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141 Secrets Within The Cave Part Two

 Misaki turned around to see an old man with a long white beard and black robe standing behind her with his hands behind his back. When Misaki tried to see the old man's stats she was surprised to see that all his information was covered in '????'. This either meant that this old man had such a high level that she could not see it or that this old man was outside the system. Which confused Misaki since this was within one of the dungeons.

Feeling it was best to give courtesy in such a situation, Misaki smiled and gave a slight bow befitting her Japanese heritage. She then began to honestly explain how she came to be in this place. "I apologize for my intrusion, I chanced upon a cave behind a waterfall with a barrier. When I touched it I was sucked in."

"Haha! No worries little one. That barrier you talked about only pulls in people who are worthy of knowing the secrets of this world." The old man smiled back at Misaki with a light laugh. "Honestly though you are the first to visit this place. So you should feel proud. You are one of a kind. Someone who is meant to rule this world."

Misaki looked at the man confused. Not sure what to make of all of this. The old man smiled seeing Misaki's confusion. "Come with me. I will explain everything to you."

The old man waved his hand and before Misaki knew what was going on, the world around her changed and she was now standing underneath the large tree she saw earlier and in front of her was two chairs and a table with a pot of hot tea resting on it.

"Come sit." The old man who was already sitting motioned with his hand as he poured a cup of tea for himself then one for Misaki. Misaki nodded her head and pulled the chair out and sat down.

Misaki opened her mouth to ask a question but the old man raised his hand and stopped her. "Save question until the end after I explain things to you." Misaki closed her mouth and nodded. The old man smiled and took a sip of his tea.

"Good! Restraining one's self and patience are good traits to have. Now, where should I start? I guess I will start from the beginning. You see, any time a civilization reaches a certain point in their technological society, no matter what planet it is, it will be thrown into a semi state of decay. In this sense, your planet actually made a neural network that connected the brains of all the people in the world who played a certain game. Such a feat is on the verge of playing god since it also built a world of its own.

"Let me try to explain a little better. Let's say you take a god's brain and then a human's brain and place them side by side. What you would notice is that there is not much difference between the two. The main difference is that the human brain has a set of limiters. These limiters define who is a god and who is a human. Gods do not have limiters placed in their brains. Humans, however, who were, how should I say it... A species created as an experiment when your spices was very young. You could say that this planet was basically a testing zone or lab of sorts for Gods.

"Because the Gods lose interest in things fast, once your species hit a certain point in their creation, they split the world up by creating multiple languages and then leaving the world to its own devices. Well to tell the truth there was one small group of humans who had outshined your current selves by a few millennia. But they were taken away from this world and already reside in the realm of the gods. Mainly because they were considered more god than human.

"Now besides this planet which sits in a lonely spot in the universe, there are many, many other planets that have intelligent life that far exceeded that of you humans. Each and every one of these worlds were forced to pass a test.

"Said test would then push the world into a state of chaos. If that civilization was able to push through and pass the test then that planet would have the right to join the realm of gods. Your planet is actually going through this test now, albeit very prematurely." The old man explained.

"You mean to say my world is going through a test that will decide its fate?" Misaki asked.

"That basically sums it up. As I see it the one who will decide the fate of your world is you and you alone. Well, there is that crazy lady who owns the company that created your neural network. But from what I see she will never make it this far and most likely you will end up killing her anyway." Misaki knew who the old man was talking about and also found it somewhat amusing that he had already passed her off as dead.

"Now because your test was brought forward a few millennia sooner than it was supposed to, your world was really not ready for such things to happen. What is unique about your world is by the means your test was started. A video game as your people call it is a creation of a world within your minds. Now normally this would not be an issue but your species went a step beyond that and linked all your brains to a system that used your brains as the space to play this game. This created a fracture in time and space. Where the monsters of the game world flooded into your world. At first, this was not your test but as the fracture became bigger and you all gained powers far beyond that of which you humans should have. Plus breaking one of your limiters to gain such power. Your race stepped a half step into the realm of gods.

"To offset this, the gods were forced to throw your world in the pool for testing earlier than it should have. You all gained an evolution system, correct?" The old man asked.

Misaki stared blankly at the old man processing everything that had been said to her. She had no idea if she should believe what this old man was saying. But then again did not see any reason for this old man to lie to her either.

"Hard to believe right?" The old man asked basically reading Misaki's mind. "Then let me take you someplace so you can see for yourself what I mean."


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