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143 Second Evolution Part Two

 Misaki was once again surprised by what she was hearing. This entire time she never noticed that her own spoken tongue had changed without her knowing. But knowing this made things easier since it did allow her to communicate with the people of this planet. One of the things that really surprised Misaki was the way she was fully handling this situation. If it was the Misaki of the past, she would have been freaking out but now here she was threatening to destroy an entire alien civilization if they did not become her followers.

An hour passed and in front of Misaki was a mass of Aquainaese people. These people all had a bluish tint to their skin with scales covering parts of their body and fin like ears. Besides these features, they looked mostly human. Misaki looked at the old man with a questioning gaze. "They are a race that can not only live on land but also in water of any kind."

Misaki nodded her head as he said this. She turned her gaze back towards the Aquainaese and took in a deep breath. "Like I said before... You have two options submit or die!" With no hesitation, Misaki released her Demon Queen aura causing the crowd of three hundred thousand in front of her to fall to their knees.

The old man looked at Misaki with eyes full of surprise. 'Seems a new high ranking god will soon be born.' With this thought in his head, his expression went from surprise to anticipation.

Misaki quickly had a message pop up on her screen. It was a single message that was a unanimous decision from those present. Over three hundred thousand Aquainaese submitted to Misaki. As soon as Misaki hit accept a whirl of black mist poured out from under her feet and wrapped around Misaki. A cocoon of black mist slowly started to mix with red. The two colors one black one red shot up into the sky in large intertwined columns and spread out over the world. The once blue sky was now a mix of black and red dying the land an eerie color.

The old man went wide eyed as he saw what was happening. "Impossible! This reaction! But she was only supposed to evolve into a Demon Empress! Why is it like this!?"

Misaki who was in the cocoon eyes slowly started to close. The last thing she saw was a message spring up on her HUD.

[Special Conditions met! Evolution skip now initiated. All followers will auto Evolve. Currently evolving into Demon Demigoddess]

On Earth, shouts of surprise rang through the air as those who followed Misaki were all wrapped in black mist cocoons. This was the same for Mo'mo, Miyu, Chiho, Sato, Gen, and Lor'ia. Those from Dark Front who were just normal Full Divers could only stare at the scene in front of them in surprise. The people of Aquaina that had just been taken under Misaki's wing were also wrapped in black mist cocoons.

Next to the old man another figure appeared. It was a woman in her mid to late twenties, wearing a slim red dress. She had long black flowing hair, pure white skin and deep black eyes. "Frell, what is going on?" The woman in the slim red dress asked.

"Oh Rya it's you. To be honest I do not know. This girl was supposed to become a Demon Empress. But now she is skipping the Demon Empress evolution and going straight to Demon Demigoddess." Frell answered.

"Oh? That is unheard of." Rya put her finger to her chin and tapped it as if in deep thought. "Good! I have not seen such an interesting person in a long time. Since I have yet to choose a Demigod or Demigoddess to oversee, I choose her!"

"Hey wait a minute Rya! I am supposed to be her overseer!" Frell protested.

"And you can oversee her test. I will oversee her development. By descending and standing by her side. Plus there is no rule saying two gods can not take a liking to the same fledgling. You can also descend and oversee her test by her side can you not?" Rya gave a wide grin.

"Humph! Fine! But I get most of the credit since I found her first!" Frell did not want to give up all the honor of raising such an up and becoming goddess to someone else.

"I won't take your spotlight. I just have a feeling that if we follow her, by the time she reaches the Gods Realm she will make waves no one has seen before." Rya sat down mid air looked intently at the black cocoon in front of her with a warm smile.

"I had the same feeling. I feel she will end up being a high ranking God in the works. Maybe even higher who knows." Frell said.

Rya and Frell both sat quietly in the air as they watched the cocoon in front of them. One hour turned to two, before turning into a day. Three days passed and finally a crack formed on the cacoon. A bright black and red light shined brightly as the cocoon shattered into millions of pieces. Misaki who was in the fetal position slowly stretched her body out before slowly rising into the air. She looked mostly the same as she did before except the bone crown on her head that seemed to be embedded into her skin. Her long crimson hair flowed in the wind only parted by the newly sprung black and blood red dragon wings sprouting from her back. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal her fully black eyes that now had a stream of gold in them that swirled around in the black abyss.

"Congratulations! Never would I have thought that you would have skipped an entire evolution process." Frell's old face wrinkled into a wide smile.

Misaki did not answer right away because her eyes were locked onto the newcomer next to Frell. She pulled out her sword as she asked: "This is?"

"Hehe... So defensive! But do not fret, I am on your side and will be helping you from now on as an assistant along with this old man here. My name is Rya. I am a mid ranking God."


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