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139 Dark Elves Part Five

 Misaki smiled and nodded her head. Miyu leaned down and pressed her lips against Misaki's. Misaki reached up and cupped Miyu's cheek. She then pushed her tongue into Miyu's mouth which surprised Miyu at first but she quickly started to wrestle with Misaki's tongue. It was as if the two were fighting an endless war. Misaki pulled Miyu on to her lap allowing the two to deepen their kiss. This kiss lasted a good five minutes before they finally parted. Misaki bit her lower lip and smiled at Miyu. "Did you like it?"

"I did... It felt very nice." Miyu said as she blushed. It was her first time being intimate with anyone in her hundreds of years. She was very inexperienced in the matters of love. Misaki however found Miyu's blushing face very cute.

"Well, when you decide what you plan to do let me know. Like I said before, I will support you completely with your decision. No matter what you choose." Misaki wanted Miyu to decide what she wanted to do with her love life.

"No... I don't need to decide. Mitsu would you really be willing to accept me?" Miyu asked as she pushed her head into Misaki's shoulder.

Misaki smiled and hugged Miyu tightly as she replied. "I said I would. But that would mean that I won't get to call you Big Sister Miyu any more. It will just be Miyu from now on. Are you sure you want to be with just me? Do you not want to force a kiss on Sato and see if it makes your heart flutter?"

"No need..." Miyu smiled brightly as she hugged Misaki. She had a look as if a great amount of stress was lifted off her shoulders. Miyu did have some feelings for Sato but her feelings for Misaki were tens times stronger. She asked Misaki to kiss her to confirm that her feelings were not just that of family love but more. But once their lips touched it was as if an electrical current swept through Miyu's body. She never felt anything like it before. She felt at peace for the first time in a long time. She lost this feeling the day Mo'mo showed up. But now she had it back and could not be any happier than she was now.

"Then we should probably tell the other two though they probably already know. Right girls?" Misaki turned to the door and asked as she waved her hand.

The door slowly crept open to reveal Chiho and Mo'mo standing there with their hears pressed against the spot where the door used to be. Realizing they had been caught, they both blushed red. Chiho rubbed her nose and Mo'mo rubbed her head out of embarrassment. Misaki grinned at the two before saying: "I will be taking Miyu as my third wife. Do the two of you have any objections?"

"None here." "Me neither." Mo'mo and Chiho quickly answered

"Good, then I expect the three of you to get along as you normally do. Now both of you come over here." Misaki waved her hand and the door closed behind the girls after they entered the room. All three girls fell back on to the bed with Misaki letting out excited screams.

In the main room of the house, Sato sat by himself, sipping on tea. He looked left and then looked right before muttering. "I wonder where everyone ran off to?"

The next day Misaki and her group met with Li'lia on the ground where around one hundred and fifty thousand Dark Elves were located. After a few words, Misaki received the Dark Elves follower requests, which she happily accepted.

Misaki's evolution status now looked like this.

[Current Status: 457236/500000 Humans Enslaved and 932726/1000000 Monsters Enslaved: 1000/1000 Stars]

She was very close to reaching her goal. She stored all the Dark Elves into her follower's menu before finally setting off to the next area. Her next destination was the tall mountain that she saw before entering the forest. She was hoping that she could reach her second goal point here soon. Mo'mo had told her that her village was located halfway up the mountain and that her tribe was very closed off. This was one of the reasons why Mo'mo had no real understandings of the area she lived in.

"Alight is everyone ready?" Misaki asked only to see Sato staring at two distinct groups.

"Is it just me or am I the odd man out?" Sato asked and his question was not out of place to ask because Mo'mo and Chiho were both hanging on to Misaki's arm while Miyu was getting a piggyback ride from Misaki. Next to them, Lor'ia was getting a piggyback ride from Gen. Only Sato was standing around by his lonesome self.

"In the next village, you should try to find a cute girl. Were heading to Mo'mo's village next. So you might find a cute catgirl!" Misaki teased as she turned and walked away. She had a prideful smile on her face as if she had won some kind of prize.

Sato only let out a sigh as he hurried up to follow after the group. He decided it was time to stop seeing Misaki as a love interest and more as a rival when it came to the girls he meets. He had a feeling if he was not careful any and all cute girls will be swept away by Misaki leaving him with nothing but his hearing and his right hand to rely on. Misaki and the girls were not good at doing things quietly at night!

While Sato was secretly cursing Misaki. Misaki was thinking of how to get Sato a girlfriend. She really did have the intention of helping him find a girl that he might like and want to spend his time with. She had no intention of taking in any more girls at this time for her self.


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