999,999,999

[Magic Power] 999,999,999


[Magic Defence] 999,999,999

[Health Regeneration Out Of Combat] 100%

[Health Regeneration In Combat] 70%



Storm Snake Boots, Storm Snake Skirt, Storm Snake Chest, Storm Snake Gloves, Storm Snake Panties, Storm Snake Bra, Starlight Graphene Phoenix Circlet, Starlight Graphene Chest Plate, Starlight Graphene Greaves, Starlight Graphene Shoulder Guards, Starlight Graphene Wrist Guards, Starlight Graphene Hand Guards


The Queen's Blade MKII


Nature Control, Demon Demigoddess's Subjugation, All Magic

[Passive Skills]

Qualities Of A Demon Demigoddess, Demon Demigoddess's Oppression, Flight, Divine Light

[To Become a Demon God, Conquer Your Home World 0/1, 50000/70000000 Stars.]

[Current Status: 0/1 Home World Conquered: 50000/70000000 Stars]

Misaki's eyes almost bulged out of her head. When she saw her current stats. She was basically unkillable! "Am I not a little too overpowered!?"

Rya let out a light chuckle at Misaki's words before saying: "It's true that you are overpowered for your homeworld but if invaders from another realm or if another demigod comes, you will have a hard time. But from the massive force, you have now you should be okay. Now the biggest issue would be if a rogue god decided to descend and try to kill you. But that won't be an issue since you will have me and Frell at your side."

Misaki let out a sigh of relief. To know she had a bit of backup if the worst case scenario were to occur. Misaki gave a smile and a slight bow as she said: "Then I will be in your and Frell's care then."


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