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142 Second Evolution Part One

 A light flashed past Misaki's eyes and once again the world around her changed. In front of her was nothing but black and white dots. She looked down to see a familiar looking planet but somehow it seemed to have changed. "What you're looking at is the changes that have been occurring to your world since the test began. The faint goldish layer surrounding your planet is a divine aura. The reason it is even there is mainly because of you. It will grow stronger with each of your evolutions. You should be a Demon Queen at this time, almost a Demon Empress. That is when your crown will form.

"Your crown will give you a few divine abilities. What they are I don't know but it will allow you to evolve faster. Most worlds never reach that stage due to the difficulty. But from what I have seen. You're progressing at an unheard of rate. This probably has something to do with the system that was created by the neural network. At any rate after Demon Empress you will become a Demon Demigoddess, then after that is, of course, Demon Goddess. The realm of gods has many kinds of people just like your world. Although Demons who reach the realm of the gods are rare, your not the only one of your kind.

"Once you reach Demon Goddess your world will finally ascend to the Gods Realm. Now one thing I will warn is that in the current state of things your world is an easy target for other realmers.

"Anyway, let's head to a place that is currently also undergoing this trial. They started at their test a while ago." The old man said before reaching out with his finger and creating a crack in space. He then entered the crack pulling Misaki along with him.

Misaki found herself in a space void of light except for a glowing path beneath her feet. "This place is?"

"Void Rift. If you can evolve into a Demon Demigoddess you will be able to use it too. But not on a scale like this. It basically shortens the path between two points. you would need to do two or three jumps before being able to reach another world." The old man explained.

After a few minutes, they came to the end of the path and Misaki found herself standing above another planet. This one was mostly covered in water except for one large landmass. "This here is a planet called Aquaina. As you can see it is mainly covered in water hence its name. They are also undergoing the same test you are. Let's go take a peek."

Misaki stood in the skies of Aquaina and looked down below her. What she saw shocked her. Just below her on the ground was a massive city that was practically destroyed. She could hear battles going on here and there throughout the city. A stray shot whizzed past Misaki's face but Misaki did not even flinch, she only asked: "They are using lasers?"

"Plasma weapons. The technology of this planet is about one hundred years more advanced than your planets. Even their test is different." Shaking his head the old man formed a grim smile as he looked at the scene below him. "This planet is doomed. They are fighting so hard against each other without even trying to evolve. There is not a single person who has made it past the first stage of evolution. And this test has been going on now for fifty years!"

Misaki was astonished to hear that they have been going through this for fifty years. It was no wonder the city was in such ruins. "Anyway, this should be enough for you to believe what I have said right?"

A smile formed on Misaki's face as she gave a nod. She then did something the old man never thought she would. Misaki amplified her voice as she yelled out. "People of Aquaina, you have two choices! Either become my followers or be obliterated here!"

"Hey wait! What!?" The old man watched in amusement as Misaki raised her hand above her head and a large massive black orb started to form above her head. She then extended her other hand where a large black fireball began to form.

"Old sir you forget that I am a Demon Queen. If I can take these people under my wing I will be able to evolve. I figure if I destroy most of the city the ones still living will be willing to submit." Misaki gave a sly smile as she released both her spells on opposite sides of the large city.

The old man let out a chuckle. "That is true! Hahaha! This is the way things should be. Since they are going to fail their rise to the Gods Realm, anyway. I will not interfere if you wish to destroy them all!"

The old man stood aside as he watched the massive magic attack land on the unsuspecting city. All fighting down below stopped as a loud rumble filled the air. A wave of energy and flames released as the two sections of the city were completely obliterated. One section of the city was covered in a sea of black flames while the other was now a gaping hole that was filling up with water that came up through the ground.

Misaki looked at her handy work with a big smile on her face. She once again amplified her voice as she said: "If you do not wish for me to completely obliterate your world be at the south side of your city within two hours!" After finishing her words Misaki came to a realization and turned to the old man. "Can they understand me?"

"Yes, they can. You no longer speak your old language, though it may seem it. You are speaking god's tongue. You have been since the beginning of your world's test."


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