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140 Secrets Within The Cave Part One

 Misaki and the rest were making their way through the forest in search of plant monsters. They did not really need to search for too long because currently kneeling in front of Misaki were ten treants that were bigger than the treant world boss she fought in game. It was actually quite amusing to see them kneeling as they were. Since their kneeling stance looked as if they were kids who had done something wrong with their long faces.

When Misaki and her group first encountered this group of treants they originally attacked her. But once Misaki released her demon queen aura they stopped their attack and quickly knelt to the ground. Right now Misaki was hitting the accept button to take them as followers. Treants were good because they could be positioned anywhere and were very mobile. Because of their flexibility, Misaki asked one of the treants to help her find more of its race. Stationing such monsters around her domain would allow for heightened security.

"Do you all mind if we searched the entire forest? These plant monsters will be of great help to use in the future." Misaki turned to her group and asked. She did not want to force them to search the entire forest if they did not want to.

"I am fine with it." Chiho spoke up first.

"Same as me!" Mo'mo answered next.

"Where every Mitsu wants to go I will follow." Miyu answered.

"If little sister, Mitsu, wants to search the Forest then as a Big Brother I can't leave you by yourself." Gen replied.

"I do not mind." Lor'ia who was attached to Gen's arm said.

Sato was the last to answer, he shook his head before saying: "Misaki you act like we have a choice. Did you forget we are your followers? You can just tell us and we will follow!"

"Sato your not just followers, you are my kin. As my kin, my family, I will never force anyone to do something they did not wish. Like if Big Brother Gen wanted to go spend alone time with Lor'ia, I would not stop him. Plus I am still waiting to see my nephew!" Misaki had to toss in a bit of teasing when she spoke about Geb and Lor'ia. Her teasing seemed to work since both Gen and Lor'ia blushed.

"Either way we are all already here. So it is best to gain as much as we can to help defend Dark Front. So in other words I have no issues." Sato was having some issues keeping up with how Misaki went from being dark to light to dark. she was loving and caring to those she saw as family, but bloody and ruthless to those she did not. He had to admit though, even with all the power in her hand she never once forced any of her followers to do something they did not want. Of course, this was in all one saw it since even if she asked them to do something they originally did not want they would still do it.

With everyone willing to search the forest. Misaki happily started finding plant monsters left and right. Some of these plant monsters were very hard to spot since they were nocturnal and would hide throughout the day. But with the help of one of the treants, she was able to find them with ease. The only issue was that after making the treants her followers, she had found that they were a chatty species. The entire time it was My Queen this and My Queen that. Even when she asked it to shut up it would only be quiet for a few seconds before it would start talking again. After a while, Misaki just gave up and tuned it out.

Days passed turning into weeks, they had spent over three weeks inside the forest now and Misaki now had well over the number of monsters needed for her evolution.

[Current Status: 457236/500000 Humans Enslaved and 1004765/1000000 Monsters Enslaved: 1000/1000 Stars]

She was just running short on humans and she would finally evolve into a Demon Empress. Misaki wondered what her next evolution would be after becoming a Demon Empress.

One thing she was sure of, was that this dungeon seemed less like a dungeon and more of a world of its own. The sheer amount of monsters here was unheard of for any normal dungeon. Unless it was unique because it was a real world dungeon. She really had nothing to compare it to since she had yet to enter the other dungeons. But it was only a matter of time before she would enter them. As of now, she had enough power to wipe Eternal Games off the map. That is if Watase Eriko did not already flee the country.

"Mitsu what's that?" Chiho asked as she pointed out a waterfall not too far away. It was not the waterfall exactly that she was talking about but what was behind the waterfall.

"Seems to be a cave entrance. Let's go check it out." Misaki had a strange feeling that she would find something interesting in this cave. She really couldn't explain what that feeling was. It was more like an instinct like something in her blood was telling her to investigate the cave.

Misaki and her group flew over to the waterfall to find that the cave seemed to have some kind of barrier blocking the water from entering. Misaki stood in front of the barrier looking at it before reaching up with her hand and touching it. Right as the tips of her fingers made contact with the barrier, a suction force came out of nowhere and sucked Misaki in!

"Misaki!" "Mitsu!" Chiho and the rest who were behind Misaki all yelled out. To Misaki, their voices were now muffled and could barely be heard. Misaki had figured she passed through the barrier, but to her surprise, the other side of the barrier was not a cave but an open grassy meadow. Off in the distance, Misaki could see a lone massive golden tree that rose high into the sky. It seemed to extend beyond the sky itself.

"Where the hell am I?" Misaki asked herself out loud.

"Oh? A guest... How rare."


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