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137 Dark Elves Part Three

 Misaki and her group were brought into the deepest section of the forest to a large village. The Dark Elves, used the trees themselves as their homes. If the Avian was a race that built their city on top of the trees, the Dark Elves were a race that built their homes halfway up the trees and inside of them. They had a network of bridges that went to and fro from each tree. There were even hanging platforms suspended up in the air by long thick vines that were wrapped around thick branches.

Misaki had found it interesting to see how different races built their homes. Each race had its own special touch and ways of doing things. Misaki and the rest were all brought to the largest tree in the village. It was where the clan leader stayed. When they entered they were met with a unique style house that was completely carved out of the tree. There were two floors. The first floor had a large entry room, a kitchen area, and three side rooms. The second floor had a balcony that overlooked the first floor with a spiral staircase leading up to it. Misaki did not go to the second floor but she figured that this was the sleeping area of the house.

Standing in the large room was an elderly Dark Elf who supported herself with a wooden cane. This was the clan leader of the Dark Elves. "Leader, her Highness the Demon Queen has arrived."

"Mhm! I have been expecting you, your Excellency! My name is Li'lia. As you can see I am at the end of my years. To be able to leave my clan in the hands of a Demon Queen gives my old bones reassurance that they will be given a better life." Li'lia bowed her head to Misaki.

Misaki smiled as she said: "Do not count your days just yet Li'lia. Once I evolve you might gain a new lease on life. I am not sure if it will happen or not. But there may be a chance." Misaki Stepped forward and held Li'lia's hand. "I want all of your people to have a life that goes beyond just the trees. A place where your people can experience a world freely without worrying about being attacked by other monsters. When you join me you will become my kin, my family, so I will do whatever I can to help you all settle down. I only ask that when called you will come and assist as we expand our lands. "

Tears formed in Li'lia's eyes as she looked at Misaki. "Then maybe these old bones have a few years in them yet."

"Of course they do! I will stay here in your city while you make the necessary preparations. I would also like to ask your people if they wish to become my followers or not. I will not force anyone to join me if they so choose to stay here in this village." Misaki explained.

"Then I will have Za'Bo settle you in. Please give me three days." Li'lia looked like she had new life instilled into her with Misaki showing up.

After being settled in Misaki, Chiho, and Mo'mo decided to take a walk around the Dark Elf Village. One thing the three found was that everyone was very polite here. As Misaki and her two wives passed by, the Dark Elves would give them a smile and a slight bow. Misaki liked this because it gave her a chance to really take in the sites without anyone starting anything with her. There were quite a few shops in the center of the village which is where most of the people were at this time of day as they browsed the new goods. Each item was handcrafted and intricately designed. One of the stalls was selling wooden hair accessories that had a colorful floral design at the end of them.

"Excuse me, what do I need in order to purchase two hairpins?" Misaki asked.

A middle age looking Dark Elf man turned around from what he was doing and looked at Misaki. A big smile formed on his face as he let out a hearty laugh. "Haha! Your Highness, to visit my humble shop I am truly blessed. You may take any two you wish. From what I understand you will be our new leader in a few days so how can I ask you for anything? Plus, to be honest, these only take me a half hour each to make."

"Oh? Word has already spread about me taking everyone as my kin?" Misaki was surprised that word had spread so fast but that did answer her question as to why everyone bowed to her as she passed by.

"Yes of course! Such a big event is bigger than when the Clan Leader had her first child! We are all looking forward to it. To think I have a chance to become a demon in my lifetime. Such a thing is truly a blessing." The middle aged looking Dark Elf gave Misaki a big smile.

"Then I will thank you ahead of time. When you all leave this village you will be able to sell your wares to many others." Misaki looked through the hair pins that were there before spotting two that had flowers that were painted red. She picked them up before turning to Mo'mo and Chiho. She walked over to Mo'mo first combed a bit of Mo'mo's hair behind her left ear and slid the hairpin into her hair to hold it into place. She then leaned in and gave Mo'mo and kiss. "Mhm! Perfect!"

After Mo'mo Misaki walked over to Chiho and combed a bit of hair behind Chiho's right ear and inserted the other hairpin. Chiho blushed as Misaki leaned in and gently kissed her lips. "You two have worked hard, its not much but it's the first place where I can get you both something new. I hope in the future I can do more than this."


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